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Review: BKK Vice in Bangkok, Thailand

BKK Vice is a brand new erotic massage parlor in Bangkok with a lot going for it. There are obviously many massage shops in Bangkok. But BKK Vice really stands out from the pack with its incredibly well decorated Vice City themed rooms. They are truly something to see. It’s like no expense has been spared when laying this place out.

There was a time in recent memory when one could expect a Thai massage parlor to be little more than a plain building with some worn out mattresses and questionable looking sheets. With the emergence of places like BKK Vice that is clearly no longer the case. This truly impressive Bangkok massage parlor rivals the most astonishing Tokyo love hotels in its layout. The place provides real eye candy from top to bottom.

nuru massage mat bkk vice

Of course the service and the women providing it is most important in any place like this. To its credit BKK Vice has hired a bevy of beautiful Thai women who are experts in the skills of soapy and nuru massage. There are some bubbly and busty babes here too. All of the ladies in the lineup are very pleasing to the eye.

The expertly designed rooms tie in nicely with the sexy masseuses on staff here. The quarters have accoutrements like jaccuzis and marble tiled wet play areas for nuru massage. To be surrounded in such a scene only adds to the extremely pleasurable experience when spending time with attractive ladies. Especially when the whole thing is available at very reasonable and competitive rates.

BKK Vice massage on Sukhumvit Soi 39

BKK Vice is located on Sukhumvit Soi 39. The place is right around the corner from the famous EmQuarter shopping mall. It is just a short walk from the Phrom Phong BTS station and the well known Benchasiri Park. So it is right in the heart of the action along the main Sukhumvit strip. At the same time BKK Vice is far enough from the main road to offer some modicum of discretion.

Inside the well appointed parlor it is easy to walk up and book a session. Of course appointments can also be made online. Two types of rooms are available at BKK Vice. Both are great. The Deluxe Rooms include king sizes beds, private bathrooms and the classic silver inflatable mattress used for real nuru nuru massage. The Jacuzzi Rooms include all of the above with the addition of large white jacuzzis that are great for a sensual soak and body to body soapy massage.

erotic massage sukhumvit soi 39

The prices are right too. The most inexpensive session is a 40 minute soapy massage in a deluxe room that runs 2000 Baht ($57 USD). A one hour soapy session in a jaccuzi room isn’t much more at 3500 Baht ($98 USD). Longer soapy sessions are also available. When it comes to nuru massage the price is 3000 Baht for one hour in a deluxe room. In a jacuzzi room the one hour session costs 4000 Baht.

It should be noted that BKK Vice massage happily serves couples. A couple can have a one hour massage from a single lady for 5000 Baht. For an hour with two ladies the price is just 6000 Baht. These sessions take place in the jacuzzi room. Couples nuru massage is also available.

Staff, service and summary

Even a massage parlor as immaculate as the Taj Mahal would be nothing without a skilled and good looking staff. BKK Vice has that covered. With nearly a dozen attractive Thai women who know their way around the human body they are definitely set up for success in that regard. Stand outs like Snow, Yuri and Aom are stacked. Baifern and Rose are fresh faced beauties. Gigi and Sarah are sultry. There’s a very nice mix here.

None are lacking in the skill department either. The women trained in nuru massage know the practice like the back of a man’s hand. The soapy massage specialists are similarly skilled in the full body slide. This is a full service Bangkok massage parlor with expert erotic masseuses.

beautiful love hotel massage in bangkok

A lot of places claim to do nuru massage nowadays. A real Japanese style nuru massage isn’t always easy to find. At BKK Vice they do it the right way. They use authentic nuru gel and the classic air mattresses too. The masseuses rub their bodies over every part of the customers. With all parties nude and a healthy application of nuru lube this creates some incredible sensations leading up to the main event.

Soapy massage is similar but not quite the same. Here the ladies use their slippery soap covered nude bodies to slide all over the customer. Sensuality is the name of this game. There’s something about having your lower back scrubbed by a twenty year old woman’s backside to really get you feeling revitalized!

The truth is that Bangkok customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to massage these days. Yet quantity and quality are two different things. BKK Vice is one of the best decorated massage parlors I’ve seen anywhere in the world. It also happens to be one of the best massage parlors in Bangkok in my opinion. I can find no fault or flaw in the place. Accordingly I give it a perfect score of five stars out five.

BKK Vice is located at 20/1, 20/2 Sukhumvit soi 39, Klong Tan Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from Noon to Mightnight. Website:

12 thoughts on “Review: BKK Vice in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. This place looks so cool! I’ll definitely hit it up in January. Is it on soi 31 or 39? Thanks for the great reports as always Rockit! Cheers, BJ

  2. Their map and location is pointing to Soi 39 not Soi 31. Also their website is not very good; although it says you can view their ladies you cannot. The link they use goes into a loop so one cannot see any of their “Vice Therapists”.

  3. Wow, the girls on the website look like models. Rockit, have you actually been to this massage place, and if so can you confirm the looks of the girls that were there?

  4. Put this shop on my list to visit to Bangkok and wasn’t disappointed. A lot of cute girls in the line up. I have visited twice, once with a new girl Ai (sp) who doesn’t have pictures yet. Really cute, terrible teeth but incredibly service oriented, decent massage, and complete. She gave a smile and made eye contact which is always a great sign for me. Actually worked my calfs and help my plantar fasciitis. Which saved me a few baht on the backend. 90min jacuzzi, Thai massage, two shots as advertised. Second trip Ai wasn’t available or I honestly would have repeated. But was treated to similar service from Emmy. Massage wasn’t as good as Ai but all other services were excellent. Pictures are touched up but fairly accurate. Rooms are clean, jacuzzi was awesome, the first place I have been to where I didn’t feel like I was going to fall and bust open my head. Bed is a cheap spring mattress. As a long time fan of GTA I thought the decore was amusing. Highly recommend this shop to anyone. Going to revisit next week and try their naru. Wasn’t too busy when I arrived around 3pm both days, but I beat the crowd in as I was leaving their two groups of two and single waiting to pick out ladies and the service package. Peace and YMMV.

  5. Maybe the question is stupid, is it a full service? Do they offer both shots in the full service or one in massage, one in the service. Thanks

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