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Alia Club is the newest of the many gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. It joins a host of others on a smaller road that has developed into a sort of epicenter for venues of this type. The area is popular with a lot of regulars in Pattaya. Tourists also pass through in some numbers.

A few months ago I asked in a post if there were too many gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. The fact that some of these clubs have closed down while others sit empty most days would seem to suggest that there is an overabundance. But the appearance of new clubs like Alia’s suggests that there are those who disagree or are at least optimistic that they prevail.

Location and layout

Alia Club is located on Soi Bong Koch 8 which is often referred to locally as Soi Full Love Inn. The colloquial name of the road comes from the prominent love hotel at the southwest end. This sort of naming convention is quite common in Thailand.

Soi Bongkoch 8 has developed a sort of “blow row” that now contains 7 gentlemen’s clubs including the previously reviewed Pirates, 007, Club Sin, J Club, Club 4, and Carre Blanc. Some of the clubs are often busy. But there are times when the whole area is very quiet.

Alia Club takes up the space of one of the shop houses in the strip that somehow went on without housing a bar for years. Although the buildings all appear to be uniform the interior of Alia Club seems a little smaller than some other nearby clubs for some reason. The layout is a sort of plain blue with rock accents though this probably matters very little to customers.

There is a long bar on side of the room with plenty of seats. On the other side there are several tall tables and chairs. Drink prices are reasonable and on par with other bars nearby. The place looks a lot like any number of other bars. One thing that does set it apart is that smoking inside is permitted and quite common.

Staff and services

It is always difficult to write a summary of the staff in these kinds of bars. One reason is that the staff can change from one day to the next. Another factor is that people have different standards of beauty and appreciation for service. So one man’s dump can be another man’s castle.

In the case of Alia Club there just isn’t much to write about at all when it comes to ladies. That’s because there are as little as two ladies in the bar at any given time. And that includes the woman behind the bar who is nice enough but not available for service. The one woman in the bar is not bad looking to be sure. But she is only joined by one other who very much appears to be a ladyboy.

Of course things could change at any time. As stated many times here staff can totally change over quickly. It happens quite often in the “girlie bar” industry. By the time this post is written the club could be flooded with new women waiting for customers. Then again it could remain as it is with just one or two ladies around. Months after reviewing Club Sin and J Club it appears they still have only a handful of women on staff. So nothing has changed there.


The women who can be found in Alia Club do seem eager enough to service customers. They offer oral and full service for the usual prices of 500-1000 Baht ($16-32 USD) plus 300 Baht barfine to the house. Activities take place in the full private bedrooms located above the bar.

Alia Club is a nice enough place. It looks like many other bars in Pattaya with closed fronts. That may an issue in terms of business though. In a place like Pattaya it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. That is especially true on Soi Full Love Inn with so many similar bars sandwiched together.

The main draw for clubs of the type is that customers can have fun with friendly women behind closed doors. That only applies if there are actually women behind the closed doors for customers to have fun with however. At the moment Alia Club is severely lacking in staff. One star.

Address:Soi Bongkoch 8, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:1:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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