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Review: 666 Class in Bangkok, Thailand

666 Class is a modern erotic massage parlor in the heart of Bangkok. 666 Class maintains both an incall location and a 24-hour round-the-clock outcall service. So they are set up to cater to customers who prefer to stay in as well as those who like to venture out. The staff is rather large and filled with attractive and skilled women who make the place popular.

666 class bangkok ldies

The 666 Class shop occupies the location of the old Hera’s Massage. It is easy to find with a prominent location along Sukhumvit Soi 33. It is on the right side of the soi when traveling up from Sukhumvit. Soi 33 has become a very Japanese oriented street over the years. But it is open to all. Several massage parlors line the street. There are also many restaurants and other entertainment businesses nearby.

Yet even in the midst of all this excitement 666 Class manages to stand out due particularly to the incredible good looks of the women who work there. The management is also quite amiable and responsive. They make clear from the outset that they aim to please. And that is or at least should be the true nature of customer service.

666 Class on Soi 33

666 Class has a prominent location on Soi 33. The outside is well marked with a purple exterior and plenty of clear signage in English. The place is just around the corner from Click Hostel and the Fortune Club and only a short walk from Sukhumvit Road.

The rooms are totally adequate and kept clean. Though I am not sure who is really admiring the surroundings when such good looking ladies are around.

sexy thai masseuse in jacuzzi

Not to mention the outcall component of the business. 666 Class also sends staff out to meet customers in their homes and hotels.

The interior of 666 Class is illuminated with soft purple lighting that helps set a mood. This is a holdover from Hera’s. But as I have made clear I much prefer 666 Class to the old place. The numerous beautiful and attentive ladies working 666 Class these days have a lot to do with that.

Staff, service and summary

As mentioned earlier 666 Class has some incredible looking women on staff. These are some of the best looking ladies to be found in any shop of this kind in Bangkok. Of course this is a subjective question and beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder. But I just can’t imagine any man wouldn’t find at least a few of the women working at 666 Class to be very attractive. That goes for their faces as well as their bodies too. This has to be mentioned as there are a lot of ladies with one or the other rather than both employed in the Bangkok massage circuit.

Beyond looks there is the question of service. At an erotic massage parlor a gal would technically get away with a brief shoulder rub followed by several minutes of laying down and doing an impression of a dead starfish. And indeed some ladies in the local industry do try that on. But that is not the case at 666 Class. The women who work at this shop are experienced and skilled in the art of nuru massage. Among other things.

666 Class Bangkok Massage

The 666 Class website has very detailed profiles of some of many women on staff. These profiles include numerous accurate photographs. They also contain information I haven’t seen elsewhere like “skin tone”, dress size, and whether breasts are natural or silicone. This is all quite revealing. It also demonstrates a pride in the type of women employed.

Prices at 666 Class are reasonable for this day and age. Especially considering the looks and talents of the ladies on staff. A one hour session costs 2500 Baht ($65 USD). A two hour session is only 3800 Baht ($103 USD). Extra services come with minor charges. Examples are use of the Jacuzzi room for 500 Baht or the VIP room with nuru mat for 800 Baht. They also have a very interesting “Angel course” which involves a random additional lady popping in for 20 minutes of a regular session. This costs a mere 500 Baht. At the moment the shop is even offering discounts as a part of a monthly promotion.

666 Class is a fresh take on the tried and true. They shop has been upgraded from the old days and a stellar batch of ladies has been recruited. Prices have remained steady over years gone even though everything has improved. That is something truly rare to find these days. So it is without hesitation that I give the place four stars.

666 Class is located at Soi Sukhumvit 33, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 11:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +66 095-828-9032 Website:

8 thoughts on “Review: 666 Class in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Went today, very nice place, clean, nice bar downstairs, they sent me photos of the ladies without silicons as i requested in Line before i came, i chose one, she looked like the photo but without makeup you can see some face scarring and a nice C section which didnt bother me with her great service. I wanted to add an angel but i was just greedy and too tired so i didnt in the end hehe. 4.5 stars for me

  2. I went for a visit yesterday, picked a beautiful girl with silicons and all was well in the world. Right until she had me flip over and I saw her with an erection in her panties. I was borderline about to pass out then and there. I’ve never felt so humiliated in all my life. This goes beyond the term bait and switch.

  3. Went last night and had a great time but after I finished and I played with her and felt a hard round and pinky sized bump close to but not on her vulva. Not sure if it was a vaginal boil or a syphilis chancre but now I am terrified since syphilis sores are very contagious even with a condom on. Has anyone had many STD scares while in these kind of nuru places? Do establishments here do STD checks for their workers?

    1. Thanks for the report. Some places test their staff. Others don’t. Of course testing is not the only measure a person or people can take. Bacterial infections like syphilis are diagnosed by laboratory testing because they cannot be accurately detected by site or feel. Thankfully syphilis is also quite easy to cure in the early stages with an antibiotic. In any event I am not a doctor and this website is only meant to entertain. Cheers.

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