Review: 15B/22 Spa in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


15B/22 Spa is a massage parlor for men in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City. Some people refer to the place as Tokyo Spa in English. There is another place nearby officially called Tokyo Spa. It could be rather confusing if it wasn’t for 15B/22 Spa naming itself after its street address.

Fittingly 15B/22 Spa is located at 15b/22 Le Thanh Ton Street in Saigon’s District 1. Le Thanh Ton is a main road in the city. This massage parlor is located in a small alley called “Hem 15B Le Thanh Ton” that leads off of Le Thanh Ton near the corner with Chu Manh Trinh.

The small alley where 15B/22 Spa is located is also home to several other massage parlors. In fact massage parlors are scattered all over this part of town that is frequented by a lot of Japanese people.

15B/22 Spa

Customers access 15B/22 Spa by entering Hem 15B Le Thanh Ton from Le Thanh Ton Street and turning left. 15B/22 sits at the end of the alley.

15B 22 Spa Le Thanh Ton

While 15B/22 Spa is not the easiest place to find in the city by any means it does have a large sign in front of the shop that has the shop’s name and address. The sign says the shop opens at 10:00 am but doesn’t list a closing time. Business cards for the shop available inside say the shop opens at 10:00 am but confusingly also say the shop is open 24 hours.

Women at 15B/22

The women on staff at 15B/22 Spa are all Vietnamese. There are usually six or seven women working at any given time. Most of the gals are in their twenties and relatively attractive. None are overweight or otherwise bad looking. They tend to hang around in the front of the shop while they wait for customers. Usually they wear the same kinds of dresses you might expect to see in one of Ho Chi Minh City’s hostess bars.

Once customers enter 15B/22 Spa they are offered a massage in English, Japanese or Vietnamese depending on their appearance. The women carry a menu that lists a massage for $30 USD or 600,000 Vietnamese Dong. At the moment 600,000 Dong is equal to about $26 US dollars so the Vietnamese price is less expensive.

Rooms and sessions

After customers pay and select a lady on staff they are led up a lengthy flight of stairs to one of many private rooms in the building. The rooms are large and spacious with high ceilings. They contain little more than a shelf, a massage table and more often than not a few mosquitoes.

The rooms are a little worn but that is to be expected since the building is probably older than most of the people reading this. That said the place is relatively clean kept. There are much worse massage parlors around.

As mentioned the rooms are private. They have doors with large glass windows but most of the glass is frosted. Someone could potentially look inside but first they would have to go through the herculean task of climbing the stairs that lead to the rooms.

Once customers enter the room they are told to strop down and lay on the massage table. Towels are provided to cover them up. The women at 15B/22 Spa typically deliver mediocre body rubs at best but most of the customers are looking for more than a massage so that doesn’t seem to matter.

Rates and services

The service providers at 15B/22 Spa usually offer extras to customers not long after they start their rub downs. There are no set rates. The service providers negotiate on their own. Typically they ask for 1,000,000 Dong ($45 USD) for hand service, 2,000,000 Dong ($90 USD) for oral and 3,000,000 ($135 USD) for full service.

The women are generally skilled at their work and some even seem to enjoy it. They are prepared for activities though they don’t always keep their supplies with them in the room. This may be meant for their own safety.

I can’t be sure but I would guess that the management at 15B/22 Spa would claim they have nothing to do with any extra services in a pinch. They would probably say they didn’t even know they are offered. I have no special information that would make me think otherwise.

Each room has a shower but the women don’t seem too insistent on customers using them. It’s not like a Bangkok oily massage parlor where every session starts and finishes with a shower. The showers at 15B/22 Spa are there for customers to use at their own discretion.

15B/22 Spa is one of many Ho Chi Minh City massage parlors where extras are offered on a regular basis. I have read reports that there isn’t much of a scene in Vietnam but the existence of many places including some right in the middle of Saigon prove otherwise. Two stars.

Address:15B/22 Le Thanh Ton, Quan 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Map)
Hours:10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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