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Over the years I have spent a bit of time writing about the legality of sex work around the world. As should be obvious I am for the complete decriminalization of the world’s oldest profession. Not long after this site was first launched in 2012 I made a post containing links to mainstream sources arguing for the legalization of sex work. I made another in 2014 that contained even more links.

I’m sure many readers are aware of the huge uproar caused by the recent decision by Amnesty International to call for the decriminalization of sex work. Whereas rational people and now international organizations like the United Nations and Amnesty International realize that outlawing prostitution is an affront to human rights there is still a stubborn bunch that still think it should be illegal for someone to trade their time providing a sexual service for monetary remuneration even though it’s legal to trade time doing almost anything else for a salary.

These people are known to sex workers and their advocates and friends as “antis” and they tend to be a vocal group. Unfortunately some even have easy access to the media by way of roles in Hollywood and things of that nature. Sex workers themselves have no such voice and that kind of marginalization is the kind of thing Amnesty International says it wants to end.

The following is a list of articles that have appeared in the media recently about the Amnesty International policy as well as others related to the ongoing war against sex work. A number of them were brought to my attention by a regular commenter who goes by the name Ed. As always I will try to stay abreast of any developments and post about them here when I feel it is worthwhile.

And last but certainly not least: Meet the academic who thinks prostitution should be legalised because men need more sex (The Telegraph)

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