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I have been reporting on the Philippines and its capital city Manila for many years. Manila Courtesans has been operating in Manila for years now but I have not yet written about it here. That is more of an oversight than a slight as it is a prominent business that is pretty widely known.

As the name would suggest Manila Courtesans staffs several women that it sends out to meet with customers for a set fee. These fees range depending on the length of appointments with rates starting at 4500 Pesos ($85 USD) for two hours. The agency accepts a wide range of payment methods including local currency, US dollars, Euros, Singapore Dollars and even credit cards with a slight five percent surcharge.

Yessie Manila

There are many women working at Manila Courtesans and they are all pictured on the Manila Courtesans website. According to the company all of the pictures that appear on the site are one hundred percent real and recent photographs. They even go as far as to guarantee it.

As with any group of ladies there is a lot of variation but from what I can see they all to seem to be pretty attractive with some looking better or worse than others. Of course beauty in the eye of the beholder so a diamond for one guy could be a lump of coal for someone else at least when it comes to taste in ladies.

Each lady has a profile on the website that lists their ages along with some basic statistics. Their height, weight, measurements and a brief description appears alongside several photographs. The rates for each individual woman are listed in the profiles too. Some women charge more money to meet customers than others.

I am always surprised to learn about some of the questions people in and around the adult entertainment industry receive especially now in the age of the internet. It seems Manila Courtesans is no stranger to this which is probably why they have a frequently asked questions section on their website. There they answer all sorts of common questions along with some that you might not expect. They do go out of their way to say that they do not hire ladyboys whether pre or post op. They also say they delete call and email logs after concluding business with each customer.

Manila Courtesans accepts bookings over the phone, through email and even via a live chat box on their website. On top of that they have also embraced new technology that just entered the Philippines.

I reported on Smooci about two weeks ago. At the time I said that Smooci seemed poised to becoming a popular site especially now that some other sites were forced out of the way. It seems that I may have been on to something. Smooci is now operating in Manila and women from both Manila Courtesans the similar Naughty Philippines already appear there.

Address:Manila, Philippines
Hours:12:00 PM - 3:00 AM
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