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I have received several comments and emails about the subject of ladyboys in Thailand since this site was first launched. Perhaps this is due to a widespread acceptance of kathoeys in the land of smiles, the increasing visibility of Thai ladyboys on the internet, movements toward transgender acceptance in other countries or some combination of all of that. I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s rare for me to be asked about chicks with dicks in other countries.

Even though I’ve encountered my fair share of ladyboys on the streets and in the bars of Thailand and even read a book or two on Kathoeys I am certainly no expert on the subject. In keeping with my mission to entertain the readers of this site I reached out the guy with the world’s largest ladyboy forum to gather enough info to write a report on finding ladyboys in Bangkok a few months ago.

Today I’ll add a little more info by writing about the Ladyboys Bangkok escort service. I try my best to balance the content here to entertain the regular readers and help attract new eyes. Unless something comes up or there is a sudden deluge of interest this report will probably be the last post I make on the subject for a long while.

Most reports I write about escorts on this site draw a lot of attention. There is a lot of curiosity and interest that inevitably brings in readers whenever the topic is covered. When discussion of escorts in Thailand comes up the merits of such a service in a land where all sorts of other services are widely available almost inevitably come into question. I’ve explained before some of the many reasons I think escort agencies flourish. With the rise of coyote dancers and bar fine rates along with a general decline in quality at many of the go go bars the prices at escort agencies can now seem very reasonable. Plus there are also reviews posted online which are not available for random gals dancing on a stage. Some guys are too shy, too busy or simply too lazy to go out and find a gal of their liking to spend some time with. And finally some guys either want or need discretion and so they want a woman to meet them in their hotel so that they can avoid any “walk of shame.” They don’t want to be seen holding hands with a bar girl or walking into a massage parlor.

Even though ladyboys are for the most part accepted as a normal part of life in Thailand there can still be some judgement made towards them or those who are attracted by them. For those coming from countries where transgender people are scorned it can be hard to get over a notion (real or perceived) that they are doing something shameful simply by spending time with a ladyboy. There are also guys who may want to experiment once in their life without the whole world knowing about it. For those people the convenience of a dial up escort service offers the kind of discretion that simply cannot be had by walking into a ladyboy go go bar on a crowded street.

Ladyboys Bangkok is one of the longest running and most well known ladyboy escort agencies in the Thai capital. They have built up a positive reputation over a period of time. In this age of the internet when information can be shared globally in a mater of milliseconds it is difficult to hide poor service. Piss a few people off and at least one of them will probably write about it online. It says something then that I have never come across a negative review of this enterprise.

There are more than two dozen ladyboys working at the agency. They vary in looks, stature and style. At least one has had a full sex change operation and there is also a lady-by-birth on staff who works with the others.

Jackie thai ladyboy escort in Bangkok.


Julie thai ladyboy escort in Bangkok.


Sakura thai ladyboy escort in Bangkok.


Each ladyboy on staff has a profile that contains plenty of pictures along with her vital statistics, some generally information and her like and dislikes. There is also a space on the bottom of each profile where customers can post their reviews. This sort of open policy shows a confidence in the level of service provided.

Sessions with Ladyboys Bangkok start at 6000 Baht ($183 USD) for 2 hours. This is slightly higher than the 5000 Baht charged by Bangkok escorts agencies with women on staff but it’s not out of this world by any means. Longer sessions are available and the value gets better as the time increases with 24 hour sessions going for 12000 Baht, double the charge for a 2 hour get together. I don’t know what it costs to visit some ladyboy go go bars, have a few drinks, buy a few lady drinks, pay a bar fine, pay for a short time hotel and pay a ladyboy for an hour of her time but I don’t think it’s all too far from 6000 Baht. It may even be more.

A variety of packages are also available as per the site. There are things like “newbie pampering,” “6 hands massage” and sessions for couples who are looking to spice up their relationships.

Ladyboys Bangkok is open every day. They accept bookings through their website at

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