Interview with the guy behind Mark’s Head Bobbers


Today I will continue my tradition of questioning people involved in the sex industry with an interview behind the guy behind the Mark’s Head Bobbers and Hand Jobbers store at Clips4Sale. Mark producers a lot of high quality porn which he sells at Clips4Sale. I’ve talked about Clips4Sale in the past. I think it retains its high traffic and good reputation by providing an avenue for producers of good or at least unique content to reach their intended audiences.

I first tried to contact Mark a while ago for an interview but it wasn’t until I published my list of Porn Worth That’s Still Worth Paying For in 2015 that I really got his attention.

Mark's Head Bobbers

I think that Mark produces some of the best content on Clips4Sale at the moment and I’m always interested in talking with people who do work in the industry. The statistics say readers enjoy these question and answer sessions too. Here’s what Mark had to say.

When did you see your first porn? What was it?

I was around 8 or 9 and was visiting my grandparents in Baltimore.  My grandparents owned a few video stores and they had small adult sections in each, so they had quite a bit of adult videos in their TV room inside of their house.  Obviously I wasn’t suppose to know where they hid the smut, nor was I suppose to be watching them, but my brother and I found them and would always sneak in their TV room at night time and watch porn.  I don’t remember what video I saw first but I do remember it starred Tori Welles… I was hooked!

How long have you been shooting porn? How did you get into it?

I’ve been shooting for about three years now.  Honestly, I have no idea how I started.  I slowly started to research video equipment and before I knew it I was purchasing it.

Why did you choose to sell clips rather than going the more traditional route of setting up a membership website?

Clips4sale is a great platform to sell content, it’s easy to set up, and they do a lot of the leg work for you, plus the site has a significant amount of daily traffic… so there is an opportunity to be very successful.  I still think I may set up my own site in the future, but for now I’m pretty comfortable with where I am.

Your videos are of really good quality. Is that because you use good equipment or because you are simply a great videographer?

I’ve went through three to four different cameras and 5 different light sets to finally get to where I am now, and i’ll probably change it up again.  I appreciate the kind words, but I don’t consider myself a great videographer, I’m learning as I go.  However, I am a bit of a perfectionist so I am always trying to get better and the slightest flaws in my videos really piss me off… so I’m constantly trying to improve.

Did you learn how to shoot video by doing porn or is it a skill you already had that you brought to porn?

I definitely learned as I was shooting.  Shooting POV is actually quite difficult… so it took a lot of trial and error.  I try my best to get a nice steady shot and a mixture of angles that I think the viewer would enjoy.

Are you the only actor in the videos? Or do you bring in other guys from time to time?

If it’s a POV clip, it is always me.  I have used a black male talent twice and I used another talent for a double BJ one time… other than that it’s all me!

Do you worry about STDs? Have you ever been burned by one of the models in your videos?

As long as you stick with the industries protocol and are smart about what you do off camera the risk should be very low.

What is the best scene you’ve done in your opinion?

That’s a tough one.  “Ultimate edge play” with Sasha Foxxx is my all time best seller.  In fact, I have four scenes with Sasha and they have all done extremely well, people just really like her.  Plus, she is incredibly good at POV clips and teasing… she understands how to be sensual and how to use her face during POV scenes.  If you haven’t checked her out I highly suggest you do!  Her twitter is @foxxxstudios and she has her own clips4sale studio.  Also, my ruined orgasm clips with Sarah Diavola have been extremely popular, especially “Sarah leaves you in ruins”.  Sarah is an amazing performer and really knows how to play to the camera.  Everything I shoot with her turns to gold!  Her twitter is @sarahdiavola and she has her own clips4sale studio.  Lastly, my ruined orgasm scene with Jade Indica, “Jade leaves you in ruins”.  Jade has a very exotic look and is a very talented performer, she knows what’s hot and how to use her body and face during POV scenes.  Her clips4sale studios are and

What’s the most popular material in your store?

Definitely my edging blowjob and handjob scenes as well as my ruined orgasm scenes.  Those are by far my best selling genres.

What have you changed since you started?

I started off focusing on doing blowjobs with big facials, I though that would be my best selling point with my massive pop.  But after doing a few teasing/edging clips I found that they sold 20 times better, I would have never guessed that!  I should note that the clips on Kilxen’s studio inspired me to start the slower edging scenes.  She and her male partner, who I am guessing is her husband, are bother incredible at what they do.  I have done my best not to steal their style but make it my own by the way I shoot the content, the positioning of the girls, and incorporating feet, pantyhose, and other leg wear.

Can porn still make enough money to support itself? What is the future of the industry and what role do the tube sites play?

Tube sites are a poison to the industry as well are torrent sites…..PERIOD.

What advice do you have for people who want to make their own porn? What if they want to make a living at it?

You have to find your niche.  Having a talent to bring to the table isn’t a bad idea either… big cumshot, huge cock, awesome video and editing skills, etc.  If you are good at what you do and are able to market it, you can be VERY successful.

What kind of advice do you have for guys that want to shoot ropes like we see in your videos?

I think my cumshot is purely genetic.  I try not to ejaculate for at least three days before I shoot, to ensure I have a good first pop.  Other than that I don’t have any real secrets.  Some male performers take zinc pills to help out but I didn’t really notice any difference in my cumshots while I was taking it.

Do you have anything to say to the readers of this site? Where can they find out more about you?

I really appreciate all of my customers that buy my content.  I also love getting e-mails, it doesn’t matter if it’s a compliment, request, or even to let me know that you didn’t like a clip of mine… all feedback helps me to improve my craft.  My e-mail is and my twitter is @bjsandhjs.  Lastly, I would say if you are finding yourself getting bored with mainstream porn… give Clips4sale and other amateur sites a try.  It’s a nice change of pace and if you’re into specific niches/fetishes you’ll be more likely to find it in the amateur arena.

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