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Today I present an interview with the guy behind Covert Japan. The relatively new website features numerous videos of the interviewee having sex with various Japanese women. It is somewhat groundbreaking in that regard. I don’t know of any other dedicated websites based around the sexual adventures of a gaijin with Japanese women. So why not interview the porn producer behind it all?

Videos of foreign men having sex with Japanese women do exist to be sure. But this appears to be the first endeavor solely focused on such a thing, at least at this time. In the past I remember another gaijin with a Mango moniker making a go of it in the Japanese porn game. But after a crowd funding attempt he did fell apart he seems to have disappeared.

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Interviews with people in the sex industry have been a regular feature of this website since it launched some seven years ago. At times they appear more frequently than others. In 2018 I did not publish a single such interview. Yet I have already done several this year. A few more interview will appear here soon. All should be of interest to readers of Rockit Reports. Especially since none of the new interviews appear in the previously-published Sex Talk interview collection.

On video, the guy behind Covert Japan covers his face with the same type of mosaic used to censor Japanese porn. Yet this interview succeeds in revealing something about the man and his work. For those like me who spend significant time pondering the sex industry in its many manifestations this should be more interesting than moving images of the man’s face.

Do you remember the first time you saw porn? What was that experience like?

I was probably around 10 years old at the time, and I discovered my dad’s porn stash in the garage. He had some good stuff–several Penthouse mags and some VHS tapes. The tapes were my first time watching hardcore porn. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but everything in my DNA said it was awesome.

How about Japanese porn? When did you see it for the first time? What did you think?

Before the Internet age, I used to dial into bulletin board services on a modem. One service had an adult pictures section, and the “Asian” category was at the top. There were all these softcore pics of cute Japanese girls dressed in school girl and maid outfits. It was love at first sight.

How and when did you decide to make porn yourself? What made you decide on working exclusively with Japanese women.

It was the very end of 2015, and I was watching Japanese porn online one night. I noticed that most of the top recent videos were amateur–just some guy in a love hotel having sex with a cute Japanese girl. I thought to myself, “This is just a normal guy. There’s nothing stopping me from doing this too!”

Covert Japan porn

I made it my 2016 New Year’s resolution to give it my all to break into the JAV industry. I decided on Japanese women because I’m in love with them, and I almost never saw scenes with Japanese girls and white guys. As a white guy myself, I wanted to explore and develop that genre.

Was it difficult to get into porn in Japan? From what people say the industry is somewhat controlled by major studios in a way not seen in the United States.

It’s quite difficult to break into the pro JAV industry, as there are a lot of “old boys” networks and things. However, Japan has a burgeoning amateur porn scene that is already disrupting these traditional structures. I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

Does this have anything to do with the “covert” in the name of your site?

I suppose the “covert” comes from the fact I’m a normal guy that works boring day jobs to make ends meet. Also, many of the models are amateur girl-next-door types.

Japan has a reputation for xenophobia. Do you ever have trouble getting models?

I almost never encounter xenophobia issues with models. Japanese people sometimes think foreigners (esp. non-Asians) cannot speak Japanese, so the models usually want to make sure we can communicate and that I’m professional. There’s never been any problem after they see I speak Japanese. I do, however, receive racist comments and messages from time to time–I assume they’re Japanese men telling me things like “keep your dirty gaijin hands off our women”.

How long did it take to get your website off the ground? How much work do you have to put into the site each week?

I have a strong IT background, so it wasn’t too difficult for me. I built the site myself and do the maintenance and repairs. Various cloud services have made hosting the site much easier.

What has the response to your site been like?

With so much amateur porn out there these days, it’s sometimes challenging to get my content noticed. But overall I’ve been quite happy with the response. I think it’s important to make content that you want to see because chances are that others want to see it too.

What do you think about the future of porn in the age of tube sites and free downloads?

I think the porn industry faces the same challenges that the music industry did in the 1990s. Platforms like Napster and porn tube sites are based on a piracy business model, and that can and will ruin any industry as money is channeled away from content producers. People will start paying for porn again if it’s easy and convenient to buy and consume. Services like iTunes and Netflix brightened the future for the music and movie industries, and the adult video industry needs heroes like that.

You finish a lot of your videos with nakadashi. Is that a person choice? Or does it have to do with audience tastes?

I had never really been interested in cum shots in porn, but after producing my own videos I started getting feedback about cum shots, creampies, facials, and the like. Many people wanted to see a white guy come inside a Japanese girl, and I thought, “Yeah, you don’t really see that very often, do you”?

I started making more nakadashi scenes as I found models OK with it. I don’t have anything against other types of cum shots, but creampies are technically easy to shoot (no pun intended) and create a very erotic and intimate final image. I do have an upcoming scene that finishes with CIM (she even swallowed too), so hopefully that will appeal to a varied audience.

There are a variety of models on your site. Some have different body types. But most seem to have perky tits. That’s always nice to see. Do you seek out a certain body type for your videos?

I don’t really seek out a particular body type, but lately I’ve been into models with a girl-next-door look.

Who is the most popular model on your site so far?

There are several popular models, but so far Mao is numero uno.

What is the worst part of running a porn site? Have you had any issues with things like disease, bad smells, or models asking for their videos to be taken down?

The worst part of running a porn site is definitely piracy. I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it is to find someone stealing, selling, and monetizing your own livelihood. If it weren’t for piracy, I would probably be able to do this full-time and produce better and better content.

Do you ever work with non-Japanese models?

I actually have done 2 scenes with non-Japanese models. The 2nd scene I ever shot was with an American model now performing under the name “Neveah Snow.” The other one was with an amateur teen that just wanted to try porn. Since “Covert Japan” obviously focuses on a specific niche, going forward I would likely only shoot non-Japanese models in a group sex scenario or with Japanese men.

Have you had sex with any professional Japanese AV stars?

The most pro-level models I’ve worked with are Juri Kisaragi, Shizuku Hatano, and Mao Chinen. They’re not exactly super-stars, but they’ve all done scenes for well-known JAV studios. It was a pleasure working with them, and I’m very happy with how our scenes came out.

Do you have any experience with fuzoku? What do you think about the Japanese sex industry?

I think the fuzoku industry and amateur JAV industry have an entwined relationship–like bedfellows of sorts. Fuzoku girls often work in JAV and vice-versa, similar to how strippers in the US may bounce between porn and stripping. I have deep respect for fuzoku workers, and many of the amateur models I shoot with work in the fuzoku industry.

Thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview. Where should readers go to find out more about you and your videos?

You’re quite welcome! Please visit my website COVERTJAPAN.COM. Links to my various channels and social media pages are listed at the bottom.

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