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Some of the earliest entries on this website involved interviews with sex workers and people who write about sex work. Recently I was lucky enough to do a question and answer session with Miranda Writes, a woman who is both a sex worker and a writer. Her new book “A Hooker’s Variety Show” was just released on Amazon today.

A Hooker's Variety Show

I don’t know that clients are the target audience of the book but frankly it doesn’t matter. It is an entertaining and informative book that gives some real insight into the world of sex workers. I look forward to future works.

How long have you been writing?

Since I was old enough to hold a pencil in my hand.

How much of what you write in this book is fact and how much is fiction?

100% of A Hooker’s Variety Show is fact.  100%. Certain characteristics were changed in order to protect identities and generalities were used when specifics could cause potential safety issues. One has to balance the reality of the book with the reality she–and her friends and family–face in the real world.

What inspired you to write this book?

Writing was a great way to process my experiences.  I laughed a lot.

Do you ever read trashy sites like mine? Perhaps I have outdated sexist attitudes but I’m often shocked by the number of female readers. I’ve even noticed some similarities between you and I. You write about the reasons guys want to pay for action. I’ve done the same numerous times.

Not to go all Sarah Palin on you, but I read everything.  Sure, I enjoy a “trashy” site once in a while, and I’m certainly interested in sex worker education and advocacy sites.  But more often than not I’m reading hardcore news and hardcore literature, not hardcore sex.  My greatest asset isn’t my ass.  It’s my mind.  And I make sure to feed that greedy bitch regularly with the stuff she needs to keep going.

How strict are you with the need for a reference? Some guys have written me saying they can’t book sessions with escorts in their area because they’re new to it all and all of the escorts ask for references.

I don’t require references if other screening methodology can be utilized.  As for what those methods are?  You seem to be a nice guy, so let’s not go there.  I’d hate to have to kill ya.

What is the biggest misconception people have about escorts?

Where oh where to begin?

I guess we’ll go with this…

Most think those who are educated, sober, and mentally and financially stable don’t engage in sex work unless they are somehow forced into the situation. They’re wrong. Many, many sex workers choose this way of life as their profession or as a dalliance.  Sex workers span the educational, sociological, financial, political, religious, racial, cultural, and geographical spectrum.  They represent all ages, all types of sexual identities, and all types of physicalities. You will somehow come into contact with one of us today, and you probably won’t even know it.  Believe that. Take it to the bank.  We do.

What is the biggest mistake guys make with escorts?

They don’t treat them with the respect every human being deserves.

What’s the worst experience you ever had in sex work? What’s the best?

Ah.  You’ll just have to wait for future books!

When it comes to sex work are you for legalization, decriminalization or something else all together?


In a part of a book you go over some of the texts you’ve received. One guy asked if you’d gotten fatter then tried for a discount on the basis of that assumption. You responded by writing “I actually charge by the pound, so I charge more now.” This made me laugh out loud. I’m always amazed by some of the things I hear from escorts and other sex workers. Or at least I was until I started to see some similar comments show up on this site. Thankfully they are few and far between. How often are you actually confronted with this kind of outrageous behavior?

Every. Single. Day.

If a friend or family member told you they wanted to get into the business what would you tell them?

Know your mission.  Know your boundaries. Know your endgame.  Know that your gut knows more than you ever will.  Follow it.  Always.

Some incredibly beautiful and intelligent escorts have told me that they’ve fallen for clients time and time again. This is actually one of the biggest complaints I hear about the work. Do you have any experience with that? What would you tell these escorts?

Actually, I’ve had the opposite experience.  I entered into this industry because I wanted sex without the commitment. I’ve had more than one marriage proposal in two years.  Believe that. But while I love my clients, I am “in love” with none of them.  Nor have I ever been.

What would I tell another escort? Nothing, as that’s exactly what my advice would be worth.  Every person and situation is different.

What do you think of pornography? Would you ever get involved in that?

I have no issues with pornography and maybe, just maybe, enjoy some of it myself.

Would I get involved?  I want to say no, but one should never say never.

What are you reading right now? What are some of your favorite books of all time?

I’m reading a couple of incredible books right now.  The Nazi Officer’s Wife: How One Jewish Woman Survived the Holocaust has bent my mind in all sorts of ways. Check it out.  It’s by Edith Hahn Beer and Susan Dworkin. Lamb, by Christopher Moore, is double-over-till-your-sides-ache-funny and tells the story of Christ from the perspective of his BFF, Biff.

Moby Dick is my favorite book of all time.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview. Other than your new book what else should we look out for?

Thanks for platform!  Appreciated.  The sequel to this one is already in the works. Also, there will be a fetish version coming out soon.  For updates, or just to say “hey”, follow me on Twitter @MsMirandaWrites.

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