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Since I started this site I’ve done plenty of interviews with people in the sex industry to different degrees. Early on it was a key part of the site and the interviews themselves still continue to bring in plenty of new readers. Over the last several months though I haven’t done many interviews at all, for two reasons. The first is that a number of readers commented that they would like to see more reviews. Another reason is that I didn’t come in contact with many interesting people to interview.

Little Mina

Recently I was able to hold a question and answer session with a petite Asian cam model and porn actress who goes by the name of Little Mina. I’ve been familiar with her for quite a while, having first seen her on MyFreeCams years ago. She came up on my radar many times since through things like some of the fetish and porn scenes she’s done, which includes work with Astrokittie who I’ve also interviewed. Thanks to the wonders of social media I was able to contact her and bring you the following.

Give us some background about you.

My name is Mina Li. I am 4’9″ and I am the youngest and only daughter. I grew up with two older brothers. I love video games. Mainly first person shooting games. I own the PS4 and Xbox one.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are mainly relaxing, eating, and playing video games.

What three websites do you check most often?

Twitter, Myfreecams, and Google.

Are you single?

Yes I am. And I’m not looking.

What was your first sexual experience?

The guy left me the next day after taking my virginity. He broke it off with me. But the sex was awkward since I was only 17.

What kind of sex do you like to have in your “normal life”?

I am not big on foreplay. I like to jump into blowjobs then fucking. I am a quickie kind of girl so I can relax and go right back at it, haha.

How did you get into adult web camming?

Someone who was in the camming business for two years told me about it. So I thought I’d try it out, and it’s awesome.

How did that progress into making adult videos?

I was already making adult videos, haha. So why not make a little profit out of it. So I continued what I already have started, haha.

What’s the story with the bukkake video you did? Was that your first bukkake?

My first Bukkake was only jerking off 9 to 12 guys. It was awkward since there was random talking while I was trying to dirty talk or jerk them off, haha. The one I did with another model we only ended up with five fans. But it turned out awesome. I had a guy who flew from Miami to attend this even which made me feel honored. I wanted to do something special for my fans to be part of my video.

What do your family and friends think about your adult work? Do they know?

My grandma lives with me. She thinks I’m taking pictures and everyone of my family members thinks I am a “web designer” but I did go to school for web design so it’s not too scratchy. Just until they ask to see my site then there will be a little problem, haha.

You gained a bit of fame online for the video of you almost getting caught at work dildoing yourself. What’s the story behind that?

It was my last day of work so why not go out with a bing bang, haha. Plus he can’t fire me anyways. Haha. So I decided to give a show. But I didn’t think my last day was going to go viral. Haha. I’m not upset I did it.

How did you feel when it started spreading around?

It got annoying when people kept asking if I was that one girl who almost got caught at work. But I’m glad the person who recorded it did it. Thanks to him. It helped me boost my followers.

What kind of panties do you wear on a normal day?

Anything that fits, haha. Or sometimes nothing at all. Clothes are overrated.

What do you think about the tube sites? Do they hurt your income substantially?

They do. I’m not a big fan. But free porn is always a plus. I watch hentai so I can’t complain too much.

What’s the best thing about doing adult work? And what’s the worst?

The best thing is I don’t get to do so much. Just pleasure myself and others. Sometimes traveling sucks for me. I hate flying for hours and sitting in the car for hours. We need to invent teleportation. Better to travel, haha.

What was your worst experience in this business so far?

Hmm I guess it’s when you just have those horrible days. Or when you forget something or if you have an appointment and they cancel at the last minute sucks.

Have you ever raffled off dates like so many models on MFC? If so how did it turn out?

I have never before until now. Not a big fan to raffle dates. I think everyone deserves a date of they really want it.

What do you think about escorting and erotic massage parlors?

I don’t escort but if you do then go for it. I don’t judge you on how you make a living. I judge you based on your personality. The erotic massage parlors, I don’t know. Never been to one but hey if they offer I can’t pass it off. Haha. A good extra way to release stress.

If you had a family member or friend who wanted to follow in your footsteps, what advice would you give them?

I actually have a cousin who wants to but at the moment she’s not serious. The only advice I would give is if you are serious I will help you but if you want to goof around and party then this may have to wait until you are done partying. There’s nothing wrong with partying but when you choose going clubbing than giving your guys a show they worked hard to get to, it looks bad on your part. But there are girls who are not serious about this and there are girls who do and it shows who are serious. But most important is one step at a time and have fun doing it.

What do you have planned for the future, both in the near and far terms?

I would love to own my own production company. And I know I’ll get there.

Where can interested readers find you? What websites and projects are you involved in?

I’m always on Twitter at @little_mina69 my email is always available

Find me on camming sites Myfreecams and Chaturbate.

I have an Amazon wishlist.

I sell my fetish and porn clips at

Or you can just google “Little Mina” and you’ll find me

I’ve done a lot of of projects you can find my Clips4Sale site and many others. I do fetish to hardcore stuff to camming and I model as well. I branch out throughout the whole industry. It gives me more opportunities. Thank you. Hope I didn’t bore you to death!

Note: Little Mina announced her retirement on January 1, 2020. Her social media accounts and web store have since been taken offline.

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