Interview with a Pattaya Soi 6 bar worker


At this point I have done more than fifty interviews with people in the sex industry. Many women work on Soi 6 in Pattaya at any given time but only a select few stay around for years. The subject of this interview has worked on Soi 6 for quote a while. As you’ll see she even left and came back to the infamous strip.

This interview doesn’t appear in my Sex Talk interview book but dozens of others do. At this rate I’ll have to make an amended version of that book since I have continued to do interviews and publish them here long after Sex Talk first went into print.

Pattaya Soi 6

Luckily you have discovered this interview here online where it is absolutely free to read. I hope and trust that you will enjoy it. There’s a chance that some readers of this site may even have met the interviewee in the flesh at some point in their lives. It is certainly within the realm of possibilities.

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m from Udon Thani. I am twenty five.

How long have you been working on Soi 6?

I started working here when I was 19.

How many different bars have you worked in?

I have only worked in this bar. I have been inside other bars but I only work here.

How did you find your job here? Did you work in any other bars before you ended up at this place?

This is the only bar I worked in Thailand. I worked in China last year for a few months. But in Thailand only here. I needed to find a job to take care of my baby. My friend called one lady for me. She is the boss here.

What is it like working here?

It’s normal. Sometimes it is boring. Sometimes it is busy.

What do you usually do?

I usually sit in front of the bar or try to find customers on my phone.

I meant what do you do with customers when they are in the bar?

Up to the customer. Some customers only want to drink. Some customers want to go upstairs for boom boom. Some customers want to relax in the bar and get a blowjob.

Can you deep throat? What about the other ladies here? Do you know the Thai gal named Heather Deep who does deep throat videos? What do you think?

Yes of course I can deep throat. I don’t know about the girls here. My friend can deep throat good too. Sometimes I do it. But if they ask me I will do it every time. It’s easy.

I don’t want to make videos. After you make videos people can post them on the internet. I made a blowjob video with one customer before. I don’t know what he did with that. He sent it to me. I had it on my phone. But now it is gone.

Which customers do you like best?

The customers who spend a lot of money. Haha!

How much money do customers usually spend?

It depends on the customer. A blowjob is 800 Baht. Boom boom is 1000 Baht. Some customers give big tips.

Would you rather do a blowjob in the bar or go upstairs for boom boom?

Blowjob is easier but boom boom is more money.

How many customers do you usually get in a day?

It depends on the day. Sometimes seven customers. Sometimes no customers. Today I did three blowjobs.

Do you ever leave the bar with customers?

Sometimes. I have some customers who send me a message when they want to meet. So I go to their room after work.

You said you worked in China. Tell me about that.

I did blowjobs in China. A lady from my village found the job. She asked me if I wanted to go. So I did.

Was it a blowjob bar? Was it like this?

No. It was a hotel. Chinese customers only. I had a free room. The customers came to my room. But we didn’t do boom boom. Only blowjob. The police don’t allow blowjob.

How much did they pay for a blowjob?

They pay 300 Yuan. But I get to keep only 100 Yuan. Because I didn’t pay for room.

Did you like working there? Or is it better working here? Is that why you came back?

I came back because my visa finished. It was okay. I didn’t leave the hotel much. I just stayed in the room and did blowjobs. But they gave us sexy clothes it was nice. Here is easier. I know everything here.

You look a little Chinese yourself.

Some of my family is Chinese. I also have a Khmer grandmother. But I am Isaan. Before I was more beautiful. After I had my baby I got old.

How old is your baby now?

He is eight years old.

How long will you work in this bar?

Until I have enough money to stop work. I want to make a house in my village.

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