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As regular readers know, interviews with people in and around the sex industry have long been a staple of this site. They have been mixed in with reviews and other reporting here since the website first went online years ago. I’ve even put out some books on them. In recent years there has been more of a focus on interviews with porn stars on this site but that seems set to change.

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I will continue to interview people in porn when I get the opportunity and find them interesting but I would like to get back to publishing interviews with sex workers who deal with the public on a regular basis. Some of the earliest interviews I published of that nature were big hits and helped build the current audience that this website enjoys today. Rockit Reports has a lot of traffic now but I still think these kinds of things are interesting and entertaining.

Back in January I published an interview with a Thai sideliner. Today I give you the following question and answer session with a brothel worker in Germany.

I always start out by asking interviewees how old they are and where they are from.

I am twenty three. I am from Eastern Germany. I have been here in Berlin for a few years.

You’re very pretty. Most people would describe you as a classic beauty.

I am a regular German girl. I guess people like blond hair and blue eyes. It’s a little creepy.

How long have you been working at this brothel?

I have only been working here for two months.

Is this the first time you’ve done sex work then?

Yes. I just do it to make some extra money. I am not here all the time. I only come in two days a week.

How did you get into this kind of work?

I am a medical student. I stopped studying for a while. Then I went back to school. I had some problems with my family. I don’t want to ask them for money. I prefer to make it on my own. So I work here. It’s the easiest way to make some real money without using up too much of my time. I would rather study or visit with my friends. Or stay home with my cats.

How did you find this brothel?

It’s not very difficult to find this kind of work in Berlin. It didn’t take me long to find places to work. I chose this place because it’s a little more quiet and discreet.

How do you like it?

It’s not bad. Sometimes a guy will be nice to talk to. Usually I just do the thing and get it over with. It’s only a few minutes. I can detach myself from it.

What kind of customers do you get?

Normal guys come here. Some are German. Some are not. There is no particular type.

It seems that immigrant are the most common sex workers in Berlin. There aren’t that many ethnic German women even here at this place.

Really? I don’t know. There are some German women here. I guess only three are ethnically German but we have other German citizens. And anyone who is an EU citizen can come here and work.

Do you get along with the other women here?

Sure. I have no problems with them. We don’t talk that much. We are not in the back having a great time. We just come here to work. I finish my work and go home with my money.

So you are always totally detached then?

No. I told you that sometimes I will find a guy who is interesting to talk to. I had one young handsome guy before. He took his clothes of but barely touched me. We just talked. He extended the session three times which is expensive. He just wanted to keep talking. I think he was as surprised as me. We shared our Facebook information. I tried to give him the money I made back. He already left Berlin by then. I really didn’t want to keep it though.

So you prefer that to other customers who just want to have sex and leave?

Not really. I understand those guys want to get something for their money. That’s why I wanted to give the guy some money back. I don’t want to feel I stole from him. I am not a psychiatrist.

Do you ever enjoy the sex?

Rarely. I usually just think about something else until it is over. How can I be turned on so quickly? The appointment is fifteen minutes long. The guy points at me and we go into a room. We get naked and we have sex. There isn’t much to that to turn me on.

Sometimes I will find pleasure though. It might not start until we are already having sex. The pure physical stimulation can make me feel good. When that happens I do not fight. If I can enjoy why wouldn’t I do that?

Are you ever scared for your safety?

Not really. Maybe I should be. I haven’t had any bad experiences. No guy has bothered me. There are many women here. I could yell out if there was a problem. And we always use condoms here. My friend is living with HIV. I don’t want to risk anything like that. Maybe someone would wait for me outside. That could be bad. I think about it sometimes.

Condoms can break can’t they?

Yes. It hasn’t happened to me. I try to be as safe as possible. I can’t control everything. This is life.

Do your family and friends know what you do?

No. I am only talking to my brother now. He has many problems of his own. If he knew I worked here it would be bad. I don’t tell any friends either.

Do you ever worry about seeing someone you recognize here?

No. These are interesting questions. That would be frightening. I have many male friends but I don’t think any of them would come to this kind of place. I don’t have many family members here. I hope they aren’t going to brothels.

How long do you plan to work here?

I will stop before I finish my studies. I may even stop sooner. I don’t want money to rule my life. I want to have love.

Thank you for doing this.

Sure. It was good to talk.

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