How to get around internet censorship


Why would you want to get around internet censorship? It’s simple. Consenting adults should be able to do whatever they wish as long as it does not infringe upon the ability of others to live their own lives. This was once a common and popular concept that seemed set to sweep the entire world.

As should be obvious this website supports freedom of speech. Unfortunately the trend seems to be toward censorship and not only in parts of the world long known for being repressive. Even supposed bastions of democracy continue to restrict speech as time goes on, with a few notable exceptions.

Internet censorship

Regular readers of Rockit Reports must surely be aware of the staggering hypocrisy that exists in much of the world when it comes to sex and especially the commercial sex industry that this website has been covering for many years. So it is no surprise that Rockit Reports is blocked in countries like South Korea, Dubai, and Qatar even though all three of those countries have large commercial sex industries.

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However mainstream sites that may appear much more innocent to sensitive anti-sex crusaders are also blocked in many parts of the world. When traveling to some countries like China it can even be difficult to access parts of the internet as common as the Line app and Google search unless certain measures are taken.

Some media outlets and websites have taken to changing around their websites in order to get around bans and blocks. The location specific Rokit Reports was launched a few years ago to cover the South Korean scene in detail. Up until this point that site is still accessible in South Korea. There is no way to know if it will be blocked at some point in the future however.

Virtual Private Networks

What is certain is that there are ways for people to get around censorship and make their own decisions as to what they will and won’t view. The easiest method to view any website from anywhere in the world is to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN. While VPNs allow people to get around censorship they also limit what internet service providers can see. So people using VPNs are less likely to have their internet activity tracked by internet service providers or other prying eyes. As an added benefit VPNs also provide an additional level of security when logging in to online banking and other sensitive accounts.

Why you need a VPN

Another thing VPNs allow users to do is change their IP address so they can look like they are in any part of the world. With a few clicks it is possible to send an email that appears to come from California even though the sender is actually in Estonia. This helps when trying to access some websites that block access to certain countries. For example the bank that issues one of my credit cards blocks users in some countries. So when I want to take a look at my account while in Myanmar I simply turn on my VPN and make it appear that I am in Washington. Problem solved.

There are a few free VPNs out there but they are limited and may not be trustworthy. Some professional and established VPNs have proven themselves and for a very reasonable fee they offer safe and secure surfing to their customers.

Why you need a VPN

I am not an advanced computer user or internet expert but I do have a lot of experience working with the technology. I have personally been using VPNs for many years and they have helped me countless times. I think the best VPNs are absolutely worth the price of purchase.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is my favorite Virtual Private Network. I have been using it for several years and I have never had a problem. It helps me view my favorite websites including porn sites and cam sites when I am in places like Thailand and South Korea that block a lot of adult material.

PIA also helps me to view news and even this very site when I travel to other parts of the world. Even when I am in more relaxed atmospheres I still surf through Private Internet Access for the added security it provides. The service works well and has never let me down. It doesn’t hamper or slow down my internet use at all. Sometimes it actually seems to speed it up!

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is a newer VPN that has quickly won over a lot of veterans internet users and travelers. After trying out the service myself it is easy to see why. While it has not been around as long as Private Internet Access it has a very clean interface and reasonable rates that make it very inviting. I was skeptical at first but I now find it to be totally reliable.

You don’t have to take my word for it though. Tunnel Bear offers a free 7 day trial. If you don’t like it you just cancel. That’s it. No further expense or risk. I think they make this offer because they know most people will love the service and stay on for an extended period of time.

Rockit Reports does receive a financial reward when readers sign up for either Private Internet Access or Tunnel Bear through the links in this article but that is neither a reason to join or avoid either site. These are valuable services that all travelers and open minded people can rely on to access the vast treasure trove of information available on the internet no matter where in the world they find themselves.

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