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Rockit Reports was launched at the end of 2012. I created the site to chronicle what I had discovered in the sex industry around the world. Although sex work is covered in all sorts of media the reporting is usually incomplete and sensationalized. There was and is little on the ground reporting on the real life workings of the commercial sex industry including places like blowjob bars that are as common as specialty coffee shops in some parts of the world yet unknown by the vast majority of the population.

When I started reporting on things like the widespread availability of sex in Hong Kong and red light districts like Seoul’s Hooker Hill back in 2012 I had no idea how far this site would develop. I thought that it might attract a few thousand visitors with an interest in the subject. It didn’t take long for me to realize the huge potential of the site however and within six months it was drawing tens of thousand of views.

And the Rockit's red flare

At this point the site draws nearly a million views per month. People find their way here through all sort of avenues but search engines remain the main avenue. Along with the thousands of regular repeat readers hundreds of thousands more search for information on things like blowjob barbershops and the thoughts of porn stars and come up with this site.

Most of the people who visit Rockit Reports never leave a comment. Since many of those who do take the time out to leave their thoughts have positive and interesting things to say this is not really an issue. Some commenters have been leaving remarks for years and will hopefully continue to do so moving forward. At some point a few of them may even start creating content for this site. Only time will tell where this site will go but a few things are already in the works that should improve Rockit Reports in the coming weeks and months.

A new publishing schedule went into effect in December that will continue into the new year. The frequency of posts, reports and reviews has doubled and should stay that way for the foreseeable future. Although it can be tough to crank out such a high number of reviews when the goal is to keep the writing high quality and interesting this increased schedule is necessary to accommodate the large amount of information I have accumulated on places I have already reported on and allow for posts on thus far uncovered parts of the world to be made.

Some places have not been reported on here simply because I have not had the time to write about them. It can be difficult prioritize and work out a schedule when news keeps pouring in. The oily massage parlors of Bangkok alone could fuel an entire website! As time goes on things can change. The information I had on some other places was out of date. At the moment this isn’t a problem and it shouldn’t be one anytime soon now that posts are being made more frequently. Any new information I pick up in the meantime should also find its way to the pages of Rockit Reports to prevent a backlog from building up again.

Readers can look forward to continued reporting on hot spots like Thailand and Japan along with plenty of new information on places as varied as Amsterdam, Angeles City, Chiang Mai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Prague, Seoul, Shanghai, and more.

In closing I would again like to wish you a happy new year and thank you for your support. As always I aim to entertain you and welcome any thoughtful comments you may have to help hunch this site forward. Cheers!

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