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Some gamers like it lewd

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Are you gamer? There’s a good chance the answer is yes. The video game industry generates nearly 200 billion US dollars annually. According the the US Federal Trade Commission, video games now make more money than both movies and music combined! While I could never have imagined this would be the case years ago, I am not necessarily shocked by the new reality. I have been at little surprised by the dearth of adult games.

The rise of print media brought about porn pictures and magazines. With the moving picture we got porno movies. But when games came along we were long limited to the occasional underground oddity like Beat Em and Eat Em.

At least that was the case until some horny gamer created the lewd genre. At first big in Japan, the sex style game fandom has now spread a round the world. There are entire companies and websites organized around adult games featuring some sort of sexual element. That is not even to mention the introduction of more adult themes like sex into mainstream video games.

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With today’s technology you can actually watch live streams of nude models playing lewd games. I recently saw a video of a fit twenty-something university student riding a dildo while playing a simulation based on public flashing. This is the sort of thing I have been waiting for since the 1980’s!

I would never give up the touch of a women in favor of a 2D or even 3D image. Thankfully, I don’t have to. Now that video games have become so mainstream, people can have their cake and eat it too. Some couples and sex partners even play adult games together in this brave new world.

Single guys are probably the largest segment of adult gamer. I can hardly blame them. After all, if one is going to spend time in front of a screen why not do it while playing blowjob games. Sure it might not be as good as getting a real suck job. But there’s no real risk or effort involved either. Once you have a game you can play it as much as you’d like. BJ bars require customers to pay each and every visit.

The same could be said of strip games and strip clubs. Or at the very least the strip clubs found in places like the United States. When hundreds of dollars might only get you within a meter of an average looking lady why not just stay home and play with yourself instead?

It seems some members of the older generations look upon games with a bit of disdain. At root it looks a lot like the scorn that was heaped among some early adopters of computer technology years ago. While I admittedly can’t understand the growing numbers of young men who are apparently not interested in having sexual relations with women I do not hold any ill will towards though who choose to spend their free time playing video games. Even at my age I’ve been known to play around too.

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