Freelancers at the Parkroyal in Yangon, Myanmar


I have been publishing reports and reviews on this website for almost ten years. When I started Rockit Reports brothels weren’t listed on Google maps and reviewed on TripAdvisor. So a lot of things have changed. Some may even wonder what the point of reporting on the global industry would be in this day and age. After all major publications with more resources than me have entire sections of websites dedicated to the subject.

In some ways this argument goes back to the days of King Solomon. In others words why write about things people can easily found out about on their own? To some extent and in some situations that is certainly true. One would hardly need a handheld GPS device to find some go go bars in Pattaya. Though they still might not know how Thai go go bars work. I have always tried to report with an eye towards though learning about everything for the first time.

This just in

These days countless millions know about fuzoku in Japan. Terms from Japanese porn such as bukkake have gone mainstream in the English language. But when I first wrote about pink salons almost a decade ago that was not the case.

parkroyal yangon bar

I wasn’t necessarily breaking ground. But I was exposing people to things they didn’t know about. In some cases the impact was pretty big. The interview with a pink salon employee I posted nine years ago drew in hundreds of thousands of individual viewers in a matter of days.

That’s not the only case in Japan. I first covered the commercial sex scene in Yangon back when many maps still called the country Burma. That was before Aung San Suu Kyi become State Consellor and a relative flood of foreigners entered the country. Back in those days it was rare to even see people in western clothing. These days things have changed quite a bit.

Reporting from Rangoon

When the number of western guys visiting Yangon was quite low there wasn’t much information about adult entertainment in the city. In fact there was next to none. At most there might be some rumor or innuendo.

Next came notes on internet message boards and bar room banter in nearby countries like Thailand. In those days the word was that the bar in the five star Parkroyal Hotel was the best place for men to meet sex workers. Supposedly that was the main game in town. But when I visited the city and investigated myself I found that this was hardly the case.

Sure there were freelance prostitutes working the bar in the Parkroyal every night. And in fact that is still the case today. Yet there were and are actually many more women offering sex services through several other venues and avenues. As I have reported in the past there are actually a lot of sex workers in Yangon. And only a handful of them ever visit the Parkroyal.

Prostitutes at the Parkroyal Bar

A lot of things have changed over the years. Not only in regards to this website, the internet or even Yangon. Yet things haven’t really changed in terms of the freelancers at the bar in the Parkroyal. On any given night a handful of local women continue to file in to the place and look for willing customers.

The place itself is quite nice. There’s a large round bar in the center of the room. It’s tended by attentive guys who know what they are doing. Then there are some tables around. Towards the back there is a large video screen. In other words it’s about what you might expect for a bar in a five star hotel.

The women never seen out of place. But they are hardly numerous or high up on the ladder of looks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet judging by what I have seen most men would probably describe the ladies who assemble at the Parkroyal Bar as decidedly average. They may be able to speak a little more English than the average lady of the night in the city. They are more comfortable around western men than many of their counterparts at other venues who are more used to local and Asian clients. But they also charge a hundred US dollars or more for a quick and mechanical roll in the hay.

So this is yet another case where doing some on the ground reporting actually helped develop the story. I could have left well enough alone and just repeated what I had heard or read. Instead I checked things in person. Not once, but several times. Then I came here to report my findings. I do this solely to entertain the people who read the site. Whether you have been coming here since the begging or just found Rockit Reports today I want to thank you for reading. Cheers.

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