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Erotic Lounge Tokyo is an erotic massage agency in Tokyo. While most adult venues in Japan are off limits to foreigners, an increasing number of places like Erotic Lounge Tokyo fully welcomes people from countries other than Japan. That’s true even if they don’t speak Japanese. Erotic Lounge Tokyo has English speakers on staff and even maintains a full website in the English language.

Erotic Lounge Tokyo is a delivery health shop. That means they send the women they have on staff out to meet customers. They usually meet in one of Tokyo’s many love hotels. They also send women out to private residences. Their range of service covers the 23 special wards of Tokyo.

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There are many massage women working at Erotic Lounge Tokyo. The shop says it only staffs Japanese women. There are pictures on the shop website of some very good looking ladies. There is also a schedule online that shows who is on staff at any given time.

The service or “play” style offered at Erotic Lounge Tokyo is laid out pretty clearly by the company on the website. It seems to follow a more or less standard script for shops of its kind. First customers are washed head to toe in the shower. Next they are given a nude oil or powder massage. After that a soft touch massage is performed on the customer to get them aroused. That is followed by an “erogenous zone intensive massage” which consists of nipple licking, testicle massage and prostate massage. That segue into a slippery “nuru massage handjob” to the point of “great ejaculation”. Finally the customer is showered again before the session concludes.

Some acts are specific prohibited at the shop. They include blowjobs, french kissing and sexual intercourse. Again this is somewhat standard for the type of shop. There are various kinds of sex shops in Japan and they all have their own sets of rules but some things do appear across venues of a similar type.

Service at Erotic Lounge Tokyo is priced according to time. An 80 minute session is 30,000 Yen ($275 USD). A 110 minute session is 36,000 Yen ($329 USD). A 140 minute session is the longest and costs 42,000 Yen ($385 USD). An interesting option involves massage by two ladies rather than one. The costs for that are not quite double the single woman massage rates. For example a 110 minute erotic massage by two women costs 70,000 Yen.

Finally there is also a “Date and VIP massage course” at Erotic Lounge Tokyo. This is more or less like an escort session as a woman on staff meets a customer for a period of hours before getting down to the erotic massage itself. Things like dining or going to a cafe are possible. Prices start at 90,000 Yen ($825 USD) for a 6 hour session and go up from there.

Erotic Lounge Tokyo accepts cash payment in Yen, US dollars and Euro. Customers who want to pay using a credit card have to submit payment through the shop’s website after they make their appointment. There is a special settlement page set up to accept payment by card.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 04-400-7074
Hours:12:00 PM - 5:00 AM
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