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Having already published lists of the best adult cam sites and the like it only seems fitting that I now post this list of the best adult games on the internet. That’s especially true since I have regained an interest in games recently after a long time away from the medium. The rise of smart phones and time to kill during long flights and train trips has a lot to do with but the release of several adult oriented games is probably the real cause of my illustrious return to mashing buttons and burning my eyes out with screen backlighting.

My foray into gaming probably sounds familiar to many others. Although I was never a wizard I started out as an occasional pinball player. Later I was pulled into the emerging video game madness right along with everyone else around me. When games like Pac Man and Donkey Kong started popping up everywhere from the pizzeria to the pub there was no way to escape their pull at least for me and my friends.

After that things died down and I realized I much preferred chasing tail in real life to running down ghosts on a screen. So I took a long vacation from the world of video games until very recently when I started looking for ways to pass time on my phone and computer and came across games that could theoretically make me cum. Here’s my list of the best adult games on the internet.

Red Light Center

Red Light Center is basically what it sounds like. You pay a bit of money to sign up for a virtual world when almost anything goes. So you, or at least your avatar, can bang everything from ladyboys to cat women with real tails from the comfort of your own home.


Want to bang a hot blond with perfect tits on the beach? Or do a group orgy with her and two of her sisters? It may happen someday. If you can deal with pretending though you can get into it right now thanks to Red Light Center.

When I first saw how realistic the game and the avatars look I was blown away. As I said I was broken in on Pac Man and take a long break after that so maybe my expectations weren’t high enough but I was really surprised by good this game looked when I first tried it out.

I remember when the virtual reality crazy started many years ago. I did briefly look into some goggles and 3D devices but frankly the stuff was all clunky, square and slow. Technology has really improved in recent years.

The best thing about Red Light Center is that you play with other real people who just happen to be behind their own screens. Artificial Intelligence is getting better and better as time goes on but there’s nothing better than interacting sexually with other human beings even if it is in a virtual world.

I guess it is possible to lose one’s life to a game like this if the WoW widows are anything to go by. I don’t spend a ton of time on Red Light Center but I do play it when I have down time or just want to take a break from reality. One might ask why a guy like me who knows so many places to score real gals would bother with a game like this but I find it entertaining. That should say something. And at least I am not alone since Red Light Center is one of the bigger games on the internet.

Final Fantasy XV

It may give my age away to say this but I had pretty much moved beyond the video game craze by the time the blockbuster Final Fantasy and its many sequels came on the scene. I have never actually played any of the games in the series but I remember when it was a big thing among younger people back in the 1990’s.

Final Fantasy prostitute

Some may find it surprising to find Final Fantasy XIV on a list of the best adult games. The truth is that the game totally dropped off of my radar and almost out of my memory completely until I came across an article reporting on the many brothels inside the latest iteration of the game.

Apparently these brothels are run by people who spend their time in game getting people off and stacking up some of the in game currency in the process. I find that incredibly interesting for reasons which should be quite obvious.

Fap Titans reminds me of older versions of Final Fantasy and other role playing games though it has a much more obvious adult slant. I don’t remember any bodacious blonds with their tits out battling monsters in Final Fantasy V.


Narcos is one of the most aesthetically pleasing games I have ever seen. It’s right up there with Red Light Center though it may seem even a little more realistic to me since a lot of it really resembles Colombia where the fictional game is based. To put it another way, you haven’t seen what technology can do until you’ve watched a video game sprite with firm bouncy boobs snort a line off of your cyber cock.

Narcos XXX game

In Narcos you can take up control of an avatar that looks a hell of a lot like El Padrino and then go on a mad tear, fucking and fighting your way through life in the City of the Eternal Spring.

It just so happens that I found this game right around the same time that I started publishing reports on Colombia. Call it a happy coincidence. I was even happier to learn that Narcos offered an affiliate program so that a little real life money could be earned from people clicking links on this website and signing up to play. That’s what you call a win win situation even if you don’t win when playing Narcos.

Narcos might not be as cool if the cartels were still operating openly as they were in the past when they basically had a stranglehold on entire urban areas such as Medellin. It definitely wouldn’t be as good if it didn’t include copious amounts of sex and sexual suggestion.

Thankfully Medellin is nothing like what it used to be and Narcos is filled with hot virtual chicks who just want to be filled. I am always glad to pass the time playing with tits whether they be real, silicone or on a small screen, especially if I have nothing better to do at the time.

Pussy Saga

Speaking of passing the time, there are few better methods than playing a short solvable game on a smart phone. Sure I do my share of reading but there are times when you just want to zone out yet you aren’t in any shape to just fall asleep. That’s when I reach for the apps. There’s nothing wrong with that right?

Pussy Saga

Still I can’t help but feel ashamed when someone catches a glimpse of me playing Farm Heroes on my phone. Perhaps I am a pervert who has lost all inhibitions but I have no such shame when playing Pussy Saga. This puzzle pass time is as good to play as any other like Candy Crush or Angry Birds but it comes with added bonus of big boobs.

The other puzzle games don’t give you any real goal besides playing on and on until your eyes fall out of your skull. At least with Pussy Saga you’re presented with a nice manga style image of a bust babe who for some reason or another needs to be undressed by your puzzle solving prowess. That’s good enough for me!

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