An overview of happy ending massage in Cambodia


Happy ending massage more or less entails a masseuse giving a client a handjob. This can happen before, after, or during a regularly schedules massage. It is quite common in Cambodia. Though despite what some people claim there are no places in the country set up entirely and solely for this purpose.

This is not to discount the many brothels or full service massage parlors. Those certainly do exist. And they are normally oriented completely towards sex. But there are no massage parlors that openly promote a session entailing or involving a handjob in Cambodia. Any such place would probably not be long for the earth.

Truth, lies, and uncertainty

What does exist are a number of places where the ladies on staff commonly give handjobs in the privacy of massage rooms in exchange for tips. At a handful of places this is a sort of unspoken policy and the owners may even take a cut of the proceeds. It is more common for massage parlors to simply look the other way as individual masseuses offer extras to supplement their income.

Then there are the places where the owners may outright forbid any genital massage whatsoever. Though even in some of those shops enterprising ladies may jack a client off for a tip. It’s quite the grey area with a lot of wiggle room when it comes to wang wrangling in the Kingdom of Wonder.

no sex sign cambodia

There is a lot of conflicting information around when it comes to happy ending massage in Cambodia. The fact is that is available almost everywhere in the country. Though as stated above no place or provider really goes out and openly promotes that fact. Some sex reporting websites say one thing or another but as is often the case a lot of what they print is simply incorrect.

For example a couple of websites with significant traffic falsely list two prominent massage parlors in Phnom Penh as happy ending shops. The reality is the places are totally legitimate massage shops where nothing more than a body rub is ever on offer. One can only speculate as to why they would falsely report such a thing. It is perhaps possible that they ran into women offering extras on a whim then expanded that to a general rule. But there is really no such thing when it comes to this topic.

Getting jerked around

Many years ago I walked into a massage parlor in Phnom Penh on a whim. It was open twenty four hours and staffed by friendly ladies in their twenties. So I had reason to believe extras might be on offer. They weren’t. I even visited twice to make sure.

Years later I ran into a sister shop with a very similar name in a much more upscale part of town. I walked in with a female companion and we both received very well done therapeutic massages. Later I visited again alone in hopes of simply getting a thorough back rub. Coincidentally I was assigned the same masseuse as my previous visit. Towards the end of the massage she nonchalantly offered me a handjob. That this happened in a place with Google and Trip Advisor reviews from Western women that go out of their way to point out that this is a legitimate non-erotic massage parlor backs up most of what I have written above.

Happy ending massage in Cambodia

Happy ending massage goes on all over the country. From legitimate looking spas situated among the coffee shops to tin shacks on the roads between towns there are ladies giving guys hand relief for money. It is not something that every masseuse does to ever client to be sure. But it definitely goes on.

While it is a very hit or miss thing there are places and people who are more known to give handjobs to customers than others. At many of the cheap semi-exposed massage parlors found around the country there are usually gals who wank off punters or more. Often they don’t even ask beforehand. There are also certain areas such as the now dwindling strip of massage parlors along Sothearos Boulevard near the Aeon shopping mall in Phnom Penh and the road leading north from Wat Phnom where hand finishes are more commonly found than in some other parts of the country.

But since some of the well known jack shack type places like O Spa and Panda Massage went under everything is quite spread out. That can help explain why there is so much varying information bantered about the subject. Especially on the internet.

Overall, handjob endings to massages are rather common all across Cambodia. They are offered at some places and by some people more than others. The main engine of the service is that some masseuses want to supplement their income by providing a service many customers want. Some punters who seek out handies seem to strike out quite a bit. Yet others unsuspectingly luck into erotic massage without any planning. Rates can range depending on the people involved and the negotiations. Though a tip of ten to twenty dollars is around the going rate when all things are considered. It really doesn’t get any more clear cut than that.

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