Review: Bamboo Massage — Bangkok, Thailand

Cheer massage parlor gal from Bangkok works at Bamboo

The lovely and very talented Cheer.

Not long ago I promised to try my best to cover at least some part of the huge massage parlor scene in Bangkok. So far I have only covered shops that range from good to great, and that won’t stop with today’s review of Bamboo Massage just off of Soi 8 in the Sukhumvit section of Bangkok.

Bamboo massage is quite easy to find, located right across from the On 8 Sukhumvit Hotel in the first sub-soi to the right when entering Soi 8 from Sukhumvit. Starting at the Nana BTS Station and traveling there by foot would take all of five minutes even for the slowest of walkers. Just in case one was somehow incapacitated, there are signs posted on Soi 8, in the sub-soi, and in front of the shop.

Bamboo is located far from most of the other similar massage shops on Sukhumvit, but that’s not a bad thing. It spreads out the availability and gives guys around Soi 8 or even Nana a nice place to stop for  a rub down. The entrance is a bit different than one might expect too. Customers go through an unattended sliding door and up a flight of stairs before reaching the front counter. This is no big feat though and the results of climbing the stairs make all the “hard work” worth it.

Bamboo is owned by Bam, which should easily explain the name. Those who have been around long enough may remember Bam from her time working at Mango Massage, where she was a top performer. Bam is also quite cute and has a great personality and English speaking ability. It’s no surprise that customers often express their wish to get a massage from Bam directly, but unfortunately for those punters that is not a possibility.

No worries though, since the rest of the staff at Bamboo is also very skilled at what they do. Bam is usually working the front desk and is able to explain the routine to customers. She can also provide a drink and either show the available staff in a photo book or introduce customers to the ladies available in person.

I must say that Bamboo is among the nicest and tidiest massage shops I’ve ever been to in Bangkok. In a local industry where little emphasis is usually put on decor, Bamboo Massage really shines. It looks like a brand new place even though it’s been around for some time and the lobby even smells great. Of course a lot of guys looking for special services could care less about the look and smell of the place, but with so many shops around it’s details like these that can help make a massage parlor stand out.

There are a good number of ladies on staff at Bamboo Massage and they seem to run the range from young and tight to mature and experienced. One thing worth noting is that none of the gals I’ve seen at Bamboo are out of shape or round and soft around the middle. The looks of the slightly older women on staff at Bamboo are frankly very good and one could easily be fooled into thinking they were much younger than they actually are.

Bo massuese Bamboo Massage Soi 8

Bo is well known for good reason.

The prices at Bamboo are pretty much standard. An hour long oil massage costs 500 Baht (15.50 USD) and longer sessions are available for a little more. The services rendered by the masseuse dictate the additional fees, with the going rate for a full hour of fun being the same 1500 Baht (46.50 USD) it’s been for some time around town.

In addition to the standard rooms, which are quite satisfactory themselves, there are also VIP rooms available. At only a slightly higher price I feel that these VIP digs are well worth the splurge. They are large, clean and fitted with nice walk in showers that allow for a little additional fun. I must stress again how good everything looks, especially when compared to a lot of what else is out there. Okay, enough of the good housekeeping seal of approval and on to the service.

As I wrote before the women who work at Bamboo are quite skilled. I doubt Bam has actually set up training sessions with any of the ladies who work at her shop, but it does seem that at least some of her famous abilities have somehow been passed on to them. Of course there is always individual variation and even chemistry between customer and provider to take into account, but I really have a hard time imagining anyone could leave Bamboo massage as anything other than a very happy guy.

Bamboo Massage is also easy to contact via phone or email for two hour outcall sessions to Bangkok hotels which run only 100 Baht more than the standard in-shop price. Those unwilling or unable to make the short trip to this easy-to-find shop would surely be pleased with that option.

As a very nice and well-managed massage parlor right in the heart of the action in Bangkok, Bamboo Massage is really a great place. Considering the ladies who work the shop, how well it is run, and how it compares to a lot of the other shops in the area, I can honestly say that Bamboo Massage deserves a solid four-and-a-half stars. This is the second near-perfect score I’ve given in the last three reviews, but it is well deserved.

Bamboo Massage, Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkok, Thailand. Open seven days a week from 10 am to midnight. Phone: 02-254-4487. Website: Map available on website.

Bamboo Massage bangkok review


  1. ken says:

    I will arrive to BKK and book hotel near NaNa BTS, so i think i will try here. I will test 1,5hour package, and the same question as i asked you in Cherry Massage : maybe one more fj shot if i have enough time ? Thank you again, your topic is so useful !

    • rockit says:

      In a ninety minute session I imagine that two shots would be fine, but I can’t guarantee anything. I’m just an observer. Cheers.

    • ken says:

      Thank for your advice ! I’ve just asked them and got the answer, they will recommend me about that when i come there.

    • rockit says:

      Sounds right. Only they can tell you for sure. Cheers.

  2. kratiff says:

    Was recently in BKK and seemed to have missed out on so much. I’ll have to give your site a good read before next time.

    Question though: what services are offered at the usual sex massage place in BKK? Would an hour long 1500 session usually include BBBJ, CIM, or FS or just HJ?

    Thanks again for the great site.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. The usual rate for full service at oily massage parlors in Bangkok is 1500. Lesser services performed by mouth or hand are usually 1000 Baht and 500 Baht respectively. Sometimes these fees are combined with the house fee, sometimes they are not. If the price for a one hour massage is 1900 or 2000 Baht, that would normally be all inclusive. If it’s 500, the additional amount would be determined by the kind of service provided. Shops that offer full service will also offer lesser services by request. There are a few shops that only offer hand or mouth finishes, but they are almost always clear about that up front to avoid any problems. Cheers.

  3. kratiff says:

    Thanks for such a fast and detailed response. Probably better to go to Som’s or Somthing similar [1300 Baht FS, right?] if you don’t really need a massage. I’ve had some really good therapeutic, non-sexual massages in the Kao San area for 250 baht/hour. BTW do you ever get to that area of town?

    • rockit says:

      Better in what way? If you’re looking for cheap action you can find that in Bangkok for as little as 500 Baht. There are many different options and they appeal to different people with different budgets. On the same note, Khao San Road isn’t for me. Cheers.

  4. rahul says:

    Hey. Been reading your website for a while and it is really inspiring. I have a question though. Are there any MPs in Thailand where the massage they offer is a good massage aside from the other fun services on offer? In other words is it possible to get an honest massage while also getting the other favors?

    • rockit says:

      Most of the girls at the oilies like Bamboo can do some kind of massage but it’s not always the best. Many of the “legit” places around town will do a good Thai massage and extras after if negotiated in a private room. Cheers.

  5. Frankie says:

    Hello Rocket. I’m in Thailand now for a month beginning in BKK. Had to check out Bamboo.. this place was fantastic. I went in quite early as I think the girls are fresh and more energised then and so am I. Chose two girls and went upstairs fory two hour romp. Was very happy with room and how clean it was and shower was excellent. The girls did an outstanding job and I felt we had great chemistry. The were eager to please and and never showed signs of tiring. Thankyou so much for you recommendation. I have tried Atleast half a dozen other places in BKK but Bamboo was in opinion the winner. 4.5/5. Now I’m in Pattaya doing the rounds. This town is amazing. Bye for now.

    • rockit says:

      I too think that it’s one of the best massage parlors in Bangkok when it comes to service. Thanks for the report. Cheers!

  6. Ricky says:

    Looking forward to paying Bamboo a visit, thanks for the great review! Have the prices gone up do you think or are there cheaper walkin prices during the day perhaps? Website shows 1 hour oil massage at 2K baht now. Perhaps they realized they were giving a 5* service lol? Thanks!

    • rockit says:

      Hi. As stated in the review the price is 2000 Baht for a one hour oil massage with everything included. Some shops list the hourly shop rate for an oil massage (usually 500) and then expect another 1500 for the service provider. Others list the total price up front. Looks like Bamboo went with the second option for their website. Cheers.

  7. Ramon says:

    Looking at the profiles of the ladies from Bamboo Massage I notice a number of them have A+ against their list of attributes. Does this mean what I think (hope) it means? That they’re open to A-levels?

  8. Dylan says:

    This place is excellent, I visited a few weeks ago on my last visit to Bangkok and decided to see Koy. I chose well. I couldn’t bring myself not to see her again a few times. Woman like Koy are the reason that I love Thailand so much! Enthusiastic, awesome body, I keen knowledge of how to pleasure. She also give a very good massage, one of the best I have had!

    I highly recommend the Vip rooms, much bigger and for 3 dollars extra, that is if you are planning a 2 hour stay, it isn’t really a decision you have to make, although I believe that a booking is advised !

    My only complaint is that I didn’t visit every day that I was in Bangkok

  9. shelley says:

    you are right, Bam is stunning. truly. do you reckon at all possible to get her to also step down from manager role? I tried bamboo and found the girls to not top the charts looks wise. they are all super nice n eager but overall found everything to be average. no comparison to cherrys.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t think it’s possible to get any action from Bam. Oilies generally don’t have the hottest gals but most are good performers. Cheers.

  10. Mat says:

    Hey Rockit, you gave to Bamboo and Cherry the same remarkable score of 4 and half stars, if you had to make a choice, which one of them you would pick? and why? (difficult question i assume) Tks for your advice always!

  11. Hudson says:

    I stopped into this shop after seeing your review. I didn’t get to pick my girl when I was there, but maybe there was only one working. I forget who it was but she didn’t look as good as any of the photos on the website. Didn’t seem like she was going to do body2body until I specifically asked for it, but overall it was a good time. Thanks for the rec.

    • rockit says:

      I don’t make recommendations. I just write what I know for the entertainment of readers. Thanks for the comment. Cheers!

  12. Seco says:

    Hi :-)
    I went to Bamboo yesterday and I was expected one of these 5 girls: Ja, Koy, Lisa, Kate or May.
    Koy, Lisa, Kate and May stopped to work int his shop.
    “only” Ja still working there and wow she offered me 2 amazing hours.
    She is funny, very cute, and gave a very good take care for everything and more than I expected.
    I wont explain in details but I can say that finally we needed 3 showers….
    VIP room is good, clean, with a large shower. A good choice for few bahts more.
    Tomorrow Im leaving Bangkok and I was thinking about go back to Bamboo for another girl for my last night.
    But I am afraid to be disappointing after the 5 stars adventure with Ja.
    Maybe next time when I back to BKK ( I live in Thailand) I will looking for her again. She still trouble my mind hahaha
    Thx for your review of Bamboo!

  13. Jack says:

    I passed through BKK a week or so back and “ordered ahead” – one night with K. Ja at my hotel, for 5,000B. They were very responsive and held my booking (unlike Cherry which cancelled my night with Meena at the last minute :-(

    The hours promised were 8pm to 9am, and like the unrepentant romantic I am I went out and boght a bottle of wine, some cheese, and of course some chocolates, plus some soft drinks in case we stayed in and she didn’t want alcohol.

    Ja was early, arriving at about 7:45 which to me was a very good sign. too often bookings in or outside of shops run on Thai Time, but she was more than on time. We went straight up to my room, no need to check in with reception, or at least I just played ignorant and they didn’t mind. Marriott on Suk Soi 2, it’s a revolving door of guys and dolls anyway.

    Ja is petite, cute and youngish, but not quite what the censored pics of her on the site show. Very nice, naturally C cup breasts although a bit on the sagging side, and a nice slightly rounded belly, good legs, lovely hair, no tattoos and a great ass. Serious stretch marks that I noticed later, but she worked it. I’d guess early 30s, but maybe mid 20s.

    All business. No interest by Jah in my delectables, straight into the shower where we hugged, DFK, played with each other and got nice and clean.

    I made some coffee while we showered up and dressed, escorted her down to the lobby and the exit just before 9, and the bright light of the BKK morning made me wonder how I’d finish the day…esecially with a 12:00 noon appointment at Akane waiting me! More on that later.

    T&A: 7/10: reasonably tight package, although slightly saggy breasts and noticeable stretch marks on her butt.

    Pesonality: 8/10: not GFE, but she certainly was all about me for the night, and pretty much game for everything and anythingg.

  14. Candey says:

    Hi, I read your views before going to any massage and I found those very helpful indeed. Specially for the Cherry’s. But as far as the Bamboo is concerned this center is below standard by different means. When I visited, staff didn’t greeted very well. I picked the girl ‘Bo’ I guess and she bj after having spices and it burned me.

    And she probably doesn’t has the original boobs. Those was hard (my first experienced), and really bad that I try to avoid to touch those.

    There was not a much staff available. I visited in Oct 2014

  15. Hrothgar says:

    After reading excellent review and enjoying their website, I thought I would give Bamboo a try. Got there about 9:15 and place closed up and signs dark. Decided to find Cherry, but couldn’t remember precise directions and never found it. Took a chance on Oriental Massago on Soi 24, and left very happy. “Som” was great. Real GFE. She looked about 24, but said she was 30. Tiny girl, but relatively big, real tits and enough flesh for soft body massage. 2100 B for 1.5 hours.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. I have no idea why Bamboo would be closed at the hour. Very strange. Cheers.

  16. Jacky says:

    heading bkk another 1 week time. looking for an overnight session.
    bamboo recommend cheer bee or whan. anyone or rockit got recommendation? @ll 3 just look delicious to me. cheer and whan win my eyes

  17. smoothie says:

    I guess my experience was closest to Candey’s above. I got there at about 8:45PM on a Monday night (December 2014). There were about 10-12 girls in the line-up and only one bothered to smile at me as I looked around the little room. So she is the one I chose. That was probably the high-point of our chemistry together. In the room it was all rather mechanical, annoyingly rush-rush and, honestly, I found the lotion she used to deaden pleasurable sensation on my willy somewhat. Maybe that’s a good thing for some guys. Not me, though. I paid 2700b for two hours in a VIP room. The massage was nothing to mention but lasted roughly half the allotted time, 1 hour. Actually, neither was the bj, or what there was of it. At about the 80 minute mark I thanked her for her time and told her I would be fine with showering off the lotion and going now, no need to continue. It wasn’t that she didn’t try. I guess she did. It’s just that she seemed incapable of duplicating an effective stroke more than twice before changing it too much and moving on to something quite ineffective. And I was pretty specific about letting her know what I liked and wanted her to continue doing. I have a 4 request maximum for these kinds of situations. If the girl can’t or won’t do the simple thing I’ve asked her to do after 4 requests, I’m out. It won’t get better. As I was leaving, I saw a few girls who were not in the line-up I had gotten and they looked much more attractive than anyone I saw in my line-up, Naturally, they were all smiles at the sight of me. Or maybe it was the sight of me leaving. lol. The girl I was with told me her name was Cheer. I see there is a pic of a girl named Cheer on this review and on their website but she only looks vaguely like the girl I met. Can’t say for sure if it is the same girl or not. The hair, weight, certain facial features and skin color are all very different.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. As they say, your mileage may vary. Cheer is one of my favorite gals at Bamboo and when I’m in the room with her it’s straight to the action which doesn’t end until the time runs up. Cheers.

  18. smoothie says:

    rockit, just wondering; does the Cheer you’ve been with most recently still look like the pic of Cheer above on this review? Hair length, weight, skin color and all that? Maybe my Cheer was a different Cheer or I just didn’t understand the name correctly and only thought she said Cheer. My girl had short-cropped hair, shoulder length at most, was noticeably heavier than the girl in that pic and had much darker skin.

    • rockit says:

      I’ve only ever known one person named Cheer to work at Bamboo. She’s friends with the owner and has been there for a while. She is the person pictured with the name Cheer on the website though the pictures have been worked on, skin lightened, etc., as is almost always the case in Thailand and the adult industry in general. Some shop owners even complain that they can’t get professional photographers to stop lightening skin tone in pictures even when they specifically request it. It’s simply engrained that light skin is beautiful, which is a belief held by nearly every man and woman in Asia. Cheers.

  19. Andy says:

    I just came back from Bangkok and booked Ja and YaYa for an outcall. Nice girls, YaYa couldn’t speak much English so Ja took the lead. They really don’t quite resemble what they look like on the website, in fact I really had to use my imagination to make sure it was the same girls!
    Never mind, they did what they were sent for, and I had a fun time with them…..I would give them 6/10, probably woudn’t use them again. Nice girls, friendly, but not quite on the hottie scale. Just means I have to keep looking around!

  20. Jacky says:

    Same as Andy. We do not know each other.
    I visited Bamboo over the weekend.

    Ezy1 failed me with their outcall previously so I visited the store myself this time.
    Really cannot trust the pics online. There are hardly girls of the same look in the actual shop. I was in at around 3pm. Perhaps it was early.

    2 ladies attracted me. Annbel (say to be last day of her duty, not in website). I will explain the other girl Ni**y next. Luckily I took Annbel (somehow due to wrong body gesture and she smiled at me). Look 7/10, fig 8/10, talkable, playable. Natural B. Very nice experience. Its sad I cannot play long. I love fondling her tits. Soft and nice.

    I ended with standard 1hr session.

    Sun night itself, Soi Cowboy failed to impress me as I am maybe not a fat wallet to the ladies so I ended up back early in my room. I decided to ask for outcall with Ni*** after Bamboo say Cheer was out. Whan was taken when I called.

    She showed up. Small, petite to me. Cos I am big size. She is not young but definitely not the old lady, alright to me.
    Had boob job to make it B and firm. Had quite a nice session with her. doesnt deny me for 2nd shot. Fake boob cant beat natural B.

    Final verdict, bamboo did cheer me up in my this trip.

  21. Jack says:

    Nobody else mentioned A level. Definitely on offer at Bamboo and Ja was quite talented and even eager, if I may be so bold. All I had to do was point and she grabbed the lube, swapped out condoms and I easily got in the backdoor.

    • rockit says:

      It’s mentioned above in the comments briefly. Not all of the women on staff offer it but some do indeed and can even initiate. They do charge an extra 500 Baht for the service at Bamboo though, which is something I haven’t seen in other oilies.

  22. Pablo says:

    Hi. Visited Bemboo yesterday. At first asked for Cheer – the manager pointed to a girl sitting nearby that looked totally different (much worse) than on the photo. Although it is absolutely logical that the girl will look differently live, the person indicated by the manager looked like a different girl. Asked for a different one who looked nice on the photos and was presented with someone far worse than the photo – again (it may have been Grace, not sure though). So my third choice was Ja who got advertised by the manager as offering good service and speaking English. While the latter was not true (she barely speaks English, although is very cheerful and tries), she definitely offered a good service – twice. She also looks different than on the photos, mainly because of what she wears (nothing close to the sexi uniform) and because of her hair not being loose and straight as on the webpage. A pity, that these girls are not at least to some extent resembling the photos – a bit dissapointing. All that is of course my subjective opinion, so feel free to explore on your own and perhaps have totally different experiences. I will not re-visit. BTW – Rocki, great page and fabulous job done compiling all this info. Must have been tough

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. The pictures shown in photobooks or websites for Thai massage places are usually heavily modified even when the shops request otherwise. The professional photographers are simply used to doing things this way. For that reason guys looking for an accurate view usually ask for a lineup of the available staff when they arrive. Putting this website together and keeping it going is indeed hard work but someone has to do it! Cheers.

  23. Sam says:

    I am about to visit Bamboo Massage next week. Are the girls here in this parlour free from the STD’s especially HIV..?

    • rockit says:

      Since I am not a doctor and I haven’t professionally tested every woman who works there I have absolutely no way to answer this question.

  24. OAP says:

    I visited several years ago when, if it’s the same place, it was Aviva.. and was very satisfied..

    I paid for the full works.. which I could not manage with a condom. . but gave Linda a 500baht tip

    I know I could ask the lady at the time.. if she speaks enough English.. but I would very much enjoy giving her a full massage.. which would also help me to perform

    I also wonder about paying less for a lower service and paying for the extra to her directly

    I’ve visited Thailand many times in my mid 50s and 60s..and am not totally clueless.. but fear I may have caused mild offence on occasions

    You are obviously far more experienced.. and I would value your advice so that my trip next April is as enjoyable as possible


    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Sorry but I don’t give advice on this website which is for entertainment only. Customers usually pay after service at most oily massage parlors. When payment is made up front it usually reflects the service the customer is looking for. A customer could probably pay for lesser service than upgrade once in the room but this isn’t very common. Cheers.

  25. Guil says:

    I’d like to know if there is massages for couples, prices and other things…

  26. bob says:

    I booked Ja last Friday night for outcall service. She was on time in the hôtel lobby. She talks a really little english but enough to exchange. She is petite, cute and funny. She was really active during 2 hrs, and gave me an amazing and fantastic time. 2500 tbh for an outcall with a girl like Ja…next time I will book her again.

  27. Deca says:

    What dos A+ 500bt mean? A level service for the extra fee?

  28. Paul says:

    I am a bit worried that the photos are different to the actual person. I saw Nicky’s photos on the web and she just looked gorgeous to me. I booked her for a couple of days for overseas without knowing her. Hope this is not an expensive mistake.
    Do you or someone else have any experience with her?

  29. Pat says:

    Cheer has just left my hotel room after a 2 hour outcall, easily booked by mail this morning.
    For a Lotion Massage (looks like Nuru) and full service, it costed me 3100b + tip.
    Cheer arrived right in time, and left right in time.
    Althought Cheer today does not look like the Cheer showed in the website (pics probably shooted 6 or 7 years ago), she was slim and very attractive. Then no problem for me, but I just wonder if looking at pics is very useful ?
    The 120 minutes have been fully used and the level of service very satisfying. I can only recommend her to other puters

  30. bob says:

    I booked JA, 2 times the last week for 2h outcall, Friday and Wednesday. I booked her for thé 1st time last year in Decembre. The fact to have already met, makes the 2 last times totaly fantastic. I’m a big 69 fan, and we had a good one together. After that, JA continued with a very long and great BBBJ. We spent a so good time than we even missed the end of the 2h … she was earlier to the date, and left a bit late, that makes me feel it was a Good thing to continue to book her.
    she is still cute, slim (42-43 kg), funny and talkative even if low in english. She told she is 26. Ja is a great performer. And talking about website pictures, I think she looks better in real.

  31. Andy says:

    Had a pretty awesome session with Cheer. Highly recommended to any punters. Just take note that the photo you see on the website is heavily photoshopped. But still, excellent service. Fantastic.

  32. T says:

    Just spent two hours in the VIP room with New, and had a great time. She’s late 20s/mid-30s and thin. Her stomach shows signs of childbirth but she’s pretty toned. Small boobs, which I love, and a nice smile, which I need. Great shower together,her tongue getting lost in my throat. After she soaped me up we squirmed around for a good ten minutes, kissing the whole time. A great oily massage, followed by uncovered bj and a fun romp. After I caught my breath she massaged me some more and paid extra attention to my tired dick. A great second fuck, and when I didn’t cum she worked her best to get me off.
    I used my rusty Thai to make small talk and little jokes and that’s what makes a difference with all women, I think. Just being friendly and kind makes them much more ready to give even better service. Thanks for your reviews.

  33. Pedro says:

    On my last trip, I had good time with Ranya, out call in my hotel.
    She’s a bit chubby but really horny and had several orgasm while riding me.
    Just now I finished a session again in my hotel with a new girl name Yo (or Jo). She has no pics yet on the website.
    She got very wet and came herself during the session. Also gave great body and head massage….

  34. Lndo76 says:

    New ladie at Bamboo, her name is WAN someone know her and have a good time with her?

    • jack says:

      Just spend 1 hr but pay 1.5 hrs. Her real look is far more tan then at the website picture. Maybe the picture is more than 5 years ago. Her massage is just soft & normal and after around 30 mins she change to use her ass to massage my back which feel better than her hand massage. After around 15 mins she massage my dick for around 5 mins and cap bj. It feel a little pain as the condom is a bit tight. then she blow for around 5 mins which feel not good and she pull out the cap and put oil on my dick and Hj until i unload. Then shower.
      I think is full service as everyone say and multiple pops but not this case. During the full session didn’t even manage to touch her as she is at the far end and i was lying down.Total damage 2200 for 1.5hrs paid upfront to cashier. Will never return as the service is really poor from her and just HJ. Better luck nextime.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Your experience is non typical. Most guys pay for an hour and get full service. Anyone can have any kind of experience at any time however which is why the phrase “your mileage may vary” is so common. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      I had a similar experience with another girl. She had me wait for her for 10 min which was real long. 5 min or less is a standard.She was doing OK for the first 10 min and getting lazy with massage skills. I couldn’t tell she just wanted to kill time and get it over. I requested stg and she didn’t do and she was texting her mamasan for some stg without even calling. I realized she got a lemon and had to stop after 25 min. At the door I explained the problem and she gave me back 1,000 bt as a refund. Cheers!!

  35. Simon says:

    I had recently 3 sessions with Khun Ja and I want to highlight here the usual outstanding quality of her performance. First of all she’s a very cute girl, friendly, talkative even if her level of English remains limited. She also have very good massage skills which is quite rare in such parlors. Talking about the performance in itself, Khun Ja excels, she definitely knows how to please and give her very best for it. She has a body to die for, simply perfect to me, and trust that she looks much prettier in reality than the Bamboo website photos. All in one a very nice girls with excellent skills, a sweetheart as well so please be nice to her. Cheers.

  36. Pedro says:

    Passed there last night and the shutters were down and lights off

  37. ronnie says:

    Seems New might have moved on. There is a new ‘Nice’ but the old one was a favorite of mine. Does anyone know where she went? Either old Nice or New (New? I heard old Nice retired but over the years she came and went so maybe working again?

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t know much about the current roster at Bamboo. Cheers.

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