Review: Bamboo Massage — Bangkok, Thailand

Cheer massage parlor gal from Bangkok works at Bamboo

The lovely and very talented Cheer.

Not long ago I promised to try my best to cover at least some part of the huge massage parlor scene in Bangkok. So far I have only covered shops that range from good to great, and that won’t stop with today’s review of Bamboo Massage just off of Soi 8 in the Sukhumvit section of Bangkok.

Bamboo massage is quite easy to find, located right across from the On 8 Sukhumvit Hotel in the first sub-soi to the right when entering Soi 8 from Sukhumvit. Starting at the Nana BTS Station and traveling there by foot would take all of five minutes even for the slowest of walkers. Just in case one was somehow incapacitated, there are signs posted on Soi 8, in the sub-soi, and in front of the shop.

Bamboo is located far from most of the other similar massage shops on Sukhumvit, but that’s not a bad thing. It spreads out the availability and gives guys around Soi 8 or even Nana a nice place to stop for  a rub down. The entrance is a bit different than one might expect too. Customers go through an unattended sliding door and up a flight of stairs before reaching the front counter. This is no big feat though and the results of climbing the stairs make all the “hard work” worth it.

Bamboo is owned by Bam, which should easily explain the name. Those who have been around long enough may remember Bam from her time working at Mango Massage, where she was a top performer. Bam is also quite cute and has a great personality and English speaking ability. It’s no surprise that customers often express their wish to get a massage from Bam directly, but unfortunately for those punters that is not a possibility.

No worries though, since the rest of the staff at Bamboo is also very skilled at what they do. Bam is usually working the front desk and is able to explain the routine to customers. She can also provide a drink and either show the available staff in a photo book or introduce customers to the ladies available in person.

I must say that Bamboo is among the nicest and tidiest massage shops I’ve ever been to in Bangkok. In a local industry where little emphasis is usually put on decor, Bamboo Massage really shines. It looks like a brand new place even though it’s been around for some time and the lobby even smells great. Of course a lot of guys looking for special services could care less about the look and smell of the place, but with so many shops around it’s details like these that can help make a massage parlor stand out.

There are a good number of ladies on staff at Bamboo Massage and they seem to run the range from young and tight to mature and experienced. One thing worth noting is that none of the gals I’ve seen at Bamboo are out of shape or round and soft around the middle. The looks of the slightly older women on staff at Bamboo are frankly very good and one could easily be fooled into thinking they were much younger than they actually are.

Bo massuese Bamboo Massage Soi 8

Bo is well known for good reason.

The prices at Bamboo are pretty much standard. An hour long oil massage costs 500 Baht (15.50 USD) and longer sessions are available for a little more. The services rendered by the masseuse dictate the additional fees, with the going rate for a full hour of fun being the same 1500 Baht (46.50 USD) it’s been for some time around town.

In addition to the standard rooms, which are quite satisfactory themselves, there are also VIP rooms available. At only a slightly higher price I feel that these VIP digs are well worth the splurge. They are large, clean and fitted with nice walk in showers that allow for a little additional fun. I must stress again how good everything looks, especially when compared to a lot of what else is out there. Okay, enough of the good housekeeping seal of approval and on to the service.

As I wrote before the women who work at Bamboo are quite skilled. I doubt Bam has actually set up training sessions with any of the ladies who work at her shop, but it does seem that at least some of her famous abilities have somehow been passed on to them. Of course there is always individual variation and even chemistry between customer and provider to take into account, but I really have a hard time imagining anyone could leave Bamboo massage as anything other than a very happy guy.

Bamboo Massage is also easy to contact via phone or email for two hour outcall sessions to Bangkok hotels which run only 100 Baht more than the standard in-shop price. Those unwilling or unable to make the short trip to this easy-to-find shop would surely be pleased with that option.

As a very nice and well-managed massage parlor right in the heart of the action in Bangkok, Bamboo Massage is really a great place. Considering the ladies who work the shop, how well it is run, and how it compares to a lot of the other shops in the area, I can honestly say that Bamboo Massage deserves a solid four-and-a-half stars. This is the second near-perfect score I’ve given in the last three reviews, but it is well deserved.

Bamboo Massage, Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkok, Thailand. Open seven days a week from 10 am to midnight. Phone: 02-254-4487. Website: Map available on website.


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