Wellcum Hotel and Sauna in Austria welcomes guys worldwide


While the recent news about Brexit has stunned people around the world and possibly even put the very existence of a unified Europe into question the spirit of international cooperation is still alive in Austria where the Wellcum outfit invites guys from around the world to visit and get their freak on all under one roof. If that sort of thing can’t lead to world peace and a brotherhood of man perhaps nothing will.

Wellcum Wellnesshotel & Erotik is a full service FKK club sauna and hotel located in Hohenthurn which is situated among the Carinthian mountains right on the Italian border. The Gewerbegebiet Hohenthurn Industrial Park is also nearby which is no doubt a great draw for guys doing business in the area.

women at Wellcum Sauna in Austria

I would guess that most people reach the club by car which is not difficult to do even for those unfamiliar with the area. Punching the official mailing address of the club into a GPS doesn’t seem to work but it is just as easy to put in the name of the aforementioned industrial park. That leads one right to the doors of Wellcum.

Those unwilling or unable to drive themselves to Wellcum aren’t unable to visit. Local taxis are knowledgeable and can guide passengers to the club without issue. Austria is commonly described as an expensive place but that’s always a question of comparability. Austrian taxis don’t charge that much more than New York City’s famous yellow cabs but they are infinitely nicer.

Most FKK clubs in Europe have a similar set up. Guys pay an entrance fee and get access to the facilities where they can meet with women who offer sexual services for money. The women pay the club to enter and negotiate with customers on their own. They are thus considered self employed and are free to come and go as they please. In Austria as in Germany prostitution is totally legal under this arrangement. Wellcum operates on the same model though it is unique in some ways.

The Wellcum club is one of the nicer places around. It has great clean facilities that include an outdoor pool. It also offers better than average food and things like translation for major sporting events such as Euro 2016.

The club is also set up to handle private parties and even extends special deals to those who throw them. In addition there are live shows, theme days and events like the club’s “Arabian Nights” that help make things more exciting.

prostitute in bikini at wellcum sauna

Another thing that sets Wellcum apart from some of the other FKK clubs in Europe is that it has its own hotel facilities. Guys who visit the sauna can stay right on the grounds in nice rooms that cost only 119 Euros ($132 USD) per night. This is a pretty competitive rate considering that the same amount of money barely gets one a small two star hotel room in the most of Austria and this place has gorgeous women right on premises.

Entrance to Wellcum costs 85 Euro ($94 USD) and includes full use of the facilities, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and more. Unlike some places the club lets customers use towels, slippers and robes for free. What’s undoubtedly most important in the minds of most men it also offers access to around one hundred women from around Europe who are good looking and up for fun. The women ask for typical rates in exchange for their services which are reasonable and lower than what less attractive women typically ask for in places like the United States where the sale of sex is for some reason forbidden.

Wellcum Wellnesshotel & Erotik goes out of its way to open up to customers from around the globe. Its website has English, German and Italian versions that explain things and give a very good and honest idea of what the place is like. That’s refreshing in times like this.

Address:Flussstra├če 1, 9601 Hohenthurn, Austria (Map)
Phone:(+43) 042-552-0002
Hours:12:00 PM - 1:30 AM
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