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There are now Phuket escorts on Smooci

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The world famous Smooci website has spread its reach again! Phuket escorts now appear on Smooci along with their counterparts from other parts of the world as distant and disparate as Cebu and Berlin. This development was a long time coming but not unexpected. After all Phuket is one of the top locations in Thailand.

Over the years numerous readers have asked me to expand my reports to Phuket. It is true that I haven’t made much mention of the place in the decade plus this website has been online. That’s not because I have anything against the place. Or because there is a paucity of adult entertainment in Phuket. I simply haven’t been able to do any on the ground research in the city.

What is Smooci?

For those who don’t know, Smooci is a modern escorting website where women post their profiles and prices. Variously described as the new Backpage in Asia and the “Uber of escorting” the site is more than just a bulletin board.

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Each profile on Smooci contains pictures, vital statistics, lists of services offered, prices and sometimes videos. Verified reviews from punters also appear in some profiles. More innovative is the system that allows customers to watch providers progress to their agreed upon location. A guy could actually watch as an escort he booked approached his room which obviously would eliminate a lot of wondering.

No escorts actually work for Smooci. It is just a platform that allows people to connect. The ladies and ladyboys on Smooci are a mix of independent escorts and agency employees looking for clients. Customers don’t have to pay to use Smooci either. Though a premium membership adds a lot of extra features.

Smooci in Phuket

So far Smooci seems to be faring very well in Phuket. There are a good number of women advertising on the website. I am not privy to the number of punter browsing the listings there. But I would have to guess that the number is equally good.

On a recent check of Smooci’s Phuket section I discovered over a dozen available escorts. And that was on short notice close to midnight. The ladies I saw looked quite good and were about what I would expect for the region.

There was a nice mix of women ranging in age from the low 20’s to mid 30’s. Most of the gals were attractive and fit but there’s something for everyone. I even saw a cute but chubby gal with big natural breasts. Then there was another gal with curly blond hair! Not a very common site in Thailand to be sure.

The prices were right on par for the area too with each lady looking for between 3000 and 3500 Baht ($91-106 USD) for a one hour appointment. These days that is less than what some go go dancers charge for short time once you consider lady drinks, barfine and tip.

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