Prostitution at the Veneto Hotel and Casino in Panama City


Prostitution is legal in Panama. As with many countries having similar laws things like pimping are not. Prostitutes are officially required to carry cards for their work but many do not. That is especially true of the many freelancers who sell their services at haunts including the famous Veneto Hotel and Casino in the banking area of Panama City.

veneto hotel casino

As both a hotel and a casino the Veneto has seen better days. While the hotel once approached the palatial parts of it are now pathetic. The building still serves its purpose however and a constant stream of men and women in and out of the place shows that for many the surroundings aren’t the most important thing.

Prostitutes at the Veneto

The Veneto has long been known as a place where mostly foreign guys meet with a mix of local and foreign women from places like Colombia and increasingly Venezuela. These men and women strikes deals among themselves for private encounters. With individual males and independent women there are no set rules but a standard price for a short session hovers around $100 USD while an overnight session can typically be agreed upon for anywhere from $100 to 400 dollars.

The reputation of the Veneto has even been brought up by some media outlets looking for the next great story. In reality the reporting most likely led to the Veneto getting more visitors.

The women

On any given night there can be as many as fifty women plying their trade in and around the Veneto. While these numbers may seem high they are actually down from a few years ago when the place was absolutely buzzing most nights of the week. Some chalk the decrease in women up to a decision by the management at the Veneto to start charging customers fees for bringing women to their rooms.

I don’t know whether this is the case or not as many guys who visit the casino to find women actually sleep in other nearby hotels like the Hyatt. In any event Veneto is not what it once was but it remains a place where many horny men and single women mingle and the management and staff doesn’t seem bothered by it at all.

Inside the casino

Most nights there are a few women posted up right in front of the entrance to the Veneto. Surprisingly these women can sometimes be among the most attractive in the area. They are not very aggressive but probably hope to grab a customer before he enters the casino and sees all of the other women available.

When customers do enter the casino they see the hotel desk and a restaurant to the left and a set of escalators immediately in front of them. These escalators lead up one floor to the casino. A security guard in a suit checks some customers but not others who enter. It seems that white western men are waved right through in most cases.

At the top of the escalator sits the casino floor which is not all that big. There is a bar in front and a lot of tables and chairs next to it. Some of the many working women who set up at the Veneto like to hang at the bar. Others take some of the tables nearby. At any time a few can be seen sitting and possibly drinking with guys but for the most part they are alone. The women tend to perk up any time a new guy walks in. Although they do not tend to run after customers they do try to catch their eyes. This is probably not so difficult since the women tend to be at least moderately attractive with a few approaching the model level in looks.

Even the women who are average or perhaps a little lower on some scales tend to carry themselves well with nice dress and hygiene. As is generally the rule with Panamanian and Colombian women perfume is used by all.


The Colombian women outnumber the others at Veneto but there are a fair share of Venezuelans and locals. A lot of the Colombian women now work at the nearby Habano’s Cafe instead as that has become a bit more popular.

The bulk of the women at Veneto are usually found right around the bar but others can found sitting around the slot machines or very occasionally at one of the few gaming tables. There is no real rhyme or reason to who sits where so customers looking for company usually make a lap or two around the place before approaching anyone.

Guys who sit down alone will sometimes be approached by women but it is more common for guys to make the first move. In that way the place sort of resembles Bor Pennyang in Vientiane at least in terms of atmosphere.

The casino obviously isn’t fueled entirely by prostitution as it has its gaming along with rooms and restaurants. Still it is a place where sex is pretty openly sold to anyone who is looking for it.

Note: The Veneto has closed.

Address:Eusebio A Morales Ave And Via Veneto Str, Panama City, Panama
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