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Interview with porn star Sabrina Deep

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Sabrina Deep is a legendary porn star who rose to prominence in the internet-era. With a combination of her own efforts and the new opportunities for mass communication Sabrina has become world famous for her erotic performances. Fans of true hardcore will recognize Sabrina Deep from her many intense performances. Some of the most notable include fan gang bangs, fan bukkakes, public beach sex and a big creampie gangbang for Cum Bizz.

Sabrina Deep in a white bikini

I’ve done regular porn star interviews since this website started over ten years ago. Sabrina Deep is one of the more fascinating subjects I have had the pleasure to communicate with. I find her porn career and trajectory to be quite intriguing. Her answers illuminated things further and I was really interested in hearing what she had to say. I am sure you will agree that this question and answer session with Sabrina Deep is entertaining and definitely worth a read.

Thanks for agreeing to do this interview! I’m very excited to talk to you. I really enjoy your work. For those who don’t know, how old are you and where are you from?

My pleasure! I am Canadian, from class 1978. I’m not good at math when it comes to calculating my age, but I reckon I passed my 20’s already.

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first. Coffee or tea?

Tea. Several a day, mostly black and sugarless. I don’t disdain a good exspresso either, though, every second day or so. Long coffee doesn’t do it for me.

Does size matter?

There’s definitely a minimum threshold below which size matters in order to ignite a pleasant reaction, if you know what I mean. The same principle applies to oversized.

sabrina deep topless

The screw needs to fit in the hole, the screwdriver handle’s size needs to anatomically fit well in your hand in order not to lose grip. So yeah…if you have a nice size it looks good and dandy, but if you use it worse than someone with a smaller size, I’ll go for the smaller any time.

You’re quite tall. How does that play into having sex. Is it tough getting it on with shorter guys?

Doggy and 69 can be tricky with pretty short guys, but all-in-all I see no issues given the vast amount of remaining options.

What do you like about the UK? Any dislikes?

I’ve lived there several years and I truly enjoyed my stay. I love British people. Sex-wise I’ve had a lot of fun and I still enjoy meeting British peeps these days. Dislikes? London, where I lived, has its fair amount of low keys such as expensive housing for what you get, to name just one; but then there is more to the UK than London, so I don’t really have much to complain about. Well…you guys could do something about the weather…but don’t tell Miss Thunberg.

What do you think about censorship and porn? Is it more difficult doing porn in the UK than say Canada or the US?

It’s not about doing porn, it’s about distribution. It seems a bit more difficult these days than a while ago, but then things have changed also in Canada and the US. They are changing in Germany too. In Spain, where I live now, things are still reasonably good but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

sabrina deep full breasts in pool

I have been with a bunch of politicians. One once told me that the reason why politics are progressively hammering on porn is because if porn became mainstream it would come less for politicians and deep state one of the most effective weapons to blackmail and eliminate their political adversaries and competitors. I think he was right.

What was your first sexual experience? Was it any good?

The anticipation was good, the act didn’t meet the expectations, and probably from both sides. But I’m pretty sure that’s true for everybody’s first time. It was with a then boyfriend. Nothing extraordinary or worth explaining in details, really.

When did you first see porn? What was that like?

I bumped into a magazine “by mistake”, haha. I then repeated the mistake a few more times. It was fascinating and scary at the same time. I always kept browsing expecting to recognize on the next page someone I knew. This makes me laugh these days, when I think about it.

How did you get into doing porn?

I was 27, in London, UK, with a very well paid job in sales. One evening, while having sex with my boyfriend, we started streaming on ImLive out of curiosity. To my big surprise, tons of people started watching and interacting with me and that turned me on a lot. At that time I already was having a pretty active sexual life in private. We did it again a few more times, then I decided I wanted to try and film some of my private encounters. A few people agreed to sign a model release, so I bought a domain name, built a very basic website and started putting those video up for sale. And they sold! Within a couple of months I quit my job and went head downs into porn mainly focusing on having sex with my fans. Two months more and I was on The Howard Stern Show. The rest is “history”.

How often do you have sex? Are you having more now that you are in porn?

Maybe some times, but all in all the frequency hasn’t changed due to porn. I do love having sex, and I have sex whenever I feel like. Even when I accept to shoot scenes for others it is because I am in the mood and I the script, partners etc. I have declined so many offers for the opposite reasons. Like I don’t read a book when I don’t feel like, so it is with having sex, work or not.

Do you watch a lot of porn? How about watching your own Sabrina Deep content?

I don’t watch lots of porn anymore. Just lots of dick pics and cum tributes. My own content? Never. It would take away the good feelings I recall having had while shooting it, because as a spectator you always see it differently than as a participant.

Porn is almost ubiquitous at this point. Anyone with an internet connection can pull up hardcore stuff in mere seconds. I’ve certainly watched tons myself! Yet you always seem to stand out from the crowd to me. What do you think sets you apart?

That flatters me, and you certainly are best equipped for finding a reason than me. All I can say is to repeat that I tend to shoot when in the mood, following a script I like and interacting with partners I like. You’ll never see me in a video withe the face of the one who gets paid to shoot it. In other words: if I shot it, I liked it. Maybe that authenticity together with the fact that most of my partners in crime are regular people like my fans demystify my scenes and makes the content closer to everyone’s reality.

I remember when you did your bukkake world tour. What was that like?

Crazy. I’ve done literally thousands of fans one way or the other. I’ve traveled the world and make tons of amazing acquaintances, even a few real friends. Exhausting. Group sex requires hours of pre and post event preparation. The first three years I was even going out for dinner and clubbing with selected participants right after the event and we were often running one event every second day. Scary. Arranging an itinerary event throughout the world is no piece of cake. Traveling, venues, security, tests, crew… you invest a lot of money based on passion without knowing if peeps will turn out, if you will be fit and any date, if your booked venues will hold, if what you shoot will sell well enough to cover expenses. Yummy and satisfactory. I love sperm, I love dick, I love pleasing men.

How about the record setting gangbang you did on cam? I am sure the logistics for that had to be very difficult. I can’t even imagine everything that was involved in organizing something like that. Is it true that all the guys were fans of yours?

Yes, they were all fans of mine. And yes, looking at it today I don’t even know how we put it all together. It was shot at my home in London, a classic Victorian home with a 30 square meter dining room that we used as a set. Initially, we wanted to have a few hours event with 30 people, but because they were all regular Joes and we were unsure of everybody showing up we invited 80 people. Many people kept showing up any time we were ready to close the curtains, and that ended up with 77 people answering the call in an 8 hours span. Let me take the opportunity to thank, after all these years, those 3 people who declined the invitation.

What do you think about the claim that “porn is dead”? It seems like cams and sites like Only Fans have given the industry new life. Or at least provided individuals with an outlet to make adult content and earn money in the process.

Porn isn’t dead and it won’t die either. What’s dying is the connection of porn with the mainstream payment system. Monetizing porn is becoming increasingly difficult, but I’m sure that sooner than later someone in the porn industry will come out with the right idea to revert that trend. It’s always been like that.

Do your family and friends know about your adult career? If so, what do they think about it?

Yes, everybody knows. In general, nobody who loves me makes that love dependable on what I do for a living or on other personal choices. They love me as a person in its entirety. Approving someone’s choices doesn’t affect the feelings you have towards that person any more than disapproving them. There are mixed feelings about that among my family and friends, but they are both evidence that they equally care for me, thus an act of love.

What advice would you have for anyone who wanted to get into porn or webcamming?

Do it if and when you like it. If money is your main drive, you will regret it greatly. Meaning, know yourself to the point of being true to yourself. Since I have never met anybody who knows themselves when they turn 18, wait to do porn until you are ready to do porn, if ever. I started when I was 27 years old and still love it. No shame, thick skin, not bothered at all about external judgement. I am pretty sure that if I started at a younger age, now I would tell a completely different story. Also, nothing arouses men like a woman in between her 30’s and 50’s. Yes, we look prettier when 20 years old, but we are pretty much just a piece of good looking meat with little or nothing to offer on our own, on a set, and that makes it easy for others to manipulate us and to cause us regrets at a later time. Just my opinion, of course.

What are your plans going forward?

Three, maybe four more years in the industry, then focusing 100% on my side mainstream projects. If my natural breasts will fail me earlier I will quit earlier, but as I write that doesn’t seem the case.

Thanks again for doing this. Is there anything else you’d like to say to readers? Where can they can find out more about you?

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