Review: Vientiane Plaza Massage in Vientiane, Laos


Vientiane Plaza Massage is a large massage parlor with middling facilities in Vientiane. In a city like Bangkok or even the nearby Thai city of Udon Thani it would probably not stand out in the least. But in the still sleepy capital city of Vientiane the place is fairly notable.

Vientiane Plaza Massage is sort of secretive massage parlor in Vientiane. I say sort of because it is attached to a large hotel and there is even a clear sign out front. Indeed is perhaps the most well known adult oriented massage parlor in town. Yet the place doesn’t go out of its way to make itself known. This is so much the case that I have heard of more than one woman strolling into the place accidentally only to be told that they don’t serve ladies.

Vientiane Plaza Massage

As the name would suggest the massage parlor under review is located near the Vientiane Plaza Hotel. The place is not difficult to find but it’s not marked with gigantic flashing neon signs either. The entrance is located behind the main hotel building. The lobby is normally staffed by at least one lady who can muster up enough English to book a session.

vientiane laos skyline

Although this massage parlor is located in Laos it is staffed entirely by Vietnamese women. This is an anomaly that can be found throughout Laos and not only when it comes to adult oriented businesses. Vietnamese involvement in and influence on Laos has long loomed large though it does all seem to be abating at least a bit as time goes on.

Prices, procedure and summary

There are a handful of Vietnamese women giving massages at Vientiane Plaza. They’re all fit and at least moderately attractive from what I have seen. They wear tight fitting dresses and offer full body massages for 130,000 Kip ($17 USD). Whoever is next in line gives the massage as there is no fish bowl or line up of any kind.

Massages are performed in private rooms that are good enough for the purpose. They are sizeable and at least moderately clean. The massage rooms are no suite at the Four Seasons. But they’re not nearly as bad as the quarters in the worst massage parlor in Ho Chi Minh City either. Each room contains a bathing area and a sturdy massage table. The rub downs are done on the massage table and can actually be somewhat thorough considering.

Before long sessions usually end up heading towards suggestions of other services which are offered for 400,000 Kip ($45). Many times no suggestion is needed as it simply appears to be a part of the standard operating procedure. Things normally start with an extension of the rubbing to more sensitive areas. From there they transition into oral and then a cap is added before full service commences.

The service providers are eager to please and willing to do more than the starfish routine common in many local knocking shops. The ladies definitely put in an effort to leave customers satisfied. In other words they do work for their money. The place isn’t a luxury hotel filled with super models. But it is an open and easy to find place in a city where much else seems secretive and shadowy. Three stars.

Address:Saylom Rd, Vientiane, Laos (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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