Review: The Lollipop 1 in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)


The Lollipop 1 is another blowjob bar in Bangkok. Located in the heart of the lower Sukhumvit area, Lollipop has a lot of competition to deal with. First there are all the other blowjob bars in Bangkok. Then there are the nearby adult entertainment districts like Nana Plaza, which is home to an unrelated go go bars called Lollipop.

Lollipop tries to stand out from the pack by doing things like placing a big illuminated sign on the side of Sukhumvit Road. This indicates the location of the bar itself down an alley just off of Sukhumvit Soi 10. Alas the signs don’t do much to bring people in. The bar is usually very quiet.

Lollipop 1

Lollipop 1 is located just a few steps from Sukhumvit Road proper. It is literally around the corner from the girl friendly Paradiso Suites hotel. There is a small square alley that shoots off of Sukhumvit Soi 10 to the left. It is the first left turn and basically impossible to miss. There is another sign at the turn and one more on top of the bar itself.

The Lollipop 1 blowjob bar in Bangkok

Lollipop 1 has an outside seating and activity area where the girls not currently working on a pole hang out. At times one or two guys will also be there hanging around. I would be surprised to see more than 2 guys most nights, because it is after all a blowjob bar. There is a pool table that seems to host a lot of games, so maybe that has something to do with the guys. It may very well be the best slate in town. I really have no idea. I have only visited the bar to partake in other stick and ball games.

This outside area is totally visible from Sukhumvit Soi 10, even at night. While a lot of guys visit Bangkok for business or pleasure, there are plenty of others who live there. Soi 10 isn’t some major thoroughfare, but it does get its share of traffic. So I don’t imagine a guy would hang out in front of the Lollipop 1 if discretion was an issue.

Special services inside

Some guys have a penchant for hanging around outside Lollipop. But others get straight to the point. They just walk up and indicate to one of the girls sitting outside that they’d like to go inside. The women are there to make money so they don’t seem to have a problem with this at all.

The main area inside the bar is rather large. There are big open spaces and plenty of seats, along with the big bar itself. One or two women sit behind the bar inside. One seems to be a manager while the other appears to be a cashier. The cashier I’ve seen is quite the looker. I’m sure she gets quite a bit of attention, even though she seems to be very shy. She doesn’t actually service customers however.

Inside the ladies offer drinks and slightly more expensive lady drinks. Many customers probably take them up on the offer. But there is no obligation, and plenty of customers probably just say no thank you and move on to the main event. As I wrote earlier, some guys want to hang out at the bar. Others are just looking for a blow and go.

Another Bangkok BJ bar

While Lollipop certainly is a blowjob bar, it’s one designed on what I call the “newer model”. What I mean by that is, there is no real public oreal area. In the early days, most of these kinds of bars allowed you to get serviced right at the bar. Some even had a a cut out under the bar, and a woman would crawl under and suck while you drank a beer. While some like Star of Light still allow various degrees of public oral service, many more are now heading toward the “upstairs only” protocol. Lollipop is one of those. Anyone who gets a thrill from the chance of being seen is out of luck at the Lollipop.

While The Lollipop 1 may operate on the “newer model”, it definitely isn’t the newest of places. The dark paint and lighting only partially obscures what is a pretty dingy place. That shouldn’t be too much of an issue though. Guys know why they go there and what kind of place it is. Just because it’s a bit dingy doesn’t mean it’s incredibly dirty either. If anything the smell of disinfectant in some areas is stronger than it should be.

The upstairs is another large room, with plenty of seats spread out all over the place. They offer various levels of privacy depending on the location. As Lollipop doesn’t seem to be the busiest of places, there will often only be one customer upstairs. When that’s the case, the ladies often use a little back corner and don’t bother to close the door. Others leave it up to customers to decide where to sit.

All the couches are a bit grimy, often marked with butt creases and unidentifiable liquid residue. The ladies take note of this and put little towels down for customers to sit on. Sometimes they use the little towels to wipe up spit and stuff too. It’s not a glamorous business.

Staff and summary

As to the ladies, they vary quite a bit. Most are average looking. A few are a little less attractive than others. They aren’t the cheeriest of lasses either, even considering that it’s a suck shop. But they aren’t cold or callous either. All in all, the staff is acceptable. They certainly work to leave you satisfied. One or two has a real naughty look to them that may be just what the doctor ordered for some. I’ve also seen at least one slightly tall, lean stunner here, though she always seems to be busy. I have no wonder why.

After you finish, you get cleaned up with wet napkins by your service provider. Next you head downstairs together as is standard. You pay your total bill at the cash register. The going rate at Lollipop is 700 Baht ($23 USD). This is higher than the old industry standard. But it is still 100 Baht cheaper than some other places around. Drinks can add to the bill, but they’re not all that expensive> A beer goes for 100 Baht.

Tipping isn’t expected or required. Ladies are always happy to receive extra payment for their services. But none of the ladies at the Lollipop beg or pout if they don’t receive gratuity. They welcome back guys who pay the set fee just as they do with the heavy tippers.

As a pretty standard knob polishing pub with an average set up, I give The Lollipop 1 a score of 2.5 stars. It’s neither a necessary visit or a place to avoid. It just is what it is.

Despite the number 1 in the name, this is the only Lollipop blowjob bar in Thailand at the moment. The Lollipop 2 was located on the other side of Sukhumvit. But it closed up shop and another business took over the location.

Note: The Lollipop 1 has closed. A new business called Number 1 Bar has taken over its previous location.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 10, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
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