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Review: Santee Gentleman’s Club in Santee, SC USA

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Santee Gentleman’s Club is a small strip club in the American state of South Carolina. The place is located inside of a very basic storage style building on the side of a major freeway. To say the place had seen better days would be an understatement. On the other hand it may have had much worse days too if news reports are to be believed.

For my purposes in writing this review what matters is that Santee Gentlemen’s Club is a place where customers go to watch women dance in a semi-nude state. That is enough to get me on the road and through the doors. I can’t say that would return however. This write up should help explain why.

The cover charge at Santee Gentelmen’s is $10 USD. That is pretty fair and average for a place like this that is located outside of a major city. A woman takes the money which I always find superior to the strip clubs where muscled up bouncers work the entrance. This fee is simply a door charge. It doesn’t include drinks or anything else.

A view of the outside of the club gives you a very good idea of what the inside of the place looks like. This is a no-frills sort of place set up for stripping and not much else. Though I guess it could double as some sort of garage as long as the roof held on through heavy winds. The decorations mainly consist of some blue string lighting. Though no one comes to a place like this for the decor.

Besides the gal there is another woman who works the bar and makes change. Just a handful of women actually dance at Santee Gentlemen’s Club though. There might be six women working the floor on a good night. They are a fairly even mix of white and black women in their twenties and maybe thirties. Some are more fit than others with a couple being on the large end of the scale. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Though I still remember when the vast majority of ladies in this line of work were thin with shapely breasts.

Although this club is on the side of a major thoroughfare it seems to mainly attract locals. The dancers in turn seem to mainly focus on the locals. This can leave visitors like me lacking in the entertainment department. Since that this is the main point of visiting a strip club this is a major negative. That is not to say that travelers get no attention at all. The club is popular with golfers who play the nearby course. They must come in for a reason.

Lap dances cost $30 USD each and are nothing to write home about. Private dances are available at a rate of $150 for 15 minutes. That is 10 US dollars a minute. Since it involves nothing more than watching a lady dance with no one else around I would find it difficult to impossible to justify that expense.

Santee Gentlemen’s Club is not exactly my kind of place. I try to keep an open mind when reviewing a venue of any kind. But I don’t keep my mind so open that my brain falls out either. Judging the place for what it is I still can’t see giving Santee Gentlemen’s Club more than a single star. The bar is fully stocked though. So at least there is that.

Santee Gentlemen’s Club. 2010 Bass Dr, Santee, SC 29142 USA. Click here for a map. Open every day from 7:00 PM until 2:00 AM.

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