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Review: Paradise City Gentlemen’s Club in Mathias, WV USA

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Paradise City bills itself as the number one gentlemen’s club in West Virginia. I haven’t been to every strip club in West Virginia. But I have been to places like Jill’s Gentlemen’s Club. Although it is not the greatest place by any means Paradise City does beat out Jill’s.

You might not expect much from a bar in a rural area like this. Obviously this is no Las Vegas. Still I have been surprised by some real out of the way hole-in-the-wall bars. What about Paradise City? Sharing a name with a song, a television show, a film and a video game, this place is not nearly as notable. Still it was worth visiting if only in order to write this review.

Take me down to the Paradise City

Paradise City is really in the middle of nowhere. It is located along a two lane road in a mountainous rural area. The reason I can imagine that this bar exists in this place is that it is just over the border from the more populous state of Virginia. There are also some golf courses in the vicinity which seems to be a recipe for strip club success in the United States. I guess a lot of guys find their 19th hole at the club.

This gentlemen’s club is housed in a pretty plain block building. Though it’s still more than I thought I would find. Only a small sign marks the spot. Nothing else stands out about the place at all. They do not allow smoking inside. Nor do they allow cell phones. I find the first rule to be a plus. Though I am not a fan of the second. I would prefer to keep my belongings with me than leaving them in a vehicle parked along a quite rural road.

There is a $20 USD cover to enter Paradise City. Inside I was even more surprised to see what is a fairly well appointed place. They even went as far as having the bar name printed right into the carpeting. Perhaps not the classiest move possible. But it shows the owners care about the place they are running.

Strippers, prices, services and summary

This is another one of those BYOB clubs. That means customers have to bring in their own alcoholic beverages if they’d like to drink. This has something to do with local regulations. In some parts of the country you can’t show some parts if you sell liquor. So if you want to be a fully nude bar like Paradise City you can let clients bring in their own grog. It seems to work out even if it is an odd system.

As you may have guessed there are just a few women working at Paradise City. The place is not exactly overrun with patrons though. So it works out nicely. Especially since the 5 or 6 ladies who do work the bar are fairly nice looking. They’re also some of the friendliest dancers I’ve met anywhere in the world.

The women I saw here were all white with one exception. Most if not all of the gals are in their twenties and at least relatively fit. I didn’t see any old or extremely overweight women. That’s always a plus though not a guarantee when visiting one of the smaller out-of-the-way strip clubs in America. A couple of the dancers here are quite pretty. There are some really big boobs on display here too!

The ladies take turns taking to the stage. There they dance song topless then another in the full nude. They take longer to drop their gear here than some other places but I don’t mind. Eventually everything is on display. Dances run $30 for 5 minutes with prices going up from there. I prefer this to the more usual “price per song” model since a song can be anywhere from a minute long to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. The women only go topless for the private dances. But two way contact from the naval on up is pretty common.

Paradise City Gentlemen’s Club is a small but fun club that is far out of the way. It deserves credit for being as entertaining as it is considering where it is. Still it has its limits. And I mean that in a few different ways. I have to look Paradise City for what it is while not forgetting what else exists in the world. Doing that leads me to give the place two stars.

Paradise City Gentlemen’s Club. 15628 State Road 259 Mathias, WV 26812 USA. Click here for a map. Open Thursday to Saturday from 8:00 PM until 2:00 AM. Website:

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