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As mentioned in the bulletin I posted two months ago there are quite a few places in Pattaya that I aim to report on this year even as the coverage on this site continues to expand into new and exciting parts of the world. Unlike some of the newer places on that list, M Club has been around for a while. Perhaps due to its location it remains off the radar of many people even though it operates on an interesting model.

M Club is a rather large bar located next to the Maxx Central Condotel on Third Road Soi 14. Although it is a little out of the way it is not far from Bliss Bar which sees its share of customers. The secluded location could even be considered a desirable feature of a place like this especially for those who live locally and prefer a little more privacy than an area like Soi 6 can provide.

M Club Pattaya entrance

The front of M Club is made up of a large outdoor seating area that looks quite nice but doesn’t seem to get much use except from neighborhood cats. The inside of the bar is even bigger than the patio area and it is easy to see that some money was spent trying to make the place look nice. The unique designs involving contorted metal and colored canvas surely set this bar apart from others around town. That’s not an easy feat.

Like most gentlemen’s clubs M Club opens early in the day and allows punters to have a little fun before most of Pattaya’s infamous nightlife scene really gets going. There are women on staff as soon as the doors open. While they can seem a little shy to newcomers they are friendly people who quickly warm up with a bit of conversation.

Things can and do change quite a bit in the bar scene. Not long ago there were as many as ten women on hand during the day shift at M Club. During the last low season the number of women working during daylight hours was as low as three. With the high season now going again the number of women on staff could easily increase once again.

Whatever the number of women working at any given time they tend to be quite warm even if they are average in looks. Some are even quite attractive. A few may be a few years or pounds past bodacious but at least there are no really terrible looking women at the club. At times the lineup at this place can look better than a shift at some of the smaller go go bars around Pattaya which probably isn’t what most people would expect.

Drinks at M Club are very reasonably priced. At times they can go for as low as 50 Baht ($1.40 USD). The slightly more expensive lady drinks also come with a fair price. Although the women at Club M are happy to sit and talk with customers they don’t push hard for lady drinks. Even though said drinks are not overly expensive this is generally good practice and it helps creates a certain level of comfort that is absent from some other venues. The low level music does the same and is a nice alternative from Walking Street go go bars with gigantic speakers playing music so loud that any kind of conversation is made impossible. At the same tie the laid back atmosphere at M Club makes it perfectly possible to vegetate as well. Regulars can sometimes be seen sipping on a cold drink in silence while staring off into space.

A lot of gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya have gained reputations as places for guys with local wives to go during the day to escape their domestic situations. I think that may be more true of the places on “the dark side” further east but it could be just as possible at a place like M Club.

Besides providing a place for guys to get away from pestering old birds gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya are also often set up for adult entertainment right on premises. This provides the kind of discretion that can’t be had when strolling around town with a short time date when on the way to a hotel.

Most of the women working the bar seem happy to join customers in the private booths at the back of M Club when asked. The booths have large couches and comfortable pillows and come complete with curtains that can pulled shut to make things a little more intimate. I imagine that many of the ladies on staff would also be glad to spend time with customers outside of the bar. Women at M Club work to make a living like anyone else but the amount of money they look to make for their time is always within reason and in tune with the rest of the local economy.

On top of the large pool and front patio M Club also has a back patio with a swimming pool where customers and the women on staff alike can cool off. There used to be regular pool parties held at M Club. I’m not sure if they still occur on a weekly basis. Apparently the bar was raided in early 2015 during a pool party though I have no way to know if the act of swimming had anything to do with prompting that. I don’t have any idea was caused it in fact but I do know that the bar reopened soon after and things now look to be back to normal.

To sum up M Club is a large nicely built bar. The location offers almost as much privacy as the nice big booths in the back many might consider to be a great thing even if the bar itself could probably go for a few more customers some days. The club is a unique place staffed by kind women who aim to please. I give it an above average score of three stars.

Address:Pattaya Third Road Soi 14, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 084-758-9907
Hours:2:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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