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Review: Kawaii Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

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Kawaii Massage is one of the newest erotic massage parlors in Bangkok. Entering a somewhat crowded industry the place stands out due to its professionalism and cleanliness. That’s not to mention the sensual services which are superior in every way. This adult erotic massage parlor has what it takes to succeed in any market.

The people behind this Sukhumvit massage parlor have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into their business. Entering the place and walking across the black tile floor reminds me of visiting a high end sauna in some other part of Asia. Except that this shop is distinctly Thai in that it could really exist nowhere but the land of smiles. Especially at these rates.

kawaii massage room

As the name would suggest Kawaii Massage is a Japanese style massage parlor complete with genuine nuru nuru services and facilities. The place is designed for nuru massage with full service. It would not be out of place in Japan itself except that Japanese soaplands are rarely this spacious or inexpensive. Of course the women working here are all Thai too. And they are some of the better looking ladies to be found on the local massage scene.

Kawaii Massage is certainly easier to navigate than any soapland too. Customers from all over the world are accepted here. The only requirement is the ability to walk into the front door and ask for a session. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Staff, services and prices

The real heart of any service based shop is always going to be the staff. The front desk staff at Kawaii Massage is bright and lovely. But what matters most are the service providers themselves. Five to ten years ago the outlook in some Bangkok massage parlors was admittedly pretty bleak. Thankfully that has turned around recently. Kawaii Massage follows the trend in that regard.

gigi kawaii massage

The word kawaii of course means cute in Japanese. That is an accurate descriptor here. The eight ladies working at Kawaii Massage are indeed quite cute! Though some might be better described as beautiful, or in the cases of Gigi and Penny, even buxom. In addition all of the women working here are in their twenties. In my experience that is about the cutest decade of life there is when it comes to gals in this line of work!

As a Japanese style shop there is a certain level of kawaii cuteness in the approach of the service providers too. That doesn’t mean that they necessarily scream out during the main event like AV actresses. But they have a nice way about them. More to the point they know their way around when it comes to the nuru massage.

thai massage bangkok best

While some places simply throw some lotion on a customer and call that a “nuru massage” the fact is that a real nuru session requires some real skill and training. The women at Kawaii Massage have that plus the means to get it done. The rooms are outfitted with tiled “wet zones” that come complete with genuine silver inflatable nuru mattresses of the kind one would see in Japan. To me a well done nuru massage is the pinnacle of erotic body to body massage. Needless to say I am a fan!

The prices at Kawaii Massage are right on par with the local industry. Especially considering that they offering a full twenty percent discount during their first three months in business! A 60 minute session with nuru massage is 3000 Baht ($88 USD). A 90 minute session is 3500 ($103 USD). Sessions in a jacuzzi room cost just slightly more. So the rates are definitely reasonable.

Kawaii Massage on Soi 20/1

Kawaii Massage is located on Sukhumvit Soi 20/1 near the Drop Inn Hotel. The parlor is just a few steps from the main Sukhumvit strip and a short walk from the Asok BTS station. For those unfamiliar with the area Soi 20/1 is a short L-shaped road that connects to Soi 20. So the parlor can also be reached from that direction.

The shop itself is well marked. The glass front has the words “Kawaii Massage” in white letters. The name of the shop is spelled out in both English and Japanese. There is also a photographic guide on the Kawaii website that shows what the place looks like as well as how to find it.

I’ve been to countless massage parlors over the years. A large number of those massage parlors have been located in Bangkok. The local scene has continued to grow for quite a while and it almost seems like a new place is popping up every month. That said some places are clearly better than others. In my view Kawaii Massage is one of the better places.

I try to be objective and critical while at the same time staying true to my own outlook. There’s a balance in there somewhere. Ultimately I am simply a reporter writing about what I see with no guarantees expressed or implied. I don’t recommend that anyone do anything. I simply call it like I see it. I can’t find any flaws with Kawaii Massage in Bangkok. So I give it five stars.

Kawaii Massage. 392 33 Sukhumvit 20, Klong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. Click here for a map. Phone: +66 092-808-3060. Website:

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