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Review: Jessica lightweight sex torso

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Jessica is a lightweight sex torso designed to bring users ultimate pleasure. This toy is large enough for full sized enjoyment. Yet it is small enough to store between uses. In that way it offers the best of both worlds. Most importantly it is wonderful to use. Jessica offers three ways to play with firm molded breasts, a realistic vagina and even a tight little anus for back door action. I was pleased to try out Jessica for this review.

Things have really improved for the guy seeking out a sex toy for pleasure and release. These days the discerning sex toy connoisseur has a myriad of choices available. The internet almost seems to be overflowing with options. Yet some sex toys are a lot better than others.

jessica sex doll unboxing
Unboxing Jessica

Sex toys have been around for years. I have been covering the growing male sex toy industry since this website first went online back in 2012. In the years since the market has gone from offering a few decent adult novelties to becoming fully fledged with countless options that run the gamut.

Jessica is a great example of a modern male sex toy built to exacting specifications. This high quality sex toy really scratches the itch. If our ancestors had access to something like this, many of us may never have even been born!

Jessica sex doll torso

The “Jessica” is an interesting take on the sex doll format. First of all it is a sex torso doll. There are no legs, arms, or a head. Just the important stuff. Jessica comes equipped with perky tits and an incredibly realistic love tunnel. You can get around this toy easily for access from the front or back.

The sex doll torso format has been around for some time. These more compact sex dolls can be a lot of fun. They are also easier to manage than a full sized sex doll which can be difficult to maneuver.

Jessica sex doll torso tits and pussy
Jessica from the front

Sure a modern full size sex doll looks great. But with some weighing more than 50 kilos (110 pounds) they can be difficult to work with to say the least. A 110 pound woman is petite. But 110 pounds of “dead weight” can be tough to lug around.

Some torsos can even be a little difficult to manage. The heaviest of dolls can be much more than a handful. Especially when that hand is covered with lubricant. No such worries with the Jessica torso! At just under 15-and-a-half pounds this doll is lightweight and very easy to work with.

Unboxing Jessica

Jessica is shipped in a plain brown cardboard box. This totally nondescript box offers a lot of discretion. No one will known what is inside just by looking at it. That’s important with a product like this. After all, you want to enjoy your adult toys in private.

Once you open the box you are confronted with a perfectly sculpted little body. At 36 centimeters (14 inches) tall, Jessica is really built out. This is no diminutive little toy. Jessica has prominent perky tits with natural looking nipples. She also has a nice little ass and a full 31 inch waist. This unit has the goods to create a great first impression. And that’s before you even remove it from the box.

jessica 15 lb sex doll
Jessica from the back

Unboxing Jessica shows just how well made this thing really is. Jessica is made out of a top quality TPE material around a stainless steel skeleton. You can tell how good Jessica is as soon as you pick it up. That’s especially true once you get your hands on the realistic skin. It feels like the real thing. Talk about realism: Jessica even has pores!

There are two versions of Jessica available. Version 1 has its legs in the seated position for easy doggystyle and cowgirl intercourse. The slightly heavier Version 2 has straight legs and wider shoulders. I tried out Version 1 for this review.

Getting busy with Jessica

Although Jessica is a bit smaller than a real woman the lady bits are actually full size. So even though Jessica is easier to move around than a full sized sex doll, the vaginal canal on this doll is a straight up 1 to 1 replication of a real woman’s vulva and vagina. Like I wrote earlier, this is truly the best of both worlds. You can do what you will with the toy while still getting the full experience of vaginal sex. Anal and titty fucking is even on the menu. Yet toting Jessica around is easy due to the lighter weight.

The Jessica torso doll has a soft and realistic feel. Between the always spread legs sits a full sized pink pussy with both outer and inner labia. Just below that is a tight puckered asshole. Although the anus looks small at first glance it can fully accommodate a male unit.

The vagina opening starts with a tight ring grip. That leads deeper where a firm yet soft g spot protrudes. Beyond that lies a twisting and turning tunnel that finally ends in a larger reservoir. Inside it is pleasure all the way. Just a bit of lubricant makes it a wet and wild ride. The same goes for the butthole which is tight yet flexible. It is straighter than the vaginal entrance and it provides a different yet equally enjoyable sensation.

sex doll pussy asshole
Jessica’s holes are excellent

It is very easy to enter Jessica. Once inside I found all positions to be extremely pleasurable. Missionary style in the pussy hole is easily stimulating enough to prompt a quick orgasm. But it’s not so intense that it forces a quick ending. It is also quite possible to extend in this position for a longer and more drawn out session.

Jessica really excels in doggy style. Since the doll is so easy to pick up you can actually do standing doggy style too. Jessica is well constructed and durable so you can really take this doll to pound town. Just be forewarned that this can lead to some knee buckling!

Cowgirl is perhaps where Jessica shines most. The doll has the weight to “bounce back” when used this way. Though it is not so heavy that it leaves you out of breath. Reverse cowgirl anal is particularly stimulating. This would be great for stamina training too.

When the deed is done Jessica is fairly easy to clean. Both holes can be stretched and squirted out with water. Again the doll’s size makes all of this much easier than it would be with a full size love doll.


I really enjoyed my time with Jessica. It’s amazing to see how far things have progressed in the world of sex toys. Having access to a full on sex doll like this is a major advancement over times gone by. We’ve gone from masturbating into tissues to having our own pleasure devices with bodies we could only imagine in our dreams.

There are a lot of sex dolls on the market these days. Jessica is one of the best I have found in its field. If you are looking for a realistic torso that is affordable and easy to use this is one of the best options available anywhere.

Jessica offers everything I could want in a sex doll. It is big and weighty enough to get the full experience. Yet this toy is not a hassle to lug around, clean out, or store. In my mind those are some of the important aspects of any realistic sex toy. It’s easy to get excited at the prospect of using a male pleasure device. But after the fun comes you have to clean the thing out and put it away.

Jessica is a pleasure from beginning to end. I have absolutely no complaints about the doll at all. In fact I don’t even think I could come up with any way to improve upon it. Because of that I give it a perfect score. Five stars.

Jessica is available from Sex Doll Torso.

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