Review: Duangporn’s Haven in Bangkok, Thailand


Duangporn’s Haven is the newest blow job bar in Bangkok. While the place just recently opened it is not totally new to the local scene. It is more or less just a new form of a well known suck shop that has long been considered one of the best businesses of its kind by oral aficionados.

I first reviewed Som’s Haven in Bangkok nearly five years ago. After growing in popularity Som’s Haven closed and relocated almost overnight. The new incarnation of the shop is Duangporn’s Haven.

Location and layout

Located on a small side Soi near the CityPoint Hotel just a short walk from the old location, Duangporn’s Haven isn’t yet nearly as well known as Som’s place was. From what I’ve seen and heard many people don’t even know the new place exists at all.

Duangporn Haven sign

Surprisingly little mention was made of the move online or elsewhere. Further, those who simply show up at Som’s find nothing to indicate any move. It is not so surprising then that many people had no idea about the change at all. In the last week alone two separate comments have appeared on this site inquiring as to the fate of the shuttered Som’s.

Staff and prices

The little coverage I have been able to find on the closure of Som’s and opening of Duangporn’s wasn’t totally informed. Som’s Haven did change names but as far as I can tell it did not change owners since Som can still be found on premises. Despite reports it did not change the pricing scheme either. Service still goes for 800 Baht ($25 USD) at Duangporn’s Haven. That is more than the 700 Baht charged at Som’s Haven 5 years ago but the same the rate that was charged at the old shop up until its doors closed a month ago.

inside Duangporn Haven BJ bar

The staff at Duangporn’s Heaven is the same as it was at Som’s too although it is now much reduced. Som’s started with a handful of women working but ended up with several dozen gals on staff. Many of those ladies either didn’t make the migration around the corner or moved on when they saw greatly reduced numbers of customers. Some are now working at other nearby shops though others like Toom mentioned in my 2018 write up on deep throaters in Bangkok are still around.

Som’s Haven vs Duangporn’s Haven

Duangporn’s Haven is much larger than Som’s was. The new place took over the space of a Japanese restaurant. It shows little signs out of that history beyond the large staircase leading upstairs but it is noticeably large with lots of unused space on the ground floor despite the presence of a full bar and pool table and lots of booth style seats.

Most of the women wait outside for customers as usual. The location is a lot more discreet than the old Som’s Haven. The alley where Duangporn’s is located is not busy and other businesses in the immediate area include Analisa Massage so no one would be surprised to see a guy passing through for oral relief.

Services are rendered upstairs. There are several private rooms and they’re all about as large as the rooms were at Som’s. Besides a seat each room also has a bed which is new. There are no sinks or showers in the room so customers are given a kimono and a pair of slippers and led over into a large shower area that looks like a low rent version of a Japanese bath house. The area is private but centralized so if there were many customers I imagine some might run into each other. At the moment the place is very quiet so it is a moot point.


Run by a woman who was once considered a star performer and staffed by others who had experience in various shops along with newcomers who learned from the masters Som’s was a very popular BJ bar in Bangkok. Although the new shop opened somewhat abruptly and with little announcement or fanfare I imagine it will also become a popular place at some point in the future.

Only time will tell but I don’t see any real reason why Duangporn’s Haven won’t become just as popular as Som’s Haven was in its hey day. I don’t think a relocation just a short distance away is enough harm such a business in a major way. In any event there aren’t really any differences between the two places. Anyone who liked Som’s Haven would probably also like Duangporn’s. Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:21 Sukhumvit Soi 16 (Asoke), Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:9:30 AM - 1:00 AM
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