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Regardless of what some may wish Thailand remains world famous for its commercial sex industry. At the center of that industry are the go go bars. Bangkok is by far the largest city in Thailand. Billboard is one of the largest go go bars in Bangkok. Butterflies is another. They are both owned by the same people. Since I have already published a review of Butterflies it only seems fitting to now review Billboard.

When Billboard opened a few years ago it took the space of the old Carousel bar. That agogo was so named because it had a slowly rotating stage that spun around constantly. The spinning stage is still there but the owners and management have changed along with the name. The place is now more much popular than it was before too.

Billboard go go bar

Billboard is located on the top floor of Nana Entertainment Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4. This complex is often referred to in jest as the “three floors of whores”. While it is not to be confused with the so-called four floors of whores in Singapore the NEP is lined with go go bars from top to bottom and side to side. Both Nana Plaza and Orchard Towers have similar origins as mainstream shopping centers but that is a topic for another report.

Billboard Bangkok bikini babe

As mentioned Billboard is a very large bar. It could even appear cavernous if not for all the activity inside the place. But there is a large revolving plate like stage that is always filled with women. Since it moves around you’re never stuck looking at the same lass for ages no matter where you are seated.

On the other end of the room there is a very large jacuzzi-style bath where women dance in the water and soapy suds. There are usually several ladies in the tub at any given time. Their gear seems to be determined by the threat of repression in the air. But there are plenty of times when the babes are fully nude and putting on quite the show. Generally speaking some of the best bodies can be seen in the tub. That’s different than some other places where the oldest and least attractive ladies tend to do the more adventurous performances perhaps because they need the extra money.

Agogo gals

Management, prices, and especially atmosphere have a lot to do with making a good go go bar. But the main draw at any place like this is always going to be the women. The main reason why Billboard is often called the best agogo in Bangkok is the large staff of ladies. While many bar owners complain of an inability to recruit Billboard does a constantly good job at hiring large number of attractive and fit ladies in their twenties. That is not to say that every gal in the joint is a centerfold model. But there is a noticeable lack of old and large ladies. These days that is quite notable.

There are at least seventy women working at Billboard. On busy weekend nights there are probably double that. So this is a very sizeable staff. The bikini clad ladies crowd around the moving stage, work the floor, or splash around in the bath. It’s a real sight. There are no dead or empty spots. Every space in the elongated bar is filled with women and activity even though the place never does seem to get uncomfortably crowded.


There is plenty of wait staff at Billboard too. Yet it never seems as if there are people just hanging around begging customers to spend money. That can’t be said of every other bar in town. This is another reason why the bar is well loved by many. Though there are those who have their complaints about the place. Some say they’ve encountered pushy staff. Others don’t like the prices or procedures. For example there is a requirement for customers to buy two lady drinks to get a gal down off the stage. Still so many others continue to visit that the place does some of the briskest business of any go go bar in town.

Billboard gets going a lot earlier than many other bars. By ten o’clock on many nights it is already going full steam. Plenty of punters pay barfines and take ladies out around that time. Most end up in short time hotel rooms right in the plaza. But Billboard does have its fair share of long time customers too. The barfine at Billboard is 800 Baht ($25 USD). The women usually ask for more than 2000 Baht ($62 USD) for short time sessions. For long time they typically want a lot more.

Billboard has been a favorite among expat and regular go go bar goers for several years. That kind of track record means more than a flash of hype that dwindles away soon after. I wouldn’t say that the place is doing anything spectacular to set itself apart. The main advantage it has seems to be the ability and willingness to be choosing with hiring. The fact that the environment and wait staff are good just add to the overall quality of the business. It’s not perfect. But it has some of the best looking go go dancers in Bangkok. Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 4, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:8:00 PM - 3:00 AM
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