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Mini sex dolls offer discreet fun

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Sex dolls have been around since at least the middle of the nineteenth century in one form or another. The earliest sex dolls were called “rubber women.” As you might imagine they were rudimentary at best. Still they had to be better than the alternative.

These days there are a wide variety of realistic fuck dolls in all shapes and sizes available. There are full scale sex dolls with realistic features as well as mini sex dolls that offer discreet fun without taking up too much real estate. Silicone and TPE toys can even feel real to the touch!

Sex doll technology started to really take off around the turn of the 21st century. Sales of these joy toys took off during the worst days of the global shutdown in 2020 through 2021. Now sex dolls have come out of the shadows and into the bedrooms of millions of men around the earth.

Sex dolls are us

This website has been covering the global sex industry in all its forms since 2012. Sex toys are a major part of the adult entertainment market. Female sex toys like dildos and vibrators have been popular since at least the 1980’s. For whatever reason male sex toys have taken longer to catch on. Though these days there are plenty of options for men who want to want off with more than just their hands.

mini sex doll secretary

I have been writing about male sex toys since the beginning. Sex dolls have become a particular point of interest for me and thus this website. As they become more lifelike and realistic, these anthropomorphic sex toys also become more popular and accepted by society. Or at least the more forward thinking sections of certain societies.

Of course a life size sex doll takes up a lot of space. Not everyone has the money or space to buy a full size love doll. On the other side of things you have masturbation sleeves. These pocket pussies are cheaper and more compact. Yet they don’t offer the full experience of a realistic sex doll.

The case for mini sex dolls

Mini sex dolls offer the best of both worlds. Modeled after a full range of both real life and fantasy women these toys have curves in all the right places. They have perfectly molded breasts and backsides that can even be better than what you find on the average woman. Their bodies are real specimens complete with tiny pink nipples and little navels. Of course they also have all the orifices a horned up guy would expect. Yet the smaller size of the mini sex dolls makes them much more versatile than the full figured alternatives.

Mini sex dolls are typically much less expensive than the larger models. They are also a lot easier to pack up and store than larger fuck toys. The same goes for discretion in delivery. A full size sexy doll shows up in a box the size of a coffin. Mini sex dolls come packed in little brown boxes that wouldn’t look out of place on any Amazon customer’s front stoop. A mini fuck doll can be picked up with one hand and stores in a dresser drawer. Special space needs to be made for a sex doll the size of a real live woman.

mini sex doll with legs spread

In my opinion the most important part of a male sex toy is the opening. After all who cares how good or even realistic a fuck doll looks if it doesn’t offer any sort of pleasure or sexual enjoyment? Thankfully the best mini sex dolls all come with full sizes orifices that accommodate a stiff penis nicely. It’s just as easy to blow a load with a miniature sex doll than a life size model. Afterwards a mini doll can be easily cleaned out in a sink. The largest sex dolls have to be lugged into a shower or even hosed out.

I have come across some truly astounding sex toys in the smaller size range. They have well crafted vaginas with specially designed soft insides that mimic a real woman’s vagina perfectly. With the right application of lubricant they feel just like the real thing. The advantage here is that these dolls offer unlimited sexual release with none of the potential hazards.

Miniature fuck dolls

Just because a mini sex doll is smaller than a full size doll doesn’t mean it is of lesser quality. There are some real high end mini sex dolls costing around $1000 USD that are simply amazing. They are immaculate little models of women that just happen to be primed for a fuck too! If only the porcelain doll collectors of yore has such a pleasurable experience with their inanimate objects.

There are tons of mini fuck dolls available these days. Several of them are based around fictional characters from the anime world. Others are simply modeled on Jessica Rabbit style cartoon portions. There are plenty of top heavy models with nice tight waists. If women this shapely walked among us they would do more than stop traffic. They might even shut down entire freeways!

Those who are especially into the specifics of hentai characters there are even sex dolls that come complete with accessories. Things like mini clothing, shoes and even umbrellas are packed in with some of the better high end toys. You don’t have to feel awkward or strange if you like this sort of thing. Lots of guys are into it. In the worst case scenario you can always stash a mini sex doll away where no one will see it. This is a major selling point for these scaled down units.

Mini sex dolls can even be put in a duffel bag or suitcase and taken along on a trip. I am sure countless hotels and motels have hosted meetings between small sex dolls and much larger male members. As time marches on I expect these adult toys to catch on with more guys too. Especially in the case of devices that are easily concealed in the front zipper of a backpack.

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