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This website was online for more than a year before any mention of transgendered people was made here. At the end of 2013 a category was created to focus on these “ladyboys” as they are commonly called in Southeast Asia. This was done in part in response to numerous requests from readers. It was also done to address a section of the commercial sex industry that in some places like Thailand is rather large.

Although coverage of ladyboys begin so many years ago it has remained rather scant. No more than one post was ever published on the subject here in any given calendar year. That has been partly due to a lack of information. It has also been due to a lack of interest at least relatively speaking. We humans are limited by many things. A lot of time and energy is spent on this site and even still vast sections of the world and the subject of this website remain uncovered here on Rockit Reports. A real effort is made to expand coverage while not giving up on the subjects and places that have already been covered here. It can be difficult to create a balance or even to keep up. The list of subjects that can be written about is much larger than the number of posts published here and this discrepancy continues to grow larger by the day.

Publishing and the third sex

As noted in a recent Happy New Year post this site is now running on a schedule that seems to work well. The number of posts is manageable and seems to correspond to the desires of readers. At this pace a good amount of information can be published and the readership continues with reasonable upticks in growth each year. This schedule doesn’t allow for everything imaginable but it is very good for what this site is. After all this is not the New York Times.

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While the current publication schedule is perfect for coverage of many parts of the commercial sex industry other areas must be neglected. Some like the gay sex work scene simply aren’t covered here at all for a number of reasons. The ladyboy scene is vastly under reported. For the many who have written asking for more coverage of ladyboys this is a bad thing. For others who have in no uncertain terms proclaimed their dislike for information about ladyboys it is a positive.

While the purpose of this site has always been to entertain the readers the editorial line is only partially set by the assumed or expressed wishes of the readership. In all honesty I probably would not write at all if I was not interested in the subject being covered. I couldn’t be paid enough to write about growth rates of lawns in the state of Nebraska for example though I have written on things like sex work without remuneration more times than I can count.

Ladyboys in the sex industry

While I don’t have a huge or special interest in ladyboys I don’t have a problem with them either. Anyone who spends time in Asia will probably come into contact with many ladyboys and I am no exception. I haven’t pursued any romantically or erotically but the interactions I have had with members of the third sex have been absolutely fine. Even if I did have a bad experience I doubt that I would hold it against an entire group of people that may number in the millions globally. In my view people should be judged on an individual basis if they should even be judged at all. Still I have not had the proper time or motivation to cover the ladyboy scene in anything but the most superficial of ways.

Thankfully a solution has been found that I hope and trusts readers of all kinds will find favorable. Thanks to a sort of agreement made last year it has been possible for a site called Ladyboy Reports to go online about a month ago. The website follows a format similar to Rockit Reports without being an exact clone. The subject matter is obviously a bit different too. It is written with knowledge and a flare for fun that is sure to interest and entertain any readers interested in the subject. I know I have enjoyed what has posted so far even as the site is just getting off of the ground. At this point I can honestly say that it looks better than Rockit Reports did only months into its existence. As continues to publish and grow it can only become a better site assuming the posts continue on as they have.

The material published about ladyboys at Rockit Reports will certainly remain here. Additionally it is possible that I will continue to cover ladyboys on this site sporadically in the future. Nothing is for sure but without the burden of worry about staying up to date on that scene more time and effort is freed to focus on other subjects and areas that this website is more dedicated to. This also allows those without an interest in ladyboys to avoid the subject a little easier though frankly anyone so offended by the mere mention of transgendered people is not really any of my concern.

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