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The most interesting sex industry websites

I have updated Rockit Reports at least once a week for the last 10 years. Usually more than that. Researching the information and then writing it out in a form that readers might enjoy takes considerable time. I am sure you realize that. But I also realize that reading the posts can be done quite quickly. So I certainly understand that you might want to read sites other than this one.

That is why I have been producing lists of the most interesting sex industry websites for eight years. Unfortunately a lot of the sites I have listed in the past have either disappeared or gone dormant. Others have simply become boring.

Despite everything I continue tradition with a list of the most interesting sex industry websites you can find right now. I am writing this list with the idea that it will also last far into the future. So when you have a hankering for some commercial sex industry information you will know where to go. If track record is anything to go by these websites should be around and entertaining for the long term.

International Sex Guide

The International Sex Guide or “ISG” is the longest running commercial sex industry site in the world. It has gone through a lot of changes but the site has been around for many years. The original forum was run by a guy called Jackson. He later sold the site and it changed URLs. But otherwise the site pretty much looks and operates like it always did.

red light district

Although the internet forum format may be deemed outdated by the younger generation and those accustomed to social media it does maintain value. Few want to write about their sexual escapades with sex workers under their own names. Social media also has an ephemeral quality. Posts quickly get lost or disappear completely. Forum posts stay around and can be searched out years in the future. It paints a more complete picture.

Every country on earth is covered on ISG. People from all over the world write about every location they visit or want to learn more about. Some people even post photographs. You don’t have to be a member or even sign up for anything to read through the archives. Though premium memberships are available to those who want access to special features. I’ve always been content with just reading what is written on the site. You may be too.

Guys Info Hub

Guys Info Hub is the newest site on this list. But is already contains more concise information than most other outlets of the sort. Guys Info Hub is basically a collection of information about sex around the world.

To be fair there isn’t anything necessarily new or groundbreaking at Guys Info Hub. But it is well written and presented. So what if the same information can be found elsewhere? Time spent looking around for things cannot be replaced.

The truth is that lots of sites lift information these days. Nothing can be done about it. Perhaps nothing should be. After all human knowledge is simply an accumulation of collective past experiences. The people at Guys Info Hub compiled a lot of experiences into an easy to navigate website. So it is definitely worth a view.

Pattaya Addicts

Pattaya is home to one of the largest and most notorious commercial sex industries in the world. The seaside city is also visited by millions from all around the globe. Or at least it was before everything changed. Even before the pandemic there was a concerted effort by some to transform the city into a family friendly resort. Time will tell if Pattaya will ever again become what it once was. Until then there is Pattaya Addicts.

Pattaya Addicts is a very active forum that focuses specifically on Pattaya and the surrounding areas. It contains contributions from lots of regulars who live in Pattaya. Some local business owners also post there.

I do not actively participate in the website. Nor do I agree with all of their rules. But I do recognize this website for the value it offers. Even those with no interest in Pattaya at all can learn a lot or at the very least be entertained by the goings-on at Pattaya Addicts.

To gain real access to the site one needs to become an advanced member. That can be done quite easily and it is worth the effort. Once a person becomes an “advanced member” they have to full access to the forum.

Wiki Sex Guide

Wiki Sex Guide is one of the more popular websites in the world. As the name would suggest the site functions like a sort of Wikipedia for the sex industry.

The biggest benefit of Wiki Sex Guide is that it is a “wiki style” website. This means it is a collaborative product that virtually anyone can work on. Each article is open to the public to edit. So theoretically anyone with knowledge can weigh in on a given subject. This should help keep the site up to date in terms of relevant information. Who better to report on prices or current conditions than a person who is right on the ground?

In practice Wiki Sex Guide is more controlled than a normal wiki style site. People have to sign up for an account to contribute. The articles also contain some obvious shill inserts and even paid advertisements. Still it is easy enough to read between the lines and pick up at least something. If nothing else reading the site can be quite entertaining. How else would you find out about the underground sex industry in Kabul?

I’ve not always been a fan of Wiki Sex Guide. Especially since entire sections of original articles I have written have showed up in posts there. However the people behind the site agreed to at least link back to Rockit Reports. So I accepted their effort at appeasement and moved on.

6 thoughts on “The most interesting sex industry websites”

  1. I was a paid member of ISG for years – as you can imagine. A one time payment grandfathered me in to full content and I was an active contributor from many corners of the globe. Then I made the mistake of posting something a Thai sec worker shared with me privately, and one of her clients called me out on it. I panicked, worried that Kate would be upset. I asked ISG to disable my account then wrote to Kate, hoping my proactive attempts to preserve her privacy and friendship would be successful. Turns out she was sabai sabai about it, and then I learned that if I wanted to deactivate my membership I’d have to start paying annually.

    I have not, yet. It is a phenomenal source of intel of where to go and what to do in many parts of the globe. I’ll have to check out these others and then compare them with ISG and debate how best to use my card.

    Thanks again Rockit and happy new year!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jack. ISG isn’t necessarily what it used to be. But then again that could be said of almost anything! Cheers.

      1. Sorry to hear that! I found it especially useful for tips on how to navigate the not so veiled underground of 5e UAE as well as detailed tips for my jaunts across Europe. The Thailand forum was always very very active, and sometimes useful. My access to posting and viewing pictures with that one time payment was a great investment, along with the DM feature. I’ve become lifelong mates with several global mongers thanks to ISG.

        1. Sure. Did you use the site 20 years ago? It was more focused on “taking one for the team” and passing on the info to others. That’s a lot less common now. Instead you get more reviews of well known places and even providers. At least this is how it appears to me. Cheers.

  2. Perhaps 10-11 years ago. Good group of known contributors often following each other from country to country. Taking one for the team was still very much the MO. Cracking the code on where to find dessert gems in Dubai included Dan Brown-like write ups by perhaps five guys and a lot of DMs to solve the riddle.

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