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I’ve spent weeks and months explaining the ins and out of the skin trade to you. But what good is any of that if you are what is unkindly known as a minute man? Or what if want to stay in the safety of your home but still need that feeling of penetration? Male sex toys are the answer.

Can you imagine shelling out big bucks for a session with a high end professional only to blow your load a stroke or two into the sex? Or how about launching a line of semen as soon as the masseuse at your local jack shack wrapped her petite little fingers around your swollen pecker? The reality is that this happens. I’ve heard about it first hand from providers.

What’s a guy to do? Sure you could beat your meat furiously every day in hopes that it would help, but it won’t. The only effective method is to penetrate real pussy frequently enough to build up a tolerance. Or just to stop there and stay on the safety of a plastic pussy that feels almost like the real thing.

Sexual stamina training with toys

Today, technology has made life easier for men, at least in some ways. The makers of the number one selling male sex toy in the world have come up with a great training device that will help you last a lot longer in bed. I’m speaking here of the stamina training unit from Fleshlight which regular readers will know I have been promoting for a while.

I’m not a salesman. I didn’t make this website to pitch products. The return simply wouldn’t be worth the amount of time and energy I have expended putting this all together. When I mention something on this website, you can bet I mean what I say. Ultimately, I write solely to entertain. What you do is up to you, as the Thais says. But what I do is play with male sex toys at times. Then write about it all here.

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Penetrate this pussy to up the power of your penis.

When I gave you a list of my favorite adult webcam sites and my favorite new Asian webcam models I was telling you the truth. Sure I get a few pennies if you decide to sign up for one of those sites and spend some money, but again the amount doesn’t make up for the time and energy I expended.

I want to pass on what I’ve learned for the benefit of people like you, so you won’t have to go through everything I did over the years. I hope a few of you can build on my knowledge and experience while avoiding the major pitfalls so that you can come back with even better stuff. If I get much older, I may even turn to you all for help.

I keep my dong strong

Thankfully, I haven’t reached senility yet. And especially in regards to my daily raging erections, I credit a lot of that to the stamina training unit from Fleshlight.

This much advanced version of the old pocket pussy is specially designed to give a man the highest possible stimulation while still looking and feeling like a real warm, wet pussy. After you spend some time pounding away at this thing, your cock will adjust to the high level of pleasure. Then, when you dip your wick into some real wet holes, you’ll have the power and stamina to deal with it. Instead of you apologizing to her for blasting off so fast, she’ll be begging you to cum!

As the manufacturers promise: “If you can last 10 minutes in the stamina training unit, you can last 20 minutes in bed with anyone”.

Something for all sexually active men

No fan of paying for sex? That’s your prerogative. This website is for entertainment only. You’re not intended to take anything here as advice or a recommendation anyway. It’s just something to read to help you pass the time enjoyably. But the facts are the facts. You better believe that you’ll be able to better satisfy “regular women” with more stamina too, and that should lead to better repeat rates, reputation among women and self confidence.

The Fleshlight stamina training kit comes with the pleasure training unit and a booklet that trains you to get control of your ejaculation.  After you go through the exercises, you’ll feel like a new man.  The best part is that the training is nothing but pleasure. How can you go wrong?

This can even benefit old hands. I haven’t had a problem with cumming too quick in a long time. But I did sometimes have a problem being able to ejaculate when I wanted to, on demand, like a porn star. After going through the Fleshlight training regiment, I am now able to pop on cue. This makes for great fun and even greater facials.

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is currently on sale. It used to go for $69.95 USD, which was still a good deal. At the moment you get it all for $59.46. I don’t know how long that’s going to last, so if you’re serious about getting your game up, you’ll want to seriously consider grabbing this tool now.

Click here to purchase the kit or even just check it out. I recommend watching the video they have on the site “see it in action”. There’s a chick in there with a body rigged with bolt-on boobies to die for. Don’t forget about sex toy cleaners either.

Plan to purchase? Already have one? Let me know how you like it in the comments.

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