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How to support Rockit Reports

In nearly ten years that this website has been online a number of readers have sent emails or left comments asking how they could donate to Rockit Reports. Millions of people have visited these pages since 2012 and most have not asked such a question though enough have brought up the subject to merit a response or two.

Early on a fee-based member only section was contemplated for this site but after quite a bit of research that idea was bagged. It turned out that there are not any payment processors who will work with a website that talks about prostitution. The few that would even consider it required large deposits that are neither feasible or reasonable.

Please help me

Although this website does not advocate that readers visit prostitutes or do anything else for that matter the mere fact that words like “escort” appear here is enough for banks and those who act like them to turn away. The fact that this website is only meant to entertain readers means nothing to these sorts. Websites that talk about things like illegal narcotics don’t face this sort of problem which shows just how obsessed certain people are with sex.

Rockit Reports is a website that reports on the commercial sex industry around the world. Nothing more and nothing less. But doing the research and work required for this reporting takes time, effort and significant expense.

Online shopping options

Of course that is not the only way to contribute to this site. There are several other ways and many of them are actually mutually beneficial.

Readers who purchase sex toys like the Fleshlight or any of the myriad of sexual devices and materials at website like Kanojo Toys after clicking links found here help Rockit Reports while also helping themselves. That is because this website gets a small percentage of each purchase made through the aforementioned links. There is no extra cost to the buyer. It’s a win-win situation.

The same goes for many of the porn sites promoted on this website. I would never limit coverage of a great website simply because it didn’t reward me financially which is why so many sites that this site has no relationship appear here. Thankfully some of the great sites mentioned on Rockit Reports are good enough to kick a small percentage of their sales over when they earn money from people who came from this site.

When readers buy videos or memberships from sites mentioned in the list of porn still worth paying for published here they help this site. So do those who purchase memberships and tokens at the best adult webcam sites.

The virtual private network (VPN) Private Internet Access is also good enough to share a bit of its revenue with sites that send customers its way. Private Internet Access is a great tool that allows people to view Rockit Reports from anywhere in the world including countries like South Korea, Dubai, and Qatar where it is banned. It also works for viewing the site in pesky airports and hotels that block Rockit Reports and sites like it.

Readers can also help by booking a hotel stay after clicking one of the links found over at Rockit Recommends. Those links connect with large hotel booking sites that have been around for ages. They allows customers to book at hotels all around the world at great prices. They even enable their customers to book rooms at some places that the other major travel websites don’t work with at all. Once again there is no extra cost to readers who book stays after clicking a link found there. In fact the links can help them save up to 75 percent on their rooms.

Then there is the book Paying For Sex: A Global Guide To Prostitution. It contains a summary of my research into the sex industry that has gone on for over a decade. The slim volume is neat and fairly discreet. It can be carried around and read when accessing Rockit Reports might be undesirable or even impossible.

Contribute without spending anything

Readers can help out without spending any money at all. Reports and comments made here are greatly appreciated and help enrich the site. While I have no real control over what people post I do try to reply to every comment that comes through and at least a majority of the emails. I may miss some from time to time but is to be expected from an old guy who roams the world researching the commercial sex scene. Sex on the mind can push other things out of the way.

Finally, readers can help by signing up for the Rockit Reports mailing list which is of course free. All it takes is an email address and it lets me keep in touch with you now and in the future.

I will only send discreet updates very occasionally and you can unsubscribe at any time with the click of a mouse. To give you an idea of the frequency of emails I can tell you that I have only sent out four messages to those on my mailing list in the last seven years.

Enough with the sales pitch. Those who want to help out have been provided with a number of ways to do so. The great majority probably will not and that is fine. As I have stated many times over this website was created simply to entertain readers and I think that it has done a good job of that. The serious increase in readership since 2012 seems to prove it. Thank you.

19 thoughts on “How to support Rockit Reports”

  1. Shiiitttttttttt, man if you had put this out earlier….I just bought a sex toy a couple months ago and I could’ve supported you…Even the Agoda website….
    I don’t use bitcoin and I’ll never pay for porn I just flat out refuse to

    Well next time I browse around I’ll try to keep you in my thoughts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Thanks, Rockit. I often call you my guru and always mention you to any friends interested in sex tourism. Other than sexwikiguide, your site is, by far, the best sex tourism resource out there. I will try my best to remember using your link any time I book a hotel in the future. I hope everyone at least helps you through affiliates, if not donations. Thanks again, Rockit!

  3. I booked my last visit to Thailand with your Agoda hotel review referral, website offers great prices so it’s a win for me, you, Agoda & the hotel. Can’t get better then that.

  4. This might sound odd or stupid but have you ever thought of using something similar to patreon or kickstarter? I feel like I have to ask this question but I also feel like this could open a can of worms….

    1. Patreon definitely works. They have a policy against adult content (potential backers must have a specific link to access the creator’s page), but it’s only a minor issue.

      Kickstarter on the other hand, it doesn’t seem like a good fit. Kickstarter is more about raising large sums of money in a short period of time, to create a single and well-defined product (book, movie, etc.).

      1. None of those sites or the payment processors they work with will deal with a website that even mentions things like escorts. The only way to promote the campaign would be to link from it on this website. An attempt could be made to hide things but if they company found out they would simply cancel the campaign and seize the money. I prefer to deal on the up and up. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the comment. PayPal could easily find out what was going on if anyone mentioned it in a payment comment or if someone emailed PayPal to tell them. That would shut down the PayPal account with any funds in it. It’s not worth the risk and it’s not the practice of this site to do anything sneaky or against the rules. Cheers.

  5. Posting here because I couldn’t figure out another way to contact you.
    Last night in Pattaya I stumbled into three different very naughty go-gos. I loved them. The naughtier, the better. Each of these had girl on girl shows going on and the ‘dancers’ were very tolerant once a lady drink had been provided. I had my finger several inches up some lovely bums that night. I recommend that you make a review of them for the benefit of your followers. They are all located close together near Alley 15. Street names around there are uncertain.
    Heaven Above
    Windmill (huge, 2 floors)
    Dream Girls (?)
    Maybe others
    Keep up the good work. Very valuable.

    1. Thanks for the report. I did make a report on Pattaya recently that included information on some of the go go bars. There used to be a lot of wild activity around Windmill though it died down at some point. Years ago it was nothing to see someone getting serviced in some of those places. From what you’re saying the days may be returning. I’ll have to take a look. Cheers.

  6. Re: Previous suggestion on most naughty gogo on Walking Street. The third and best one is correctly named Babydols, not Dream Girls. You need to see what they do with bananas. Audience participation. Use your imagination and you will be correct.
    Keep up the good work. It’s greatly appreciated.

  7. Hello,
    You do provide lot of good info. I wish I had followed you before . Lot of great info on your website to enjoy my traveling job. Keep up the good work. I did buy your book on kindle. Appreciate are the best.

  8. Long time reader here, and occasional contributor through comments. I’ve offered to write up some of my more bisexual exploits, I think, but that’s probably not the customer base here.

    I have a hard time justifying a monthly $10 access fee, but would consider a one off payment. How about a week’s free access to Premiim to see if it is worth it to the subscriber?

    Good luck. I too didn’t realize you got a percentage of some products like toys and vids; I’m in the market for a P massage vibrator and a sleeve to catch my effluent, so I’ll go through the links!

    1. Hi Jack. That is the price point that seems to work right now. The demand has been pretty good and I continue to add new content. In fact I’ll be adding a lot more this week. Of course no one is under any obligation to join. All of the reports in the premium section will eventually appear on the main site. I will always welcome you here and I look forward to your comments in the future. Thanks for considering the links here too. Cheers!

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