Sex is on sale in Angeles City, Philippines

Angeles City bar girlsAngeles City in the Philippines is one of the easiest places in the world to get laid if you’re willing to shell out a few bucks.

Another great legacy of war and the US military, the place sprung up as a haven of prostitution when the US had thousands of troops stationed nearby. Those people are long gone, but the houses of ill repute remain, mainly concentrated along one road.

Getting there is easy. One can fly into Manila and take a taxi or bus for an hour or two, or fly directly into Angeles City via Clark Airport. There are lots of hotels available, ranging from shacks to top notch accommodation. One can easily book a hotel online before they show up, or just find something when they arrive. As long as they get set up somewhere on Fields Avenue, they’ll be in walking distance of everything.

Fields Avenue is where the main action is. At one end, labeled “Walking Street” (even though lots of vehicles make their way through) there are dozens of go go bars (click here for map). Unlike the go go bars in Thailand where the women on stage do nude dances, shower shoes, lesbian shows and more, the stuff here is pretty timid. Most of the staff are poor girls from far away provinces trying to make some money to send home and possibly even score a husband who can offer her some financial security. There is no sanctioned nudity whatsoever. Bars can get shut down for it. Sometimes though, customers will luck out and get into a situation where they can see some tits or get jerked or sucked off in a dark corner.

Foreign currency can be changed into Philippine Pesos at any of the exchange places on Walking Street. It’s safest to do it during the day and be discreet about it. Those with US dollars who don’t get a chance to convert their currency needn’t worry. Most bars will change American money at a similar rate while the customer waits.

Outside of the “Walking Street” area there are plenty more bars all the way up to the Lewis Grand Hotel (which the locals sometimes call “the White House” you’ll know why when you see it). Even further up “Perimeter Road” there are even more bars, often opening and closing earlier . These are usually staffed with less attractive women.

Once inside of an Angeles City go go bar customers will see a number of women on stage dancing, usually in some kind of bikini or uniform. Too much shouldn’t be expected outside of the big bars like Atlantis. Mostly, it’s a bored two step. After a few minutes the mamasan will usually ring a bell and the next set of girls will get up and dance. In bigger bars there may be a hundred of more women working in three groups. In the smallest ones there may only be 3 or 4.

Filipina bar girls in Angeles CityCustomers can order drinks for themselves and enjoy the show. When they see someone they like, they can either make eye contact and call her over or ask a waitress or mamasan to ask her to join for a drink. In many bars the women will have numbers on their uniforms somewhere to make it easier to indicate interest in a particular lass. When the girl comes over, customers can chat a bit, usually after buying her a lady drink. She gets some of the money for that, so it’s about double the price of a normal drink.

Customers who hit it off with a gal may want to ask her to leave together. The standard in Angeles City is that she will go for a “long time” with the customer, which means until sometime the next morning. Some of the shittier hustler bars are now pushing short time, but many consider this a shady practice. Customers will pay a barfine to the mamasan (or in some cases buy a bottle of some terrible local drink instead, even though they’re really just paying the barfine in an indirect way).  They can then head out to grab a bite or go straight back to the hotel. Whatever they’d like to do. The hotels here are mostly all girl friendly and customers don’t have to introduce their temporary guests to the staff at the check in counters.

If customers have special requests on ladies or activities, they can usually talk to the mamasan in any club. They simply tell her what they’re looking for and in ninety percent of cases, she’ll be able to deliver.

Barfines vary greatly from one place to the next. Unlike Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, or even go gos in Manila, the barfine here is all inclusive. Whatever the customer pays to the bar is all they pay period. They don’t have to negotiate anything with the girl. In some of the bigger bars the barfines are now as high as 3000 pesos ($73 US) for “spotlight dancers.” Normally though customers will pay 1500 – 2000 pesos ($37-$48 US) at most bars. Prices are lower on side streets and Perimeter Road.

Those looking for cheaper action often head to Blow Row (click for map) where the barfines are a lot lower. On the next street over (click for map), guys can score short time action either on premises or at their hotels for a mere 700 pesos. These shops are open most any time. The women who work them usually aren’t as attractive as those in go gos, but once in a while a looker will be found.

The few freelancers that work their way up and down Fields Avenue are best avoided. There is usually a reason they aren’t working in a bar (transgender, can’t pass STD test, etc), and whatever it is probably isn’t good for the customer.

The numerous massage parlors here are to be avoided too, unless one really only wants a massage. There are no extras at these places for the most part.

Safety can be an issue anywhere in Angeles City. Those who know how to get around a new place without being a stupid asshole and will be okay. What does this mean? Those wishing to stay safe won’t display valuables or walk around drunk. They will ignore people offering them drugs or medicines on the street (duh!) and they won’t give money to the beggar children who often are controlled by adults. They will just walk on by and get to their destination.

Travel up and down Fields and in close by areas can be done by trike. These are motorcycles with tiny sidecars. A trip anywhere within reason will usually run you a few bucks. Those in the know negotiate the price before they get in to avoid rip offs. Taxis to and from Clark airport are easy to arrange and usually cost about $10 US. Trips to Manila Airport are a lot more.

There is a seemingly infinite amount of info about Angeles City online that you find with a quick internet search. Some of it gets into extreme specifics. This is just a basic run down.

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  1. scorpioangel says:

    I found this really cute girl at a bar near the extreme end of Fields. But she’s not willing to follow me back. I ended up at a ST bar. The girl’s ok, short & petite. Very daring, caressing my lower body in front of all her other bar-mates. So I paid P700 & took her upstair for a ‘reunion-of-organs’. Settled my night & earlier disappointment.

  2. AngelesHook says:

    I think I might have ended at the same place that Scorpio, I think it was Rio Bar next to niftty. Very cute small girl name Nicole gave me what they call a “sample Blow Job” right at the bar in front of everyone, tells me that the bar had only a few customers that day so she was willing to do anything… gets her lips close to my ears and tells me softly that she was willing to give me her ass but not to tell anyone… (I find funny that so many girls are willing to do anal, but none wants to admit it). anyway, it costed me not 700 but 800 pesos and she did a superb job upstairs for over an hour (a real pro) I gave her an above average tip (300 is a good tip for short time). Next time I would take her to my hotel since the rooms there are pretty dirty and I would not recommend it unless you got a permanent one waiting for you somewhere else.

  3. ProBro says:

    Thanks to you, I want to check out Angeles City in the future. Compared to Pattaya, what are the differences (cheaper, less options, communicate with English, more dangerous, etc), and which city would you recommend? So, Pattaya and Angeles City are the best options in SE Asia (I read your Vietnam and Cambodia reports but I can see that there’s not much to do)? Can you do reports in Indonesia or Malaysia as well?

    • rockit says:

      I’ve tried to describe some of the differences before, here on the site and especially in my book “How to Pay to Get Laid.” Women in Angeles City can speak much better English (of course, since it’s one of their national languages) and in general are more into the sex (though there are always plenty of exceptions). Angeles City is also much less expensive and straight forward when it comes to the women (you pay a set fee to the bar for the night, no negotiating or wondering). Pattaya is cheaper when it comes to rooms of a similar quality. Angeles City is a lot more concentrated, or at least the part that will interest you is. It’s basically one long street packed with dozens of bars, and a few tiny side streets with a little additional action. The action is Pattaya is spread out all over, with beer bars, go go bars, massage parlors, shows, etc. You have places like Walking Street, LK Metro and Soi 6, along with scores of other areas. Angeles City is also plagued by petty criminals, beggars and people trying to sell you sunglasses and viagra. While Pattaya does have some of that, it is certainly much much safer, much cleaner, and has a lot more to offer outside of the girlie bars (better food, a few sites to see, nice malls, markets, a few beaches — though I wouldn’t swim in Pattaya beach). Because of that, Pattaya is now attracting a lot of European and Asian tourists who are not necessarily interested in sex. Angeles City is basically good for the girlie bars and nothing else whatsoever. You won’t see many tourists there who didn’t come for the girls, if you see any at all. This may sound like I’m coming down hard on the Pattaya side, but I’m still pretty evenly divided on the two. Depending on what exactly you are looking for, the one can deliver over the other. Both are better than Vietnam or Cambodia if you are traveling for women. I do have reports for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia planned, though it can be tough to figure out how best to present the info. Stay tuned. I hope this helps. Cheers.

  4. kim says:

    Thanks for the info, long time Pattaya Monger thinking about Angeles in Feb,
    have taken a lot onboard, sounds Great, just want change from Patts,
    now direct flight from Dubai to Clark, cheers………………kim

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. Happy to help. Cheers!

    • Jon says:

      I have not been to Angeles City. But I have been to both Pattaya and Patong in Thailand and I actually preferred Patong as it was smaller, had cleaner accessible beaches, and the ladies seemed (on average) to be more interested in longer term relationships (whether it be just be staying the night, or looking for a steady boyfriend/husband). In other words, more girl-friend experience in Patong. Pattaya is much larger and you need more time to properly ‘vet’ the city. Maybe 2-4 weeks and the girls seemed to be (on average) much more short time oriented. You can comb Patong in about 2-3 days.

      What I say is not the end-all and be all, but it does depend on what you want. In Angeles City, how much were weekly/monthly rentals for a clean guesthouse or apartment with air condition and hot water shower? What about fan rooms?

      I remember being able to get studio rooms in Patong (where the locals stay) for (150-200 USD), some with an air con unit, some without. But you pay extra for electric and water, the electric is mostly dependent on how much air con you use. If you run a/c 24/7, your bill will be $100-140/month.

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the comment. I like Pattaya for the many “hit and split” places. But I’m not looking for a girlfriend when I go there. I’m looking for quick and easy action. The Philippines is typically considered to be a lot more “GFE” than Thailand, especially outside of Manila. You can get a fan room in Angeles City for next to nothing but it may not be in the safest of places. Anything approaching Western standards will be several hundred dollars a month. Different people like different places. Those in Thailand now have political unrest to deal with. Those in Angeles City have a year of bar raids and arrests to deal with (something I’ll be reporting on here soon). Cheers.

  5. sean Jerald says:

    hi there..been to Angeles few times, but i heard the price has gone up tremendously recent days..even in Perimeter fine is minimum 1500..

    • rockit says:

      Hi. Thanks for the comment. Prices have continually gone up in recent times, but they still range from place to place. Some places are now well over 3000 but you can still find 700 peso action. Cheers!

    • Scott says:

      I have a few questions that I can’t seem to find answers to on regular channels. I am in my 70s age wise. I am financially pretty secure unless the U.S. dollar goes to hell.
      I own my own home ,car, boat, Vacation house, etc free of debt. I am retired so don’t have much I have to do unless I want to. I am looking for a trophy wife. Age 18 to early 30s. What I would perceive to be very hot, a babe or knock out. I am active for my age fairly nice physique and in my younger years had no trouble meeting women and getting laid. Sex is still important but naturally not as much as when I was younger. I love blow jobs. Sexually I am very liberal minded. My ex & I were swingers and I enjoy watching my lady with others. I even have a hundred or more videos of this. So a gorgeous slut would fit me just fine. I do not want kids. Would help some supporting her family though. When I die she will inherite a lifetime income plus a small estate as I have no children to leave it to. I do not expect to live more than 12 or so more years. I want to make the most of them. Any advice apperciated where to find what I am serching for.

    • rockit says:

      Hi Scott. Thanks for the comment. I don’t give advice on this website which is for entertainment only. It would be hard for me to talk about beauties and such in any event as those things are in the eye of the beholder. Some guys seem to do well searching out wives in Southeast Asian countries but others end up with heartache. Cheers.

  6. Phat says:

    Great .. have to go here soon..

  7. Rico says:

    Going to Angeles and Boracay in March..any advice, especially on Boracay and the girls….thanks much.
    BTW just purchased your book “How to Pay to Get Laid.” a few minutes ago off of Amazon.

    • rockit says:

      Hi. I don’t give advice. This website is for entertainment only. Go through the info on the book and the website here and let me know if you have any specific questions. Cheers!

    • Jonathan says:

      Cocomangas, near station 1, is famous for it’s “Still standing after 15” challenge. Drink 15 ferocious shots and win a t-shirt and a plaque on the wall. This bar is popular with the younger crowd but a few “working girls” are around for lonely men. Try the Jam Jar, a pineapple and vodka cocktail.

  8. Reaves says:

    Hi Rockit, do you mind telling me which city has more girls who are willing to do anal, Angeles or Pattaya?

    • rockit says:

      There’s no way to know that. It’s not the norm in either, but you can always find “three holers.” In Angeles you’d have to ask around, while in Pattaya you have at least one place (the Devil’s Den which is reviewed here) where you will know up front whether or not the service providers allow third input access. If banging bottoms is your thing you may want to look at Brazil or some mid-East locations. Cheers.

  9. Asta la vista says:

    Nahhh, this article is outdated, i am now in angeles,so every bar a go to the price starts with 3000 and it is up to the girl make it short time or long time, mostly it is long time. Some bars are lower( i talk only about Fields ave), the cheapest bar i was price was 2400, i was all over the place. Was witness myself the old Australian prick was giving girl 6000 and she did not want to go with him anyway. They said koreans pay big bucks, so all those comments about 1500 pisos are not true, there is no such prices here, everywhere price is 3000 and up.You can try trade, but they easy will send you out of the door, there is no customer care here, it is a prostitutes money making place, it is not cheap.Angeles actually sucks, i had more fun in General Santos than here, and all was free in GSan.

    • rockit says:

      This report was written in 2012. It’s now 2014. Prices have undoubtedly gone up in two years in bars and in supermarkets alike. The fact is I don’t have the ability to write daily updates on the scene in Angeles City or anywhere else. What I can do is write general reports based on what I know with no other intention than to entertain readers. Everything I write comes with a disclaimer. It’s all for fun, none of it is to be taken seriously and certainly not as a guide to life. Plus as they say “your mileage may vary”. I will note that there have been posts and comments made since this post was originally published. In 2013 I wrote “Some places are now well over 3000” and mentioned some raids that could change things. In mid-2014 I made a full report on the increased bar raids in Angeles City. Finally it’s a fact that there are still places where a barfine, “early work release,” and “party animal bottle” go for much less than 3000 pesos. Don’t forget that there are dozens of bars in Angeles City and they’re certainly not all on Walking Street. Cheers.

  10. Sunny S says:

    Planning to go Philippines.. which is better Manila or Angeles City in terms of price, safety, girl quality, etc.

    • rockit says:

      Hi Sunny. As I’m sure you know I don’t advocate anything. This site is for entertainment only. It’s tough to compare cities. Different people have different opinions. I have my own and I have a website where I can express it. I think Angeles City is generally less expensive. There are many entertainment venues and they are all concentrated in a small area. Raids are an issue, as I’ve reported here. Manila has more options but they are spread out all over the city. Many of the women who work bars in both cities come from the same poor provinces. I don’t think it can be said that the women are necessarily better looking in either city. There are attractive and unattractive women in both. Neither city could really be called safe though countless tourists have been to both without issue. Those able to keep their wits about them generally come out of a trip okay. Cheers.

  11. MikeD says:

    Hey, Im in Angeles right now, my second trip. Last time I ended up getting wifed up by a girl I met out of High Society on walking street and never really got to experience Angeles from the mongers perspective. I normally go to Pattaya, but I figured I would give here another shot. Anyways, I’m curious about A.Santos road because it seemed like when I went there I never found any girls working in the bars there. Maybe some tips/advice on places/times of day are the spots to check out. Mainly I have been sitting in the hotel room from about 2pm until 8 to get the evening started and its starting to get significantly boring. Also, any info on where I might be able to find a craps table here would be amazing!

    • rockit says:

      I believe that a series of raids closed a lot of bars on Santos and Raymond. I made a post or two about the raids over the last two years. I agree that Angeles is a boring place during the day. There is little to do beyond the bars which is probably why so many guys do end up getting “wifed up”. Cheers.

  12. ALAN says:


  13. michael says:

    i went to philippines i met through dating site in hopes for meet and possible marriage
    she told me leading up to the trip we will do the boom boom.. when i arrived she didn’t put out
    i should’ve ditched her and walked around and pick up some sex sluts..

    i brought her lots and lots of things even met her family and took her to boracay and still she didn’t put out
    saying if i love her i would wait.. but i did finger her once :/

    any advice how i can get her to fu ck? i’m not going to wait to marriage if possible

    • rockit says:

      Sorry but I don’t give advice on this site. It is for entertainment only. I can say that I only met one Filipina ever who wanted to wait for marriage to have sex. She was a very nice girl but obviously not for me. In general it is one the easier places in the world to get laid whether or not one pays for it. Cheers.

  14. shaun says:

    Hay what would be the average tip for a girl, short term? long term?

    • rockit says:

      There is no average tip because tipping is optional in Angeles City. As I described in this post the barfine in Angeles City includes the gal’s cut of the money. Cheers.

  15. KOJ says:

    Hi.I am going to visit Angeles city.Are there a places for full services for 1hour?As I know you dont recommend any place but please at least tell me the name of a street or bars(I dont want to take girls to my hotel)

    • rockit says:

      There were many places on Ramond and Santos streets but they seem to have mostly closed up. Some places on Perimeter Road may allow a customer to have fun on premises but that sort of action is disappearing. I plan to write an updated report on Angeles City very soon. Cheers.

  16. KOJ says:

    So you mean you should take a girl from a bar and take her to the hotel?no you know good hotels for short time?(1 hour)

    • rockit says:

      I don’t make recommendations. This website is for entertainment only. In Angeles City most guys who want to spend time with women take them out of bars and into their hotels. There is little in the way of on premises action. I don’t know of any short time hotels but the regular hotels don’t mind or even notice when guys come in and out with women all day and night. It is normal in that area. Cheers.

  17. Jerry says:

    Do you know if ANY of the bj bars on A.Santos or even Raymond street are still open? If so, is the rate still around 700/800p?

    • rockit says:

      I believe there are still two open but I don’t think either offers much action in the bar. Cheers.

  18. thomkatt says:

    Hi Rockit,
    Great write up. I follow your site religiously as I have been to most of the places you have been, but you blaze the trail for me. I’m currently here now and had a question. When you mention that you ask for activities through the mamasan, you mean that I ask if they have any girls that do extras(bbbj, dfk, cim) and she will bring someone or point out who does? Would the girl know that I am expecting these things during the session?

    Thanks man

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for your comment. Mamasans in many bars know the women on stage and what they do and don’t do. Ultimately though each woman chooses what they will and won’t do at any given time according to their own feelings and judgement. Cheers.

  19. Sam says:

    Hi Rockit,
    Thanks for your input . Am off to AC for my first trip next week and from what I’ve heard..the girl scene is not as good as before as I’m looking for the GFE and Long times. Pretty concerned

    • rockit says:

      I visited recently for the first time in years. In my view it didn’t change much and it is still full of bars where women work to entertain men. Cheers.

  20. Sam says:

    Booked myself into the ABC hotel though ; hope it’ll help?

  21. Jerry says:

    Just got back from my 1st trip to Angeles, Makati, and Thailand. Was very fun. Amazing weather too! (Jan)
    In Angeles, didn’t do any p4p action…and didn’t need to. I lined up a few “friends” before getting there from online. They were mostly all cool, fun girls.. even wanted to accompany me to the gogo’s where they genuinely seemed to have a good time. And from my experience, this really puts them in the mood.
    The bars were casual and relaxed atmospheres, with little to no pressure. Went into about 10 or so bars, none were packed or too busy. The dancers ranged in looks from hot to not. Lots of male vendors in the streets selling watches, cigs, pills, etc.. Freelancers, ladyboys, and masseuses in the streets as well. I never went down Perimeter so I can’t comment. The disco “High society” had a lot of girls in there too. I assume they were mostly working girls because they were not dancing or talking, and just standing around the perimeter of the dance floor. A group of 3 cute girls walked in and asked me if “i’d like to be this 2 girls tonight?”
    Down A. Santos and Raymond st (blow row) about 2 small bars each street open with only a few people inside. I went in one to check it out, rate was 800p for BJ but no “on site” action allowed, and no lookers. (in that bar anyway)
    I was only there for 3 days, overall I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and more than Makati. Then left for Thailand.
    I plan on returning, for a bit longer time, and new experiences.
    Thank you to Rockit.

  22. jetcher says:

    I am very much considering going to AC in august but i wanted to know something beforehand.

    A) Malls girls? Flirting with girls is the same all over the world mostly. You win some and you lose some. Do AC girls in malls have a tendency to say yes to a lunch or dinner date with a nice normal Foreign dude? The hunger for a foreign BF or weekend sugar daddy still applies? The idea of paying for a girl is fine and all, ive done it in Phuket and Patts, but i find the mall girl vibe attractive. Anyone tried it before, how did it go? A tip or two? Fili Cupid is a pay site, cant land a date unless i pay 10.99

    If i need to walk to the bar avenue great, if not then id be intrigued by the Malls.

    B) Chinese girls rarely drink, will Filipino chicks have a few jack n Cokes with me outside of the bar. I enjoy drinking and banter lol i would hope i can drink with a girl from these bars.

    Thanks for any feedback. Just wanna explore option B.

    • rockit says:

      There is a major mall near the Fields Avenue bar area though there are many reports of crime occurring in the spaces between the two. The mall is a little worn down but not out of the ordinary for the area. There are plenty of women inside as well as some off duty bar girls. Guys do pick up women there though it isn’t necessarily a freelancer haunt. Many Filipinos drink. Some don’t. They are like any other group of people. If you don’t have $11 to join a website I’m not sure exactly what kind of alcohol you plan on buying. There is some very low quality stuff with corresponding prices available. Cheers.

  23. jetcher says:

    the $ 11 is not my concern hahaha. i am not that cheap, my concern was they fact you must pay and then run the risk of finding tons of fake profiles and none can respond. . Ill pay a lot for drinks trust me.

    I was also curious, what are these pool parties? Are they a huge rip off? Saw a guy pay 3000 PHP just for a table.. A hotel or a radio station throw a party at a hotel pool? They charge money at the door then you come in a and drink and such ? My question is this, who hires the girls, are they there for the same exchange that is offered at the bars, if i hit it off with a girl later on we can meet up. Is a pool party just a daytime version of a bar, see a girl, work out a price and go, or are they there just having fun and no Mamasan are working the party? 50 cute girls in bikinis seems like a good idea but i am unaware how the situation goes, whos controlling the flow of business

    • rockit says:

      The only pool parties I know about were at the big hotels like Angeles Beach Club. The women came from local bars and often got naked and wild. I’m not sure if they are still going on. A lot of pictures got out from the parties a few years ago and some people got upset as can be expected. Cheers.

  24. Cock diesel says:

    Score birds hotel has a pool party every Saturday for the girls from the dollhouse group bars

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