Tis the season to buy a male sex toy!


The impending weeks and months are filled with holidays for some. For others they may not mean much at all. Still there is something about this season that is more or less universal for men. It is the best time of the year to buy a male sex toy.

In years past I have made mention of the fact that the best time to buy a Fleshlight is just before the holidays. As it turns out further research shows me that in most cases it is the best time to buy a male sex toy more generally. There are a few reasons for that.

  • Most male sex toy outlets run sales around the holidays
  • People are less likely to peep into your boxes as not to expose surprise gifts
  • Holidays are stressful times that call for stress relief!

Who could argue with any of that? Certainly no one with an open mind and a health libido. With all of that in mind allow me to go down the list of some of the best options for buying male sex toys this holiday season.


Of course it is still the best time to buy a Fleshlight. And the Fleshlight is still a good toy too. It hasn’t been the most famous and popular male sex toy in the United States for a decade running for nothing. Fleshlight always runs holiday sales and promotions. All you have to do is check out their website to see what offers are available to you at the moment. You might even run across some of their more interesting toys like the Vstroker while you’re there. Learning can be fun as reading this very website should prove!

Kanojo Toys

You don’t have to buy your pocket pussy directly from the company. Kanojo Toys is perhaps the best male sex toy retailer anywhere. Since they operate online they can be accessed around the clock and from virtually any place. Ordering is a breeze too and browsing the store is almost as fun as walking through Love Merci in Tokyo.

Japanese blowjob toy

Without a doubt Kanojo Toys is most known for making an amazingly large array of Japanese sex toys available to people around the world and especially in North America. The quality of Japanese cars like Toyotas and Hondas can be debated but when it comes to both video games and sex toys Japan clearly leads the world. They’re not bad at making porn either!

Some of the more outstanding male sex toys like the Maria Ozawa Hole and the Real Body Julia sex doll which is a full size replica of the gorgeous and sexy Japanese AV star Julia that can be fondled and mounted for years to come. The Julia doll is often sold out because it is so popular but what better way to get through a snowy winter than to curl up with some hot cocoa next to the fire waiting longingly for your Julia to show up at the door?

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