Review: Club El Padrino in Bogota, Colombia


Club El Padrino is one of the many clubs in Bogota that more or less doubles as a brothel. Like the nearby Lalo’s Club and Lalo’s International which have both been reviewed on this site El Padrino place is set up like a night club and staffed with women that are eager to leave the place with customers in exchange for some of their money. There are no signs or menus listing specific sex acts but everyone involved knows what is going on.

El Padrino means “the godfather” in Spanish. For many in Colombia it was the name used for Pablo Escobar. It is also the name of a famous movie. The club’s logo also has roots elsewhere as it seems to be a direct copy of the Johnny Walker logo.

El Padrino

When customers enter El Padrino they head up some stairs and past a security guard or two in a suit. For whatever reason obvious foreigners don’t seem to be checked nearly as thoroughly as local guys if indeed they are even checked at all.

El Padrino Club Bogota chica

Inside El Padrino looks more or less like most other night clubs. It’s not gigantic but it’s not small either. There is a bar and lots of padded seats and booths for customers to sit down. There are lots of little flags around and some flat screen televisions mounted on the wall. There is also a metal stripper pole but that doesn’t actually seem to get much use.

Women at El Padrino

There are around a dozen women working at El Padrino most times. As is the norm in Colombia they represent a wide range of looks. Still they do share some similarities. Most are in their late twenties or early thirties. None are particularly overweight though there aren’t many very slim women around either. The majority of the gals seem to have had children at some point in their lives. Few of the women can speak more than a few words of any language other than their native Spanish.

Some of the women wear quite revealing clothing while others wear more moderate street wear. A few of the women are incredibly good looking but they tend to get busy. Some have also quite obviously made heavy use of cosmetic surgery and cosmetics in general.

Services and summary

When customers get into the club they can chose one or more of the women to sit with them. They then buy drinks for themselves and the ladies. Drink prices are not outrageous but but they are certainly higher than the prices for drinks in smaller bars that don’t have women on staff. To put things into perspective a beer costs 10,000 Pesos ($3.34 USD).

After chatting for however long they’d like customers can either buy more drinks, pay their bills and leave, or arrange to have a sexual session with the ladies of their choosing. The women are of course free to choose who they will and won’t sleep with but for the most part they seem to be pretty open to all paying clients. It’s nothing like the hostess bars of Phnom Penh where many women can be quite choosy about who they leave the bar with if indeed they ever leave the bar with a man at all.

If customers and the women on staff come to an agreement the bills are paid and they depart. There’s not much more too it than that. There are no set rates but guys seem to pay around 300,000 Pesos ($109 USD) on average to take a lady out of the bar for a while. Overnight sessions may come with higher or lower costs depending on what time the customers meet the ladies. Those who arrange to meet the gals after their shifts end seem to pay less for that sort of thing. One-and-a-half stars.

Address:Calle 81 #12-95, Bogota, Colombia (Map)
Hours:8:00 AM - 2:00 AM
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