What kind of content do you want to see on the site?


Today I want to ask my readers a question: what kind of content do you want to see on this website? The statistics are clear: lots of people are visiting the site every month, every week, every day, even every minute. What the stats don’t indicate so clearly are the motivations for visiting and exactly what it is they are looking for.

The bulk of my visitors still come from search engines. Many of the search terms they use are very specific, like “Where to find an escort in South Korea,” “New Hot Point in Tokyo,” or “Tia Ling interview.” But others are not. Some find the site by searching for things like “Korean blowjob.” The readers who come from those more general searches have a tendency to leave after only viewing a page or two.

a crazy old man who loves sex

I swear this is not me.

Some of the individual pages on the site that get the most views draw few to no comments, which always leaves me a bit puzzled. Some pages draw moderate views but numerous comments. I guess a lot depends on the subject and tone of the article. One topic may draw more interested readers while another may draw fewer, but more experienced or impassioned readers.

A couple of people have asked when I’ll add more reviews. The answer is soon. Some of the reviews get a lot of views. A select few in places where the sale of sexual services isn’t under constant attack or where little info in English exists have received dozens of comments. But even as I’ve slowed down on the posting of reviews, the number of views to the website have stayed the same or even increased.

A few months ago I made a post thanking readers for helping me access more tits and ass. After a few huge boosts provided by cross linking from large websites like Reddit, my monthly pageviews are back down to a more reasonable rate. Though they are still quite high considering the age of  this site and lack of attempts at search engine optimization and internet marketing.

I started this site because I wanted to. So while it’s not guaranteed that I’ll take all reader input to heart and decide on future content democratically, based on percentages of who want this or that, I am still very interested to know why you come here, what you like most, and what you’d like to see in the future.

You can comment anonymously, so don’t be afraid to let me have it!

Sorry if this post wasn’t up to par with some of the more exciting entries I’ve made in the past. If you feel you’ve wasted time looking for the good stuff only to come across this boring inquiry, I hope the following  will make up for it.

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