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While Japan is far from being the most difficult place to hook up in the world it is not without its obstacles. A major one for foreign visitors is the language barrier but other things can also get in the way. The commercial sex scene is huge especially in major cities like Tokyo but much of it is off limits to foreigners and full service is more rare than common. Because of this guys can be left in the lurch when visiting the land of the rising sun.

Posts on Japan are some of the most popular on this website. I always do my best to report on things both because of that and my own in interest in the country which began long before I ever started this website. I specially enjoy covering aspects of the adult industry that people may otherwise not know about and the statistics show that readers share my sentiments.

Compensated dating in Japan

Compensated dating is nothing new in Japan and indeed knowledge of the practice has spread around the world to the point that the activity is now somewhat common in countries like South Korea and Taiwan. Most compensated dating taking place in Japan today is arranged through the internet though the language or rules can exclude guys who aren’t Japanese from the fun. Universe Club is the first dating club in Japan I’m aware of that actively seeks to attract foreign members.

member section of Universe Club

The view from the male members section

Men interested in becoming a member at Universe Club simply contact them by phone or through email. New members have to be at least twenty years old and have the mental and financial means to deal with the way the club works. A big plus is that the people in charge of answering calls and emails from foreigners speak English very well so things can be explained and arranged fairly easily.

Signing up at Universe Club

Once a guy contacts the club an initial interview will be arranged. This usually takes place in a cafe or somewhere similar though those requiring more discretion can request that the meeting be held somewhere like a high end hotel.

An English speaking representative from the club meets with the prospective member at a time and place previously arranged and goes over the rules and methods of operation. They will also ask to see some form of identification and have the prospect sign a few forms. It’s not all bureaucracy though as a major task of the interviewer is to find out what kind of women the potential member is interested in. Guys give their interests, their intentions, their requirements and any other information that they think will help the club arrange their dream date. Some guys are just looking for a little fun when they’re in town. Others are looking for ongoing sugar daddy arrangements. A few are probably looking for real romantic connections. With different strokes for different folks Universe Club aims to make sure that guys are rubbed the right way.

When a guys application for membership is approved he will be given access to the member section of the website. This part is simply amazing. Profiles for about a thousand women appear hear each having accurate photos and video taken by the club along with statistics and other information. On the side bar customers can search through the women by age, height, interests, smoking status, English level and even things like cup size! On the other side of things the women aren’t able to see what the guys look like at all. This doesn’t seem to be a hindrance though since hundreds of new women join each month.

Women at Universe Club

While beauty is always in the eye of the beholder most of the women in the club are attractive and there don’t appear to be any on standby that one would be embarrassed to walk around with. They range in age with most being in their 20’s or 30’s. Most work regular jobs like office ladies though some do things like gravure modeling. A few women on board are recognizable figures so their faces are blurred out on the website. Thankfully members can email to request a clear picture if they are interested. The majority of the women in the club are obviously Japanese but there are some foreigners too. Russians, Europeans and Latinas are represented to some degree.

ladies at Universe Club

The women in the club are also divided into different classes and groups. There is an A to E scale provided that indicates how willing women are to go beyond dinner dates and into a hotel or somewhere similar. The women in the A group are only interested in dinner or other casual dating. The women in the E group expect to go from the initial date to the bedroom. The women in between the two extremes vary accordingly with those in the B group sometimes requiring a few dates to make a decision and those in the C and D group being more likely to go somewhere special on the first meet.


There are no set rates of compensation for extracurricular activities at Universe Club and in the main the company’s business is simply arranging dates. Still there is a sort of understanding of what the women are looking for and the guys are expected to meet or exceed what they are looking for. Guys who take a woman on a regular date that doesn’t move beyond the casual stage are expected to give the gal 5,000 to 10,000 Yen ($40-80 USD) for transportation fees though there doesn’t seem to be a problem sticking to the lower end of this. For dates that end up in a hotel room a thank you present of 30,000 to 50,000 Yen ($241-402 USD) is customary though some guys apparently go even higher than this at times.

The club has to make its money too in order to pay its staff who do all the interviews, arrangements and photographs and also to turn a profit which is the ultimate goal of any business. This is done through membership fees and setting fees.

Annual membership fees range from 30,000 to 300,000 Yen ($241-2410 USD) depending on the class. There are four classes. Members of one class can date the women in the same class or any class lower without paying a special fee. If they want to date someone in a higher class they have to pay a little extra. The women are placed into different classes according to their looks as judged by the staff at the club. Annual fees decrease on the second year of membership. Guys who want to try the club before shelling out an annual membership fee can ask for one free first month of membership to feel things out though they will still have to pay the sitting fee for the initial date.

Setting fees are paid for each date. They range with the class the woman is in. A date with a “standard” woman runs 30,000 Yen but a date with a “platinum” gal is 50,000. Someone from the club can meet a member just before a date to collect this fee but a more convenient option is available in the form of a deposit made in advance that can be used until it is gone.

Dating through the club

Dates can be arranged in different ways. One is to fill out a form on the site to indicate interest. The woman will then be notified of the interest and let the the guy know whether or not she is interested or available. Another way to arrange dates is for the male member to contact the club with a short list of women he is interested in and dates and times he is available. The club staff can then help make arrangements and even offer suggestions. This can be helpful since the club staff is knowledgeable and able to do everything up to suggesting restaurants and making reservations. Guys can also make suggestions this way including the type of clothing the woman should wear.

One of the most convenient services the club offers to male members is that it monitors the menstrual cycles of the women in the club. This is done so that a woman on her period won’t be sent out on a date. While this could be viewed as invasive or worse there’s no doubt it’s a big help for guys paying for meetings. Considering the kind of activity taking place and the parties involved it only really makes sense. After all everyone involved is a consenting adult.

Once dates are set both the guy and the gal are expected to show up on time. A five star rating system is in place to penalize women who show up late or cancel at the last minute but this is pretty rare. The club will ask to pass the guy’s phone number or some other form of contact to the woman to help locate him if need be but it’s also possible to simply make an appointment at a particular place. Dinner dates typically last two hours and then the parties involved can decide if they want to go any further. When they do the activities are generally the kind that could be expected at the conclusion of any successful date.


The club doesn’t have any rules against an exchange of contact info if both parties are up for it so guys can potentially get a woman’s phone number after an initial meeting and arrange any future meetings without any outside involvement. At the same time if the woman’s contact info is lost or changes the club can’t be asked for it.

There’s no question that the Universe Club is on the pricey side of things. It’s also an incredibly convenient way for guys to meet women and know what their intentions are up front in a place where that can sometimes be difficult. The amount of time and energy saved could make up for any expense ten fold for certain individuals. It could also make dating a lot safer for those who have a home life or business concerns to consider. It’s no wonder then that the club seems to be so popular and successful. Since it is not only open to foreigners but fully welcomes them with an English speaking staff and English website it is definitely something that would interest a lot of international travelers in Japan. I plan to do a full review of the club in the near future which I will publish here.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 012-097-8649
Hours:11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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