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Top Seoul Escorts in Seoul, South Korea

The city of Seoul in South Korea has been a major topic of discussion on this website for years. The place is home to a huge adult entertainment industry that may rival those of even the largest cities around the world. Much of what exists is hidden in plain sight just out of the vision of most people who don’t have the impetus or courage to dig below the surface. This website reports on these sorts of things with the aim of entertaining readers and nothing more. It would be tough to argue that this isn’t all rather intriguing.

Erica Top Seoul

While there are all sorts of venues in South Korea many men seem most comfortable dealing with escorts. This is probably due to the ease and perceived safety of calling a woman up to a private room instead of wandering around trying to find a venue based on nothing more than rumor and innuendo. A few escort agencies and independents have been mentioned here over the years. One agency that hasn’t been covered here so far is Top Seoul Escort.

This is not because the agency is new. Top Seoul has been around for close to a decade. While other agencies have come and gone Top Seoul has continue to operate without issue. They have one of the best designed websites around and they have been able to avoid censorship by constantly modifying their URL to stay ahead of the curve. They obviously put a lot of consideration into their online presence.

One thing noticeable about their website is the use of nearly flawless English. This extends to the company’s management which speaks the language at a near fluent level. Surely this helps them to deal with customers from all over the world who find themselves in South Korea for whatever reason. While some places in South Korea exclude customers simply for being foreigners others seem to avoid customers who cannot speak Korean. Top Seoul Escort on the other hand seems to actively seek foreign customers out.

The people at Top Seoul are also quick to respond to emails. I don’t know what kind of setup they have but they appear to have constant access to emails. They are known to reply very quickly to inquiries during all hours of the day and night. At times it almost appears that they reply instantly. These are the wonders of modern technology.

As with most escort services Top Seoul seems most geared toward people who want to receive ladies at their private rooms. This outcall service is the most common type everywhere in the world. There aren’t many places that offer incall anymore. Top Seoul Escorts promotes their ability to book rooms for customers who need them. The agency can book rooms by the hour for customers even if they don’t speak any Korean. According to the agency customers simply have to pay for the rooms which can range in cost from 40,000 to 70,000 Won ($33-58 USD) depending on their location in Seoul.

A lot of women work with Top Seoul Escorts. I don’t know the exact number and it may not even be possible to make such a count due to the nature of the business. More women may show up for work one day than another. It depends on any number of circumstances but suffice it to say that more than a few check in with Top Seoul every day of the week. All sorts of ladies work with the service. Some are normal gals who study at university or model professionally. Others are guest models who only show up to work during their free time. Some independents apparently work with the agency too when they are unable to book a sufficient number of clients on their own. There is a lot of turnover at Top Seoul and different women come to work there all of the time.

The models who work with Top Seoul can all speak English to some degree. Several have experience traveling or living overseas and they can speak English fluently. It doesn’t seem that communication between the women and their international customers is much of an issue then.

As with most similar services in Seoul a lot of the women at Top Seoul Escort do not want to post their real pictures on the internet. This is understandable. Top Seoul says they can show some pictures to prospective customers through private means such as email. The agency’s policy is that customers can ask for a change in ladies if an escort arrives at their place looking substantially different from the picture or description they were given.

All of the women who work with Top Seoul escort do their best to dress well. Apparently there is some sort of quality control policy in place. Even the guest models who only work in their free time dress up nicely. This isn’t really surprising in Seoul where nearly every woman seems to put effort into looking good. Even in the middle of winter countless women can be found roaming the streets of Seoul in mini skirts and dresses.

The women who work at Top Seoul Escort offer various services. Women booked for at least three hours can go out and party with customers in the traditional escort sense. The women can also perform massage services. The agency says the women are trained in nuru massage and other similar techniques. These sound like the kind of women guys could easily fall for. Sessions booked at Top Seoul start at $220 for one hour and go up in price from there. A three hour session is $600.

Top Seoul also runs a strip salon somewhere in Seoul every night of the week. Customers who call ahead to book a session at a cost of $500 US are picked up in a luxury car and whisked away to a secret location where as many as twenty four women wait. Once at the location customers can select ladies to join them in a private karaoke type of room where they can hang out with the ladies and enjoy whiskey and unlimited side dishes. From there customers can ask their ladies for further service. The sessions last two hours.

27 thoughts on “Top Seoul Escorts in Seoul, South Korea”

  1. Rates are kind of steep for Asia don’t you think? I’ll stick to Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia. Even with the “best” girl you’re not paying prices like that.

    1. I don’t think the rates are steep. South Korea is a considered “high income” developed country. The other countries you mentioned are considered “developing” or even “third world”. Prices vary accordingly. Escorts in developed countries like Japan and the United States can charge much more. There are even escorts in Thailand charging around $500 USD now and apparently getting it. Cheers.

  2. Plus let’s face it: Korean women are some of the most beautiful in all of Asia.

    I like he strip salon service. I might be there on business in a month, will report back if it comes together.

  3. wait so have you paid for any of these service with this company before? Do they demand payment upfront or after? Also their video clips in the movie section is just ripoffs from other youtube clips of people partying…sounds a bit fishy if you ask me but im just cautious

    1. Been there, done that.
      Had a chance to go Seoul couple weeks ago and lucky enough to squeeze my time to entertain myself. Topseoul i had a guy named Zack he was nice and through and easy to talk to. So at first i decided to see how their escorts are. I met Allen she look genuine to me among them. Generally speaking it was not bad! I am not a person likes go through every steps of how i do things on the bed but her move was smooth and natural to follow with very friendly attitude.
      My experience wasn’t bad so I tried their salon as well. Yes, it costed me more but consider that i am drinking person, that was ok deal.
      According to them, the escort girls and salon girls are different kind so they work both side or switch sides.
      The salon was not bad i must say, girls were i remember about 30+ I didn’t count them all but checked their outfits and beauty. They said some girls in salon can speak English but my choice was no luck. At first communication was issue but at the end was not difficult to figure out what we going to do next. About the video, I would say, it seems possible if you go with bunch of your friends or if you can book multiple girls there then it will be your own party like the video clip. I would say, you never know until you try one yourself

  4. any recommendations for hotels to have outcall services to in Seoul?

    Not sure if some places may be touchy about having a girl call up to the room or not.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t have any experience with Seoul Paradise. In any event I don’t make recommendations as this website is for entertainment only. Cheers.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        I was not asking for a recommendation.. just want to avoid as western man to pick an agency who is not delivering quality service.. any chance you can list a few reliable agencies without recommendation?

  5. So is the site called topseoulecort10? I was thinking about trying the strip service, though Im not too sure if its legit. Someone commented on going there so maybe its not shady

  6. Hey Rockit, thanks for the info and sorry to bring back this old post, but is tipping part of the escort culture in Seoul? Thanks

    1. Most Korean customers do not tip. Some foreign customers do. Each provider’s expectations thus probably hinge on their customer base. Cheers.

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