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The Tokyo Style erotic massage outfit just announced that as of January 1, 2018, they will allow customers to pay for services using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and others.

As far as I can tell this makes Tokyo Style one of the first companies of its kind to accept cryptocurrency for happy ending massage or any other erotic adult service for that matter. It was only to be expected that such a development would occur sooner than later and I for one am not surprised that Tokyo Style would be a leader in the field.

Cryptocurrency has of course become the talk of millions around the world in recent months. In Japan in particular it has become something of a phenomenon with all sorts of people getting into the cryptocurrency space.

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Tokyo Style joins the illustrious company of other adult entertainment outlets such as Chaturbate. That adult cam site announced several months ago that they would accept Bitcoin as a form of payment to purchase the tokens that motivate their performers to take requests and otherwise broadcast their nude bodies over the internet.

On the one hand it only makes sense that an internet based company such as Chaturbate would accept a virtual currency spawned on the world wide web. On the other hand those involved in the financial side of things have only recently come around to working with adult businesses.

I remember when mainstream payment processors involved with companies wanted absolutely nothing to do with any sort of “adult related” commerce. It wasn’t that long ago and to some extent it still goes on today.

One of the promises of cryptocurrency was that it would allow for those underserved by the mainstream banking industry to participate in trade.

I must admit that I am not very confident that cryptocurrency will become some kind of breakthrough everyday currency for people on the margins anytime soon. There is no denying that crypto has become incredibly successful as an investment instrument for at least some people recently though that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with allowing a guy with no bank account in India to buy a bag of oranges at the market. Especially if the amount of Bitcoin he uses to buy those orange today could possibly buy him a house next month.

Obviously there are still some kinks to work out but despite my suspicion things do appear to be moving in the direction of everyday purchases with at least some sorts of cryptocurrency. For those more interested in the possibilities of the technology than the ability to turn a quick buck that seems to be the key.

So the announcement that Tokyo Style will now accept cryptocurrency is both groundbreaking and possibly a sign of bigger things to come. As it stands Tokyo Style accepts payment into any crypto that can be exchanged with Bitcoin. It doesn’t recommend the use of Bitcoin itself however since payment processing is so slow. It only makes sense then that they would be happier to receive payment in altcoin.

According to this news update, Tokyo Style uses the BTC to JPY standard rate that can be found here. They do add a commission fee of 3 percent for payment with cryptocurrency.

Welcome to the future.

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