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I have been reporting on Tokyo Style here for years. It was one of the first adult related services to openly orient itself to foreigners at a time when most of the many sex shops in Japan strictly forbade non-Japanese customers. Nowadays there are more and more shops opening up to gaijin customers but the majority of places are still actually off limits to people who are not Japanese. So not as much has changed as one may think. Another thing that has not changed is the level of service provided at Tokyo Style. It remains as high as it always was.

One thing is new however. That’s the publication of a new comic that serves as a sort of fully illustrated guide to the services Tokyo Style offers. This appears on the Tokyo Style website where viewers have the option of viewing either the new comic or a photographic and textual guide that has been online for several years.

Tokyo erotic massage manga

Once again Tokyo Style sets the bar high. The comic is rather well done. It doesn’t seem to be lifted from some other publication as a lot of such illustrated guides on other Japanese websites are. I think this comic was credit specifically for Tokyo Style. It is too good a fit for things to be otherwise.

The new comic more or less perfectly explains the way service goes when customers book sessions with Tokyo Style. I have tried to explain this all myself in previous posts on Tokyo Style. I think I do have a bit of a way with words but I could be wrong. A picture speaks a thousand words anyway and the new comic is loaded with pictures and words.

A lot of people unfamiliar with the way things normally work in Japan’s large commercial sex scene. There it is totally acceptable for providers to trade services like handjobs are oral sex for money while full service is forbidden by law in most cases. A few people from outside of Japan even seem unable to wrap their heads around the fact that many sexual service providers around the world don’t actually offer full vaginal intercourse to customers. Of course that is the reality as anyone working in a Japanese blowjob bar or back street jack shack in the United States could tell you.

There have been more than a few comments posted on this site questioning the exact sorts of services offered at Tokyo Style. The new comic under discussion here should answer that question fully and completely. If you look at the comic on the website you will see what service is like. Or at least you’ll see an artistic rendition of it. Some things can only really be learned by experience. After all you could try to explain what sex feels like to a virgin but unless they have sex themselves they will really never understand.

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