Tokyo Style shows off sexual services with new video


Tokyo Style is a well known erotic massage provider operating in Tokyo and the surrounding areas. That alone does not make the company notable. The fact that they receive non-Japanese customers with open arms on the other hand sets them apart from many similar companies. Their level of service also outpaces much of the competition including shops that only serve Japanese clientele.

I have been reporting on Tokyo Style for years. At one point in the not-so-distant past, Tokyo Style was one of the only commercial sex venues in Japan that would accept foreigners as clients. Today there are an increasing number of sex shops in Tokyo that accept foreigners, but even now few go to the lengths of Tokyo Style.

Tokyo Style not only accommodates foreigners. In many ways the actually orients itself towards non-Japanese customers. It has a large and detailed website in English as well as English-speaking receptionists. It accepts foreign currency and even BitCoin. It also posts its rules in English for all clients and potential clients to see.

Japanese happy ending massage video

Probably due to the various myths about happy ending massage as well as the somewhat complex laws in Japan that permit the sale of some sexual services but not others it appears that some foreigners are confused about what exactly it is that various sex shops in Japan offer.

Tokyo Style has gone out of its way to explain things in terms that everyone can understand. Not long ago I reported about Tokyo Style’s new comic illustrating the services available from the women on staff at the shop. Now I see that Tokyo Style has gone as far as creating a video that shows what a deluxe session is like in full detail.

The new video features prominently on the Tokyo Style homepage where it is embedded. All it takes for one to view the video is a simple click of the play button. The video is really well done and looks a lot like a Japanese porn video right down to the mosaic over the twig and berries of the guy getting worked on.

Tokyo Style erotic massage video

The face of the attractive woman from the Tokyo Style staff providing the services in the video is not blurred out. Neither are her pert breasts which are exposed throughout the much of the video just as they would be in a typical Tokyo Style session.

This video really gives a taste of what it is like for guys who book appointments with Tokyo Style. The provider in the video is not acting out for the camera. She is doing exactly what the women on staff at Tokyo Style actually do with customers behind closed doors. The only difference I can see is the music. Usually the providers at Tokyo Style play softer sounds when they are with their clients.

While the various women who work at the shop have their own unique looks and ways of doing things they all seem to ooze sensuality and go about their work in a way that really titillates the male mind and body. This high level of service doesn’t come cheap but as I have explained in earlier posts it doesn’t cost the world either.

At the end of the video the featured provider performs a blow job with a clear and unabashed enthusiasm that is not always seen in the commercial sex industry or indeed even every day romantic interactions. This is common at Tokyo Style and it goes hand in hand with the way everything else is handled by the shop and the people who work there.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 03-5956-9123
Hours:2:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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