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Tokyo Amateur Escorts offers foreigner friendly outcall service in Japan

Tokyo Amateur Escorts is a foreigner friendly outcall agency in Japan. It is a delivery service of the Japanese type staffed by a number of women who look very attractive. The company offers service throughout the 23 wards of Tokyo. The people who staff the agency are able to communicate fluently in English. They also maintain a webpage in English that shows their commitment to foreign visitors.

In the distant past there were a number of places and service providers in Japan that catered to foreigners. Then there was a sort of long freeze when gaijin were virtually locked out of a big part of the massive adult entertainment industry in the land of the rising sun. There were always some exceptions. But at times they were few and far between to say the very least.

tokyo amateur escort

When this website first went online seven years ago there were just a handful of shops in Tokyo that openly and willingly accepted foreigners as customers. Even among those places there were just a few that would accept a walk in foreigner who spoke little to no Japanese. Years ago I suggested that things might open up for foreigners a bit more as time went on.

The Tokyo Olympics seemed like a time when more places would aim to find non-Japanese customers. A continued interchange of people an ideas thanks to the internet and increasing international travel also set the stage. Finally economic realities seem to have come into play. Today there are quite a few places that accept non-Japanese customers. And there even some that are totally oriented to foreign customers. The majority of the industry is still aimed at Japanese guys. But things are clearly changing.

Tokyo Amateur Escorts

Tokyo Amateur Escorts is completely open to customers from around the world. They obviously expect their clients to act with maturity and respect. But they don’t restrict services on the basis of national origin. They actually go out of their way to serve foreigners as the Tokyo Amateur Escort delivery health page clearly shows.

Sessions booked through Tokyo Amateur Escorts start at 17000 Yen ($156 USD) for 50 minutes of incall. From there prices go up in accordance with session length. A 110 minute outcall session goes for 33,000 Yen ($304 USD). There are also 3P or threesome sessions available with two escorts meeting the customer. Those start at 34,000 Yen ($313 USD).

Delivery health is one of the most common and popular adult businesses in Japan. The model can be compared to western escort agencies in some ways. But it other ways it is unique to Japan. There are countless delivery health agencies across the country. Most remain off limits to those not born in Japan. As stated Tokyo Amateur Escorts has no such restrictions. Tokyo Amateur Escorts is also open around the clock. They take and make bookings 24 hours a day. So they are quite accessible.

The most notable feature about Tokyo Amateur Escorts might be its hiring policy. I’ve been told that they only hire Japanese women between the ages of 18 and 25. Judging by the many photographs of beautiful and alluring women on their website it seems they have exacting standards. Despite that they do have lower rates than many other similar agencies in the country and especially in Tokyo.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 036-809-0821
Hours:24 Hours

19 thoughts on “Tokyo Amateur Escorts offers foreigner friendly outcall service in Japan”

    1. That’s a good question. I can’t say I have any general impressions either way. I guess it comes down more to individual providers. It does seem more common to find vigorous oral artists in Thailand though there are even women there who won’t even suck at all. Then there are some deep throaters in Tokyo. So I don’t think I could make a real judgement either way. What do you think? Cheers.

      1. Believe or not. I have had no experience with Japanese women perhaps because of the history between Korea and Japan or not finding the right ones for the high rates I am willing to pay. I been afraid that they may not be as good as their AV stars and charge at least 2 or 3 times more than Korean girls. Some Korean friends said some are as good as Av stars Anyway I go to Japan next week to see what happens!. Cheers:)

        1. There are definitely women in Japan who provide a high level of service. And of course there are actual AV actresses who do prostitution too! Cheers.

        2. Yes. I heard they charge100k yen or more for an hour. Somebody tried it and said it was worth it. Have you? Cheers!

    2. Super new into your site, didn’t check everything yet but I got question and I’m not sure where can it fit so I’m asking here. Is blowjob without condom possible with japanese escorts? I see on THC site that service they provide is covered blowjob so asking you as more experienced what’s the deal with that.

      1. Hi Pole. The service depends on the place and the lady. Uncovered oral is the norm, but many gals do use rubbers. Some will even request to use a rubber at a pink salon blowjob bar. At some strip shows they always use a condom for oral. At Tokyo Style each gal’s website profile states whether the provider does blowjobs with or without a condom. At THC the website says “covered blowjob” but I have seen many there who work without a rubber. I would say most in fact. At other delivery health places they usually suck without a condom too. Cheers.

        1. Thanks for swift response, but since we are at this topic other thing started to boggle my mind. Vaginal intercourse for money in Japan is illegal but still some girls do that behind closed doors, my question is how do you know beforehand what are you getting into and not leaving unsatisfied with a blowjob when you wanted something more(in one of your escort reviews you wrote that asking about intercourse is not welcomed or maybe I just misunderstood so that’s why I’m asking).

          1. Most people booking a delivery health session wouldn’t expect vaginal intercourse. So if they got it they would perhaps just see it as a bonus. Standard service for delivery health is oral, handjob and sumata. Some delivery health women offer anal sex or “AF” which is actually not prohibited by law. Women who publicly offer “AF” sometimes do regular vaginal intercourse in private. Things are different in soaplands where vaginal intercourse is usually included. And there are escorts who operate outside of official bounds as they do in any other country. Cheers.

    3. Does they offer vaginal sex? Like, I know like all the other places they said “will not provide” but after doors closed

      1. Since that service is forbidden I doubt anyone is going to advertise its availability on a website. The simple answer is that the sale of vaginal sex is not allowed in Japan. The sale of oral sex, anal sex, handjobs and simulated sex is permitted. As with anything some people break the rules. See this post for more. Cheers.

    4. Saw a couple of their girls in September 2022. Contacted them through the Line on their website. Quick to respond and sort out details meeting one girl in the early evening followed by the other girl a few days later at 1 am or so. For both I opted for their ‘delivery’ option meeting the girls at the entrance of my hotel.

      For both I opted for the 65 minutes option: Both started with soft kissing in the lift before going to my room. In the room continued with DFK and undressing before taking a shower. Both washed me and showered themselves with a little bit of playing and kissing. On the bed continued with kissing, then a mixture of HJ/OWO until I finished (twice). Both allowed fingering and licking without any problem. This was really a GFE experience and I was able to get what I wanted, except for FS which is not an option as made very clear from their website. Nevertheless, I was very happy with the service provided. Both girls used a timer and made sure that there was enough time for a shower and finishing up. It was very clear and felt fair to me.

      The first girl I met was Asahi Onoda. Small boobs but that’s ok for me. Really excellent service and a full on GFE experience. Again, no FS – still one of the best encounters I had in recent years. I’ll try to see her again when I am back in Tokyo.

      The second girl was Mayu Horiki. Her service was also pretty much faultless, though her kissing wasn’t as deep as with the other girl. Not really my type in real life and I cannot really say why it did not really click for me.

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