The most interesting websites for the sex industry connoisseur in 2017


As regular readers and repeat readers of Rockit Reports surely know this site has published annual lists of the most interesting websites for sex industry watchers every year since 2013. While this site was actually launched at the end of 2012 that is still a pretty good record.

More than a few of the websites that appeared on past lists have either disappeared or gone static but that is no cause for alarm. Indeed I almost prefer it since it clear up time for me to search new sites to read and tell you about here.

What follows is the fifth list of the best websites around for commercial sex scene watchers. I trust and hope that you will enjoy.

Future of Sex

The often-updated Future of Sex site covers everything new and exciting about human sexuality with a definitive slant toward technology. Things like virtual reality porn and teledidldonics are covered in real detail on a daily basis. While some of the writers and commentators on the site have a tendency to overestimate the effects of technology on human sexuality from time to time I still find the site informative and entertaining.

Adult Video News

Adult Video News is hardly a new name in adult entertainment. It started as a basic newsletter years ago then blossomed into a media network that became the main name in porn. The AVN website makes for interesting reading but not only when it comes to porn news. In fact it is most interesting when it covers other subjects that some may think are not even related. For instance it recently ran a very interesting story on the fight to legalize prostitution in California that is absolutely worth a read.

Sukhumvit Psycho

At some point in recent history the once infamous Sukhumvit Psycho website was reincarnated with a new look and feel. The site still covers the adult entertainment in Bangkok but it has a different layout and a more direct style. While I believe the original Sukhumvit Psycho site was run by a Frenchman the current incarnation appears to be written by a native English speaker. The original site was absolutely possible to read but some grammatical errors did get in the way of smooth viewing. I am no master of English literature but I do prefer sites with clear syntax. The original Sukhumvit Psycho site had much more content but I hold out hope that the new website will soon get back up to its once immense archives of information.

BJs in Bangkok

This Women of the World affiliated blog is updated periodically with interesting and often comical observations of expat life and adult entertainment in Thailand. It reminds me of the earliest version of Stickboy Bangkok which appeared on this list many years ago.

Pattaya One

Pattaya One has been reporting on the notorious Thai city of Pattaya for years. It has always made for good reading but it has become especially interesting in recent months since a campaign was launched to remake the image of the raunchy seaside town. On a somewhat related note the site Coconuts Yangon produces a never ending stream of reports about Burma, though they only rarely touch on the commercial sex scene in that country.

The Honest Courtesan

The The Honest Courtesan bills itself as a blog offering “frank commentary from an unretired call girl”. That is exactly what it provides. It’s always interesting to hear what sex workers themselves have to say. That of course was the impetus behind the creation of my Sex Talk book. The Honest Courtesan is well written, revealing, and thought provoking.

Asia Nights

The Asia Nights vlog covers a lot of the nightlife in Asia in visual form. There are many somewhat similar channels on Youtube including a few that focus more on the commercial sex industry but some make the unfortunate choice to secretly film the faces of working women and their customers in private settings which is something I certainly cannot condone. Still, with plans to fully launch a Rockit Reports video component in the very near future I find these sorts of channels are more interesting than ever.

So what do you think of this list? Were you familiar with everything listed here before reading this post or did I introduce you to something new? Don’t forget to sound off in the comments section.

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